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Chapter 480: Great Bounty

Despite being in control of a great army that loomed over the Snow-shadow Tribe, the Phoenix Maiden did not order for the tribe’s destruction immediately.

After trapping the tribe, she sent out a message immediately: “Li Qiye of the human race, heed my words.

Surrender within one day or I’ll stamp out the Snow-shadow Tribe!”

After hear this message, many looked at each other.

Everyone knew that she wanted revenge for her brother, the Divine Spark Prince.

Her solemn and mighty voice rang across the sky: “Anyone who captures Li Qiye alive shall be rewarded with a King Medicine.

If you bring his head to me, I’ll award a precious scroll.

His limbs may be traded for a Virtuous Paragon Life Treasure! No matter who it is, killing him shall earn them the Prime Ominous Key.

The reward may be given immediately!”

Her declaration caused many great experts’ hearts to beat fast.

“Such a big play!” This reward was too tempting; no one would be able to resist it.

Someone couldn’t help but murmur: “Such a tyrannical style! Li Qiye can’t escape even if he wants to since he would be chased by everyone to the corners of the world.

This bounty is simply too good to pass up.”

“No wonder why the Divine Spark Prince could act so boisterously.

Those who touched even a single hair of his would not have a place in the Sacred Nether World.” A genius stated: “This is how it is now.

The Sacred Nether World might be large, but there is no haven for Li Qiye.

Even if he can run today, his death is still imminent.”

Many young people, especially geniuses, were annoyed with the Divine Spark Prince.

They sneered at his arrogance that stemmed from having a great brother-in-law.

What was so great about it

But today, after seeing his sister’s grand gesture, they understood the magnitude of his backing.

The Snow-shadow Tribe was bait to lure Li Qiye.

The Phoenix Maiden was afraid of him running away so she also put out a great bounty! The fact that Li Qiye’s killer would be able to keep the Prime Ominous Key was enough to drive people mad and salivate with greed.

She was indeed a formidable woman.

No wonder why the Divine Spark Country continued to prosper under her rule.

Her first move was enough to seal Li Qiye’s future of being a dog without a home.

He would be hunted down every day no matter where he went.

The Divine Spark Prince used to boast that anyone who offended him would have no place in this world.

Before, many thought that this was simply a bluff, but seeing the Phoenix Maiden’s bold move, even the predecessors lost their composure.

“Worthy of being Di Zuo’s fiancee.

Such a domineering move.” A royal lord said.

“We’ll be rich!” However, there were other great powers who were excited and eager for such a great bounty.

Not to mention the key, the King Medicine, precious scroll, and Virtuous Paragon Life Treasure were items capable of causing one’s eyes to redden with desire.

One King Medicine pill could be sold at a sky-high price, allowing one to live carefree in the future.

Such a lucrative prize made many want to take Li Qiye’s head.

When Qiurong Wanxue was still at Necropolis, she received the news from Elder Zhi, who was camping with others right outside.

The young group of Peng Zhuang was also at this camp.

It was a small tribe so their camp was far away from the city and distant from where the great powers were located.

This had just happened and the news regarding the Phoenix Maiden’s blockade around the Snow-shadow Tribe traveled very fast.

After receiving the news, not just the Snow-shadow disciples, but even the always-stoic Elder Zhi was frightened and at a loss as to what to do.

This matter was too grave.

The rest of the disciples were completely panicking in horror while being completely directionless as well.

One of them asked: “Elder Zhi, what should we do now”

Elder Zhi was also helpless, replying: “We will wait another half a day.

If Chief doesn’t come back by then, we’ll pull back immediately.”

They couldn’t be blamed for this choice.

The Divine Spark Country was a giant monster compared to the Snow-shadow Tribe; this was the difference between an elephant and an ant.

Moreover, what caused Elder Zhi to quiver even more was that the Phoenix Maiden was Di Zuo’s fiancee.

The Divine Spark Country alone could easily destroy the Snow-shadow Tribe, let alone a supreme existence such as the Myriad Bones Throne.

Qiurong Wanxue ran back just in time from Necropolis.

The disciples shouted after seeing her, slightly calming down their chaotic minds.

However, Qiurong Wanxue was not any better than them for the existential crisis of the tribe left her in panic as well.

She asked: “What is the situation right now”

Elder Zhi quickly answered: “Outside of a few disciples who haven’t returned, the entire tribe is trapped.

The enemy has yet to make a move, but our time is running out.”

Qiurong Wanxue took a deep breath and commanded: “Send my order for the disciples outside to not return until the crisis is resolved.

Run away, run as far as possible.”

Elder Zhi agreed: “I have already ordered so.” He then looked at her and said: “But what about us”

Qiurong Wanxue replied: “Elder Zhi, take the disciples away from this place and do not run back to the Snow-shadow Tribe.

As long as the verdant mountain is still there, there is no fear from running out of firewood.”

At this point, Qiurong Wanxue had no better strategy.

Luckily, seedlings like Peng Zhuang and the other five were still here, and they obtained quite a great fortune as well.

As long as the six of them survived this calamity, even if the Snow-shadow Tribe perished, there would still be a chance to rebuild it in the future.

“What about Chief” Elder Zhi asked.

Qiurong Wanxue put on an austere expression and answered: “I have to return to the Snow-shadow Tribe and stand with our kin even if it means death.”

Elder Zhi lost his colors and quickly persuaded: “Chief… That won’t do, you’ll die for sure!”

Qiurong Wanxue shook her head and decisively stated: “I am the head of the tribe.

As such, I have the obligation to live and die together with its members.

If something were to happen to me, then Elder Zhi will be the chief to lead the remaining disciples.”

Elder Zhi took a deep breath before quietly asking: “Where is Young Noble Li Has he already escaped”

“No, he is not a coward who runs away.

He is still inside Necropolis right now, and I’m afraid he won’t make it in time.” Qiurong Wanxue gravely replied.

She didn’t wish for her Young Noble to die, but she also couldn’t watch her tribe get destroyed by the Phoenix Maiden without doing anything.

Her heart was quite conflicted at this moment.

Elder Zhi gently sighed.

Even if Li Qiye came out and willingly accepted his detainment, the Phoenix Maiden still wouldn’t spare the Snow-shadow Tribe.

Their tribe was only an ant to her so killing them was as simple as lifting a finger.

“Go, it is not too late!” Qiurong Wanxue commanded Elder Zhi and the disciples.

Elder Zhi quickly made a decision and brought them away.

Unfortunately, time ran out since an aggressive group came and blocked their path.

The arrival of this group immediately drew the attention of nearby cultivators.

Seeing the protrusion on their foreheads caused these cultivators to run away very far from fear, not daring to get involved.

“The Insect King Imperial Lineage!” There were only more than a dozen young cultivators blocking the Snow-shadow group, but Elder Zhi and the others turned pale after seeing the protrusion on their foreheads.

Qiurong Wanxue was also quite alarmed.

An escaping cultivator recognized the leading young cultivator and exclaimed: “The junior brother of the Ghost Insect Evil Child!”

These young cultivators were only ordinary disciples from the insect lineage.

The leader was one of the many junior brothers of the Evil Child.

He was not a brilliant genius by any means, but others still feared him.

The insect imperial lineage had been famous for a long time.

The Nether King Insect was a source of terror to many people.

Elder Zhi’s group was stricken with fear after seeing these Insect King disciples.

Once bitten by the insect, they would experience a fate worse than death.

The Ghost Insect Evil Child’s junior brother blocked the path and menacingly smiled as he said: “You want to leave It won’t be so easy.” The squirming pouch on his head was quite a creepy sight.

“Where is Li Qiye Say it!” The junior brother declared with an ominous smile.

“I don’t know his whereabouts!” Qiurong Wanxue took a deep breath and shook her head in response.

“Haha, very well, I’m not afraid of you guys not speaking.

I’ll take my time interrogating all of you after you’re captured.” The junior brother let out a grim smile.

He then commanded the disciples right behind him: “Go, capture all of them! Hehe, don’t kill them, we’ll take them to the Phoenix Maiden as a greeting gift.”

“You guys, go, now! I will stop them!” Qiurong Wanxue hastily spoke with a changed expression.

She then made all of her blood energy erupt as her Royal Noble aura shot up high.

She was risking it all at this moment.

However, the disciples from the emperor’s lineage quickly surrounded all of them.

In just a second, Elder Zhi’s group lost their chance to escape.


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