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“My Heavenly Tribulation has arrived!” The small samsara disk appeared, and it was Fang Xian who felt its presence the deepest.

When the monks in this world become the Dharma Zhenjuns, there will be a vision of heaven and earth, which not only represents the foundation, but also represents the “doom” after the primordial spirit!

At this time, it was Samsara Disk that came to block his way in person!

”Reincarnation and enlightenment are indeed extremely difficult, but… the only chance of life lies in this.”

Fang Xian retracted the Three Lives Mirror, and stopped himself in front of Jianfeng Daojun, but turned the Sansheng mirror into a stream of light, directing it towards the sky.


The next moment, his body was crushed into meat paste by Jiange Peak.

For Primordi Daojun, the physical body is just a body, and the real core is the immortal Primordi and the object of sustenance.

”No, Two Immortals and Two Heroes, set up an array to stop him!” Jianfeng Daojun shouted.

In the sky, Zhu Yingzi, Han Yingzhu, Zhuge Wenxian, and Gu Daoxian had already set up the Taixuan Dust Forbidden Formation.

At this time, by just chanting a mantra, a realm emerged and ‘swallowed’ the Mirror of Three Lives into it.

As long as one can somehow block it, the three Daojun behind will chase after him and end Fang Xian’s life.

From the Mirror of Three Lives, a ray of light emerged and turned into the figure of Fang Xian, who shouted: “You guys owe me yet you are going to stop me

”By chance, even Gu Daoxian was helped by him once in the Southern Border.

In the past, Fang Xian had bestowed favors to them several times, just to ask this question here and now!

This word contains the power of great cause and effect, only Gu Daoxian did not hesitate to strike out with the flying sword of refining magic, but Zhuge Wenxian, Zhu Yingzi, and Han Yingzhu trembled, and there was a slight flaw in the formation.

If it is an ordinary Taoist monarch, I am afraid that he will not be able to catch it.

But Fang Xian is different!

He has presided over this formation, and he knows Taixuan Weichen’s formation very well.

He has also practiced “Taiqing’s True Art of Slaying Immortals”, and he is also the sword master of the foundation of that formation – Slashing Immortals Flying Sword!

At this moment, with just one shout of “He!”, the Immortal Severing Flying Sword flew out psychically, and a sword slashed at the Demon Refining Flying Sword, causing a gap in the ‘world’.

’This one swing is to repay my ‘fate’ with the Flying Sword of Zhanxian! It doesn’t matter anymore! Fang Xian had a clear understanding in his heart, and the Three Lives Mirror flew out of the gap without hesitation, rushed to the sky, and faced the quaint roulette.

The surface of the small samsara disc is gray and black like ink, like a stone grinding disc, with a gap on it.

’A part of the samsara disk is missing, it’s the mirror of three lives! ‘

’The return of the Three Lives Mirror to the reincarnation disk is the instinct of this innate spirit treasure! At this moment, Fang Xian didn’t hesitate, and the Three Lives Mirror sank into the gap, perfectly fitting.

Although the body of the treasure fits perfectly, the spirit in it is completely different!

Fang Xian suddenly felt a violent consciousness, feeling a ‘foreign object’ in his body that wanted to devour and obliterate him.

”It’s now.”

He took a deep breath, and used the golden elixir and dharma form which he learned from the “Secret Record of the Mysterious Caverns” – the “great supernatural power of distracting mind, possessing the body and seizing the body”!

This method is the supreme secret of seizing someone else’s destiny, and it can even make Primordial Daojun change the things entrusted to him.

”I think what the primordial spirit entrusted was never the three-life mirror, but you… the reincarnation disk!”

Fang Xian suddenly felt that his consciousness had merged with the original spirit of the reincarnation disk itself.

Even though he has cultivated into an immortal primordial spirit, it is still not enough in front of the world of reincarnation, great merit, and immeasurable treasure on this side.

If he only had these two to compete with, the probability of his failure is very high.

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But at this time,  Fang Xian suddenly felt that in his consciousness, that almost non-existent golden finger trembled slightly.

”Attribute bar, swallow it!” The attribute bar trembled when it saw the small reincarnation disk.

Combined with the characteristic of this golden finger that can allow him to reincarnate in the big world, it is obviously related to reincarnation, and there seems to be some gaps in it.

At this time, Fang Xian sent the beautiful meat of the small reincarnation disk to the attribute bar!

In the sky.

Jianfeng, Baimei, and Yuxu, the three Daojuns, together with The Two Immortals and Two Heroes, stared at the small reincarnation disk in the sky.

”With this innate spiritual treasure blocking the way, that person is dead.”

Yuxu Daojun said slowly.

”After all, it’s an evil spirit from outside this dimension.

There are some variables.

Just now, watching him rush to the sky, the old Taoist felt quite frightened…” Jianfeng Daojun shook his head.

”The aura of the small reincarnation disk… has changed…”

Daojun Baimei suddenly said carefully.

”What” The others reacted one after another, dumbfounded.

The innate spirit treasure, the originally vast and ethereal aura suddenly changed and became a little familiar.

”No, it’s impossible!” “Even if he is a Daojun at the Primordial Spirit Realm, how can he convert the small reincarnation disk to be his sustenance” He lost his composure and almost swore.

But they saw the small samsara disk stretching across heaven and earth and suddenly collapsed inward, turning into a person.

It was Fang Xian!

The small reincarnation disk disappeared and turned into a disk-shaped symbol on the attribute bar, but it was still somewhat illusory.

”At this time, although I am still in the primordial spirit level, I feel…”

Fang Xian looked at the three Daojuns, and pressed down his palm: “Since you have come to prevent me from becoming enlightened, then go turn into dust!” In the sky, a phantom of a millstone emerged and crushed down.

Jianfeng, Yuxu, and Baimei are also masters of Primordial Dao, but they couldn’t resist at all.

In an instant, their mana and Primordial Spirits were all consumed, leaving only a trace of their true spirit, which fell into samsara and sank.

This is only because Fang Xian was still generous and left them a chance, otherwise, they would not even have the chance to reincarnate!

In the void, there are only three sustenances left.

The Two Immortals and Two Heroes looked at this scene, already stunned.

Fang Xian looked at Gu Daoxian, and pointed again: “After all, you still slashed at me, very well!” With one finger, Gu Daoxian also turned into ashes.

”Devil… the devil!”

Zhuge Wenxian was full of despair, “We… made a big mistake!”

”No, you haven’t yet!”

Fang Xian looked at the sky with a serious expression.

Ever since he swallowed the small reincarnation disc, the heavens and the earth were furious, and purple thunders gathered and turned into an axe.

This is the innate treasure of killing and cutting – Pangu Tianzhu Axe!

Immediately, a picture scroll came across thousands of miles, a Xuanhuang pagoda appeared, a streamer, and a string of beads.

Map of mountains and rivers! Xuanhuang Linglong Pagoda! Tai Chi Banner! Thirteen Dinghai God Beads!

These few innate treasures seemed to be alarmed, and the main body came across the sky and even took the initiative to let go of the moat to lead many immortals to the lower realm.

An extremely terrifying aura floated above Fang Xian’s head.

Looking at this scene, he could only smile wryly: “What you take and what you give back are the fundamental laws of this world… I took away the reincarnation disk to become a Daojun, that is, I have disturbed the foundation of this world, and I owe the main wheels of fate! Unless I take the initiative to become reincarnation itself to fill the foundation of this world and be bound together forever from now on, it will never be paid back!”

”If you can’t pay it back, there is only death!!!”

The anger of a world, many innate treasures, and the lower realm of immortals, even Fang Xian who was in the Primordial Spirit Level and even when he has the reincarnation disk, can’t stand it.

He looked up and saw that the ax was about to fall.

At this moment, on the attribute bar, the symbol that was transformed after swallowing the reincarnation disk was finally completely solidified, and a message came out:

”Do you want to activate reincarnation”.


Fang Xian decided without hesitation, and immediately saw the ax slashing down with infinite thunder!


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