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Chapter 1126: Array Setting

As a result, before the giant mantis could stabilize its body, the black shadow transformed by Liu Ming appeared in front again.

A huge tiger head phantasm was launched along with a deafening tiger roar, then it hit the defenseless head again.


The head of the giant mantis was divided into several petals like a watermelon.

The disgusting green blood gurgled out like spring water.

It waved its claws randomly before falling dead to the ground.

From the time the giant mantis attacked Liu Ming to Liu Ming killing him with lightning speed, it was only 3 seconds.

Except for the 2 dull fist sounds, only the whistling black sandstorm could be heard.

The rest of the cultivators had only regained their senses until now.

They couldnt intervene at all.

The others were all startled, and even Shi Hous eyes were full of brilliance.

Looking at the fallen giant mantis, Liu Ming immediately cast the Che Huan Totem.

A huge green bull circled out.

It spurted green light to wrap the carcass and pull it into its stomach.

After the green patterns flashed a few times, the carcass disappeared without a trace.

After taking a look at the battlefield, Liu Ming nodded with satisfaction.

After deactivating Che Huan, he turned around and flew toward Shi Hou.


Lius control in the strength of the attack is so delicately.

While charging the strike, you can minimize the spiritual power fluctuations to the lowest… Is the thing you released in the end a kind of totem art It can directly devour the Hellish-Insect Clan” The red-haired burly man cupped his fist at Liu Ming and asked.


It is indeed a special totem mystic art that I acquired by chance.

It is just effective against these giant insects.” Liu Ming said vaguely.

At the Tianmen Conference that day, the Hellish-Insect Clan monster once mentioned his Che Huan Totem as Illumination God, and he was very afraid of it.

Now that he tried it today, the Che Huan Totem could still easily devour the Hellish-Insect.

“Okay, its getting late.

Lets set off quickly! Im afraid Hellish-Insect Clan will be getting more on the way.”

Shi Hous voice transmission sounded in everyones ears.

They immediately continued to move forward.

With this sudden event, for a period of time after that, they slowed down their speed slightly.

After all, the Hellish-Insects were everywhere in this desert.

If they were discovered, all previous efforts were in vain.

In the following 2 days, under the protection of the yellow mist, although they encountered some strange Hellish-Insects on the way, they passed through the insects without any risk.

At noon on the third day, they came to a sand dune of 30 meters tall.

“That should be the location deduced by Elder Yao to set up the trap.” Shi Hou stopped, looked at the sand dune in front and said in a deep voice.

Liu Ming stood at the back of the team.

Looking in front, the wind was strong and the whistles were loud.

The sandstorm now was even more rampant than when they just entered the desert.

Near the tall dune, small sand dunes were changing positions in the black sandstorm.

When the hurricane hit the small dunes, it would turn into a larger soaring wind dragon.

The flying sand and stones made it impossible for people to get close.

Shi Hou didnt seem to care about this.

He took out a map jade slip and placed it on his forehead to check the location.

Then, he shook the small yellow flag.

His figure turned into a cloud of yellow mist, flew to the top of the sand dune and released intense yellow light.

In the blink of an eye, a yellow mist shield shrouded a radius of nearly 300 meters around the sand dune.

Just as everyone looked solemnly at the yellow mist shield, a burly figure shot out from the yellow mist in mid-air.

After a few flashes, Shi Hou appeared in front of everyone.

He was holding a yellow octagonal disk array in his hands.

On the octagonal disk array, there was a thumb-sized yellow light spot in the middle, which flickered on and off.

It looked quite mysterious.

In the team, 8 Crystallization Period cultivators immediately walked out.

4 of them were wearing Sky Beastkin Valleys white robes, and the rest were dressed differently, but they all held a small yellow triangular flag and a circular disk array in their hands.

“Although I used the Hidden Sand Flag to set up the Hidden Sand Array, which should be enough to cover all the movement when setting up the Fallen Sand Array, but just in case, please be vigilant.” Shi Hou rubbed the octagonal disk array in his hand and spoke to the 4 Real Pellet State cultivators and Liu Ming.

“Senior Shi Hou, dont worry!” The red-haired burly man immediately cupped his fist.

Naturally, Liu Ming and others also responded with affirmation, then they turned into 4 escape lights and headed toward the 4 edges of the yellow mist.

Seeing this, Shi Hou spoke to the 8 Crystallization Period cultivators,

“Okay, everyone, lets get started.”


The 8 Crystallization Period cultivators spoke in unison.

They formed 4 2-person groups, flew in 4 directions, stopped about 300 meters away from Shi Hou and began to set up an array.

Seeing this, Shi Hou began to chant.

After making gestures with both hands, a cluster of yellow light rose from the octagonal disk array and floated uncertainly above his head.

At the east edge of the yellow mist, Liu Ming released Divine Thought to keep an eye on the surrounding movement and observed the progress of setting up the arrays simultaneously.

These 8 Crystallization Period disciples were all array mages selected by the Alliance who were proficient in arrays.

They had been trained by the Sand Morph Sects Elder Yao, so it shouldnt be difficult for 2 of them to set up a sub-array.

In just over half an hour, 4 small arrays glowing with yellow aura were formed.

At this time, the yellow light cluster above Shi Hous head became clear and solid.

A mini desert could be seen in it.

Immediately, the small triangular flags in the hands of the 8 Crystallization Period cultivators in the 4 directions waved at the same time, and 4 yellow light shields with an area of 90 meters in size appeared around them.

At this time, Shi Hou chanted and launched symbols with 10 fingers into the yellow light cluster.

After the yellow light cluster trembled violently, rays of yellow lights shot out and connected with the 4 small arrays.

After 15 minutes, the Fallen Sand Array was basically set.

During this period, there had been no abnormality.

Seeing things had gone so smoothly, everyone couldnt help but breathe a sigh of relief.

After setting up the Falling Sand Formation, Shi Hou commanded the 8 cultivators to set up a protective array around the Fallen Sand Array.

After doing this, Shi Hou gathered all of them through a sound transmission.

“Okay, the array has been set.

Now we just need to wait for the Fallen Sand Arrays in the other 3 places to be deployed before the fusion can begin.” Shi Hou took out the octagonal disk array.

4 star patterns had appeared on the disk array.

3 stars looked dim, and only 1 star was emitting a faint light.

Liu Ming glanced at the disk array in Shi Hous hand, then he withdrew his gaze, walked to the side, and sat down with his knees crossed.

He spread his Divine Thought to beware of the surrounding situations.

The other cultivators also waited quietly on guard.

Time passed by a little bit, maybe they were lucky or Shi Hous Hidden Sand Array was really amazing.

Although some Hellish-Insects passed by, they didnt notice anything unusual here.

On the disk array in Shi Hous hand, 2 stars were also lit up one after another, but the last star still looked dim, which made Shi Hou frown and keep pacing back and forth.

Seeing this, the rest of the crowd also felt uneasy.

After all, only after all the 4 great arrays were successfully activated, they could merge into the Super Fallen Sand Array and deal a fatal blow to the Hellish-Insect Clan in the desert.

After half an hour, the last big star finally lit up.

“Okay, the other 3 Fallen Sand Arrays have been set.

Activate the Fallen Sand Array immediately!” Seeing this, Shi Hou said loudly with joy.

The 8 array mages had already begun to channel the array equipment in their hands to activate the disk array.

“Once the array is activated, it will definitely attract a large number of Hellish-Insects.

You all have to be prepared.” Shi Hou spoke to Liu Ming and the other 4 Real Pellet State cultivators, then he launched several yellow flags.

Those flags were like living creatures, slowly flying with Shi Hou as the center.

Shi Hou chanted and launched symbols into the octagonal disk array.

The small desert above his head buzzed and shot a yellow light beam into the sky.

The 8 array mages also began to launch symbols into the flags before them continuously.

The 4 sub-array also emitted 4 light beams.

5 light beams converged in 1 place in the sky, turning into a golden light beam as if to pierce through the black sandstorm.

The light beam was so tall that it couldnt be seen.

The surrounding sand seemed a little irritable.

Boom! As the golden light beam, the whistling sound of the surrounding sandstorm became stronger.

Liu Ming and others were startled slightly.

Such a big movement would definitely be discovered by the Hellish-Insects.

Shi Hou looked serious.

He recited obscure incantations very quickly while changing gestures swiftly.

Waves of spell halos were intertwined around the octagonal disk array.

TL: Will the Hellish-Insect Clan fall into their trap though

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