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"Now, send out the elite immediately, and you will lead the team to the land of inheritance... Exactly investigate the situation of this Beihuang cultivator, and report to me at any time!"

Before the cultivator could finish speaking, the deep voice interrupted him.

"...As ordered!"

The cultivator in battle armor clasped his fists, his figure was swept away by a black whirlwind, and he disappeared instantly.

"Five-pointed mark, five-pointed... If it is really the successor of the ancestor..."

After the subordinate left, the thick voice was still talking to himself, and the tone was full of shock and inconceivable.


In the land of inheritance.

Fang Yu and Lin Batian flew all the way to the east, and then they took the elixir and the bamboo that covered the sky one after another.

It's still the same as before, one for each.

The process of obtaining these two inheritances is faster than before, and there is not even the slightest obstacle.

Fang Yu directly used his physical body to overcome the restrictions placed on the periphery of the inheritance, and easily took out the upper elixir that was pressed down at the foot of the mountain.

As for Lin Batian, he used one trick to eat freshly all over the sky, and once again used the air to fetch objects to directly take away the Heaven-covering Spirit Bamboo that grew on an extremely steep overhang and was guarded by dozens of guardian spirits. .

Those guardian spirits didn't even realize that the Heaven-Covering Bamboo had disappeared.

In this way, four of the five heritage items left by Shangxian Court have fallen into the hands of Fang Yu and Lin Batian respectively.

The last, and the most important, is the order to go to the Immortal Court.

If they don't get this token, then it's actually meaningless for them to get these four inheritances.

They can't play the true role of these heritage things!

However, the process of Fang Yu and Lin Batian taking away the inheritance was too easy.

It's as easy as picking up these heritage objects on the ground on the street.

But the inheritance of the immortal court is the inheritance of the early days, a truly peerless treasure!

It is very clear to the day that if he comes here to seize the inheritance, regardless of the interference of the various clans in the Western Wilderness... He will definitely not be able to easily pass the restrictions set by these four inheritance objects, and may even encounter danger!

"Envy Amin."

Lin Batian held the bamboo that covered the sky in his hand and shook it at the unknown day.

This bamboo has a crystal clear appearance, exuding bursts of fairy energy, and it is a rare material at first glance.

As for the Immortal Pill in Fang Yu's hand, it is a spiritual pill.

You can feel a powerful immortal power from it.

"Brother Han, the elixir in your hand is incredible. I heard that even if the inner elixir bursts and the meridians are cut off...they can be rescued through the elixir." Lin Batian said to Fang Yu.

"What's the reason" Fang Yu asked.

"I don't know the principle. After all, this is a thing from the early days. At that time, the monks were all pioneers and pioneers, and it was possible to make any kind of things. But I think... The principle may be similar to the true spirit, only However, the Immortal Pill is a ready-made true spirit that can be directly applied, carrying it is equivalent to multiple lives." Lin Batian said.

Listening to Lin Batian's description of the elixir, the eyes of the unknown group of days shone with scorching light.

Regardless of whether it is true or false, if this elixir is really equivalent to a true spirit, it is a priceless treasure for any cultivator!

You must know that one more True Spirit is equivalent to one more life!

"It seems that you are really envious." Lin Batian smiled sarcastically, "Why don't you, I can let you touch, but only if you bow to me and call me five thousand brothers. "

The face of the unknown party was extremely cold, and they didn't say a word.

Just be patient.

For them, when they find the order of Shangxian Court, it will be the time when everything will be reversed!

"Heh." Lin Batian sneered and said, "Go to the next place, you should be able to find the order of Shangxian Court soon."

With that said, he was about to set off again.

However, before he could leave, he sensed something was wrong.

There are hundreds of cultivation base auras, which are approaching his location.

And this situation was also discovered by Fang Yu and Zhou Mingming.

Fang Yu looked around, released his consciousness, and saw hundreds of monks coming towards them.

Judging from the eyes and expressions of these monks, the comers are not good.

"Okay, it seems that the big clans who were killed by you, Brother Han, came to take revenge." Lin Batian said, "But they are really slow, we all got the four heritage items. Here they come."

After a while, hundreds of Xihuang cultivators came to the surroundings of Fang Yu and his party.

These Xihuang monks came from different ethnic groups, but their expressions were the same.

They are full of hostility and killing intent towards Fang Yu, a group of monks from the Northern Wilderness!

The day unknown squinted his eyes, his expression icy cold.

For him, it is also a good thing to find the order of Shangxian Court as soon as possible.

This means he can turn things around sooner.

Unexpectedly, just when they were about to find the order of Shangxian Court, this group of Xihuang monks came to ask for trouble.

"You...all stop."

At this time, an old man spoke up.

He was dressed in blue and had white hair, but he was very strong.

Among the Xihuang cultivators, many recognized this old man.

This is the elder of the Huangji family, Sa Si.

"We didn't leave either~www.novelhall.com~ Lin Batian spread his hands and said, "Isn't this already stopped "

"Hand over all the inheritances in your hands." Sa Sihan said coldly, his eyes flashed with a terrifying fierce light, and his two sturdy arms could clearly see the muscles moving.

"This guy is a body repairer"

Fang Yu raised his brows slightly, thinking to himself.

"Wow, we have worked so hard to get these four inheritances. You asked us to hand over them all at once Are you robbers Do you really think that our Northern Wilderness Temple is easy to bully" Lin Batian frowned.

"This is Xihuang, and the Temple of the Great God is nothing." Sa Si's tone was extremely cold.

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