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Chapter 1979: Annihilation

“Boom!” The grand momentum finally became brilliant and illuminated the world.

It erupted in an extraordinary manner and blew away the marks from the Chrono Disk.

Even Samsara went flying from the impact.

“Thump! Thump!” After landing on the ground, he was still forced several paces back from the aftershock before finally vomiting a mouthful of blood.

An everlasting overlord like him was grievously wounded today.

After the disk was repelled, the spear appeared back in Bu Zhan’s hand.

Alas, he was pale and also staggered backward with blood dripping down the corner of his lips.

People finally heaved a sigh of relief after seeing that the momentum was still fine and well.

The assistance of Bu Zhan had turned the tide by saving the formation.

“Boom!” Meanwhile, the same scene of dazzling explosions was still occurring back on the river of time.

The holy light swept through the entire epoch like a storm with its strands destroying the darkness.

Saint had taken control over the wildland.

Majestic and boundless holy light left nowhere for the darkness to hide.

“Buzz.” There was still one final sliver of darkness in the deepest location of the epoch.

It had escaped into the river of time and ran out of the epoch.

It was outside the boundary of the holy light so it didn’t give chase.

“Poof!” The sliver of darkness made it back to the present and Samsara instantly opened his mouth to swallow it.

This past version began to tremble multiple times.

The bare-bones ancestor actually recovered his vitality; his white hair turned black once more as he straightened his posture.

A black miasma shrouded him again.

Though he wasn’t back to his peak state, he had recovered quite a bit.

“It’s good to be alive.

In history, so many beings yearned for life.” He became spirited and stretched.

“Boom!” Li Qiye’s dao heart also flew out from the old epoch across the river of time.

It moved through several epochs before returning to Li Qiye’s body.

“Being alive is nice indeed, but you shouldn’t have swallowed that darkness just now.” Li Qiye looked at the ancestor and said insipidly.

“I know, you have already done something to the pond of blood in the beginning.” Samsara wasn’t afraid at all: “But I still want to taste the sensation of being alive.

I am simply a past self so I haven’t felt this in a long time.

Being alive is quite nice so your scheme doesn’t stop me.”

“Who doesn’t want to stay alive” Li Qiye agreed.

“Yes.” Samsara was enjoying this sensation and said: “As long as I can stay alive, so what if I destroy the rest of the world Such a trivial matter.”

The emperors ruminated after hearing this comment.

They were all top existences in this world.

In the future, would they act like Samsara just to stay alive All possible means just to escape death!

“Fellow Daoist, have you never struggled before” Samsara looked at Li Qiye and said.

“Life isn’t that easy.” Li Qiye calmly said: “I have struggled before, screaming in pain during the darkest days, just wanting to live longer.

But, in order to stay alive, all I will do is kill those who threaten me.

I won’t sacrifice the others in the world for my own sake.

If the villainous heaven wishes for my death, I’ll kill him, sooner or later, crushing him beneath my foot.

However, I will never live a borrowed life in the darkness while killing others! I am Li Qiye, I shall take down those who wish to end me!”

This was quite a bloody and resounding statement despite the nonchalant tone.

It was a choice and a showing of determination.

The emperors immediately thought about a particular path - the ultimate expedition.

Though this was a fruitless path, one emperor after another chose to do so.

Their sacrifice was commendable.

Samsara didn’t become embarrassed by this.

He gently nodded: “True, I am inferior to you i this regard, inferior to Saint too.

My old friend rather dies before bowing his head.

Sigh, lacking indeed.” 

“The strongest being are scourges to the world if they do not have a firm dao heart.” Li Qiye added.

“You think that the world is worth saving” Samsara smiled: “I once tried to illuminate the eras and save the living beings, just like Saint.

But certain people are not worth it.

After so many cycles, no epoch has been able to move on.

Perhaps our power isn’t the issue, it’s that the world isn’t worth saving.”

“That’s not up for you or the villainous to decide.

No one is qualified to judge the living beings or their heart.

Only themselves should be the arbitrators.” Li Qiye stated: “I don’t try as hard as Saint to redeem everyone, maybe I’m not as great of a person as him.

But like you said, just because the world is not worth saving, that’s not an excuse to let darkness engulf everything!”

“I don’t know what you have experienced.

But after spending many eras myself, I will never yield to power and never walk with the darkness, for that is my dao heart.

I rather die than succumbing.” Li Qiye finished powerfully.

“Everyone makes their own choice.” Samsara chuckled: “They just need to be responsible for them.

Thus, as the origin of darkness, I’ve never run away from this fact and let everyone come try and kill me.

If someone actually manages to do so, it only shows that I’m not strong enough.”

Li Qiye nodded: “Indeed, but today is the day when you shall depart.

Your present self is finished and Saint had sacrificed himself.

This spells the end for the wildland epoch.”

“Come, I have no grievances if your group is able to kill me.

Dying in battle is much better than dying to sickness!” Samsara laughed.

“Annihilation.” Li Qiye coldly uttered.

With a loud explosion, the group activated their formation.

The momentum came killing like a gigantic palm towards Samsara.

This palm was the embodiment of monstrous resources and more than one hundred Heaven’s Wills.

Even emperors were ants before this attack, regardless of their power level.

“Let’s go!” Samsara howled and darkness shrouded the sky.

He used his most powerful attack in order to repel this incoming palm.

He wouldn’t just sit there awaiting death.

After all, this master of an epoch was always ready to fight to the bloody end.

This exchange annihilated everything.

Space and time were forced back to their original state.

“Crack.” Bones broke; Samsara became bloodied everywhere while blood gushed out of his mouth.

His invincible attack wasn’t enough.

He had expended too much lifespan and vitality after using the Chrono Disk so he was no match against the combined might of Li Qiye’s group.

He vomited blood again before being able to speak.

Nevertheless, a smile was still on his face: “No longer as mighty as before, only around 50% left.

I really couldn’t handle that heaven-suppressing move.” 

He looked like a hero just before the sad, inevitable demise, yet he was still as calm as ever.


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