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Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

“Wen Xia, can you please elaborate on the benefits of being an Honorable Guardian” Mo Fan asked.

“Its mainly an honorable title to represent the contributions youve done for the city.

My master and I are in charge of the army here.

We are soldiers, not merchants, so we cant promise you any benefits.

However, if your Fanxue Mountain needs anything, well do our best to help,” Wen Xia promised him.

“We recently found a Ward Rock, so we are thinking of building a defensive dam along the coast.

Can you provide us with the necessary resources” Mo Fan asked.

“A Ward Rock Why do you have something so valuable” Wen Xia was surprised.

A Ward Rock was similar to an Earth Pistil, but an Earth Pistil was normally used to establish a Barrier around a city to prevent demon creatures from coming closer.

A Ward Rocks power was significantly weaker, yet even the defense of some tier-two cities was weaker than one.

Fanxue Mountain was only a subsidiary of Feiniao City, and was privately-owned too! To think a private land had the defense of a tier-two city! How luxurious was that!

“That wont be a problem; we would have lost this city without your help.

I can even provide you with the materials you need instead of just the ores we mine! This city is actually in a similar spot to your Fanxue Mountain.

It needs to be rebuilt, so we will need many years to turn it into a true Elemental Capital.

You do know the prospects and the significant role of an Elemental Capital.

Officials who will come to reap the harvest when they did not have any part in the sowing process will soon intervene, so you should register yourself as a Councilman of this city while its still untainted.

You already have your own land, so you are qualified to become a Councilman.

Once you become a Councilman of the city, you will have a certain say in the development and the future of the city,” Wen Xia suggested.

Mo Fan looked out the window.

The city Wen Xia mentioned was nothing but a pile of debris for now in Mo Fans eyes.

It was no different from a city filled with junk, but the Barrier was standing firmly, and knowing the unlimited Earth Element resources in the caves, it was difficult to predict how the city would turn out in the future.

There were only a few Elemental Capitals in the whole country!

“Councilman… everyone keeps asking me to become one, but Im the kind of person who doesnt like to be bound in one place.

Once I became a Councilman, I would be held responsible for the citys welfare, but Im quite a stubborn man.

I like disappearing all of a sudden.

Fanxue Mountain might be my possession, but I have never really managed it.

I have zero experience in this field!” Mo Fan scratched his head.

It was not easy to become the junkyard citys Councilman!

“When the news begins to spread, Councilmen across the country will do everything to get a piece of the city, but youre resenting how troublesome its going to be for you.

Are you really that pessimistic about our city Or perhaps our city isnt as worthy in your eyes, considering the fame you received from the Ancient Capital” Wen Xia said coldly.

“Thats not the case!” Mo Fan shook his head.

Speaking of which, the Ancient Capital never actually gave him any bonus! He should ask President Han about that when he had the chance….

“How about this: youll hold on to a title so everyone knows youre the savior of the city.

After all, we wont be able to explain it to the others if you just left without saying a word.

Well make you an Honorable Councilman with two votes in every decision the city makes.

If youre willing to take part in the decision-making, you may use the votes as you please.

If you dont, well just treat it as youve given up on the votes,” Wen Xia proposed.

“I wont have to do anything else” Mo Fan asked.

“You wont have to do anything else,” Wen Xia said.

“I wont have to fulfill duties or attend meetings” Mo Fan pressed.

“You may choose not to participate in the meetings as an Honorable Councilman.

Well just not take your votes into account.

As for your duty, its fine as long as you dont bring any shame to the city,” Wen Xia confirmed.

“Im a little worried about the last bit,” Apas suddenly interrupted.

In her opinion, it was difficult for a retard like Mo Fan not to bring any shame to the organizations he belonged to.

“Apas, how could you say that!” Mo Fan glared at her.

Wen Xia was giggling as she listened.

She had only met Mo Fan not long ago, yet she already knew Mo Fan was not the kind of person to stick to the rules.

“Well, I do admit that Im a little hot-tempered.

I wont hesitate to kick officials in the butt if I see them doing something stupid.

Im worried that my actions will be restricted once I become an official myself,” Mo Fan admitted.

“The Elemental Capitals are independently regulated.

They are not bound to the governments of other cities.

Otherwise, why do you think they are called Elemental Capitals If you happen to see anyone you cant tolerate, its quite simple.

After all, youre a Councilman,” Wen Xia said.

“Youre right, I shall consider it.”

“Alright, Ill help you with the application.

The protocols are still quite simple for now.

There arent many procedures involved,” Wen Xia said, looking pleased.

Considering the current state of the city, they could easily place people in the vacant vital positions of the city, but it might not be the case in the near future!


Wen Xia did not wait for Mo Fans response.

She asked Mo Fan to get some rest and left.

Only Mo Fan and Apas were left in the room.

Apas was leaning against the window with a bored face.

“Give it to me,” Mo Fan reached out his hand.

“What are you referring to” Apas was puzzled.

“The crystal!” Mo Fan said.

“Didnt you promise to give it to me” Apas immediately lost her temper.

“I didnt promise to give it all to you.

We are splitting it in half,” Mo Fan said.

“You shameless prick!” Apas immediately pounced at Mo Fan like she was going to bite him.

Mo Fan easily overwhelmed her in a few moves.

He had to admit how soft Apas body was as a Medusa.

He bet she could easily handle a lot of unusual positions…

Mo Fan only gave Apas half the crystal.

She seemed to be treating it as something very precious.

It must be something that could strengthen her.

Despite being her master, Mo Fan was struggling to keep her at bay.

It would be a disaster if she suddenly grew a lot stronger.

She might actually eat him up if he somehow lowered his guard.

Therefore, Mo Fan insisted on taking half the crystal, despite how furious Apas was!

Apas had no chance of stopping the bandit.

She could only glare at Mo Fan murderously.

“I bet you wont tell me what its uses are.

I will figure it out myself.

Tsk tsk, such a special energy.

Perhaps it can bring some changes to my Bright Rock,” Mo Fan smiled.

“Go die, you assh***!” Apas cursed him.

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