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Elaine sounded a little sarcastic.

She continued, “It doesnt matter how you are doing now, but I believe that after all these years of being disgraced, kicked out of the family, and the hard times you endured, deep down, you must hate Jasmine and Eden very much. Thats why youre back now, shining even brighter. With your ability to avenge yourself, you cant possibly give up. You definitely wont let Jasmine and Eden have a good time. I was even thinking that, with how youre progressing in Lawrence Enterprise, are you deliberately taking revenge on the Lawrences and want to take everything that belongs to them for yourself Im sure you must hate your father for chasing you out of the family. At that thought, its reasonable for Jasmine to ask Eden to help her target you. If she doesnt ask Eden to do so, youll probably take over the Lawrences very soon!”

“Sister, are you done” Jeanne was very calm.

After listening to Elaines analysis, she still did not have much of a reaction.

“Not yet.”

“In that case, please continue.”

With that, Elaine added, “You have always held a grudge against Eden and Jasmine, so when you heard Jasmine say she was pregnant yesterday, you felt uneasy. To be honest, I was paying attention to you last night. Throughout dads birthday dinner, you were absent-minded, and I dont think I was the only one who noticed. Grace.”

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Grace began to panic when she heard her name.

Although she sometimes felt that her position in the Swans was a little unfair as she was always bullied by her sisters-in-law, she could only endure it because Richard told her not to cause trouble at home. At that moment, it was obvious that Elaine called out to her to drag her into a dispute. Hence, she was a little scared.

She turned her head and glanced at Richard, who did not think it was a good idea to say anything under such circumstances.

“Why are you looking at my brother” Elaine pulled a long face.

Right from the start, she had never really liked her sisters-in-law.

“Let me ask you. Did you, too, notice that Jeanne was a little absent-minded at the dinner table yesterday” Elaine said.

Grace did not know how to answer that question either.

She was afraid that no matter what she said, she might get herself into trouble.

It was obvious that Henry and his family had joined hands with Elaines family to tear Edward apart.

In fact, Edwards existence had always made Henry and Elaine jealous. Now that they got the goods on Edward, it would be strange for them not to make a big fuss out of it.

However, she also knew that she could not afford to offend Edward.

Richard often told her that even though it was not justified, it was still the right choice for the Swans to be handed over to Edward.

Just from those few words, Grace understood that Richard did not stand on either side and that he approved Old Master Swans arrangements. In other words, he approved of Edward.

Since her husband approved of Edward, wouldnt her helping Elaine create conflict between her and her husband

Just as she was hesitating and did not know how to reply, Jeanne admitted openly, “Yes. I was indeed absent-minded last night.”

That was because there were many things on her mind. It was inevitable that she would show it on her face and catch others attention.

Grace heaved a sigh of relief at that moment and could not help but look at Jeanne, feeling inexplicably grateful.

She had been married into the family for 18 years, but she had always kept to herself. Although she looked mediocre, she had not caused any trouble for her husband.

She was unlike Belle, who relied on her status as the eldest daughter-in-law and would sometimes argue with Elaine. Of course, because Henry and Elaine were now on the same side, Belle would still be safe even if she made a fuss sometimes.

“You were absent-minded because Jasmine was pregnant!” Elaine confirmed this fact.

“No,” Jeanne denied.

“You dont have to deny it because the truth is obvious. You were unhappy because you were jealous that Jasmine was pregnant, and that was why you were so absent-minded. Moreover, I have to say, Jeanne, youre quite smart. With Jasmine pregnant, you should be able to figure out what benefits Jasmine could get from this family. Although, what you said just now is also true. The Swans have a number of grandchildren, so playing the grandson card in the family wouldnt give Jasmine, the mother, much of an advantage. However, just like any other family, everyone looked forward to having another child in the family. Moreover, it wouldve been my fathers first great-grandson, which would still be different. If Jasmine gave birth to the Swans first great-grandson, there would definitely be some changes in the family. As for you and Edward…”


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