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Chapter 978: Source of HatredTranslator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Shi Jin thought of Qiao Lians face and understood the source of Qiao Zhuolis hatred.

She finally understood that he often participated in everyones activities, but there was always a huge sense of alienation.

Fu Xiuyuan said, “Thats a grudge between the previous generation.

It has nothing to do with Gu Jingyuan.”

“Yes, if Gu Jingyuan wasnt in this industry, I admit that it would have nothing to do with him! However, hes still in this industry now.

Who knows if he will follow in Li Nans footsteps soon Instead of that, why dont I nip his future in the bud Isnt that good”

The smile on Qiao Zhuolis face was full of determination.

It was conceivable that he had been planning this for a long time.


“My oldest brother would never do anything like that.

Everything he did, he did with the intention of saving lives.”

“Back then, Li Nan also claimed that he saved people, treated illnesses, and studied medicine to save people.

In the end He harmed so many peoples lives.

Can it offset the people he saved Whether he saved people or studied medicine, it was not for any righteousness at all.

It was all for money!”

Shi Jin knew that there was no way to convince Qiao Zhuoli now.

She said softly, “Then what exactly do you need to solve this matter head-on”

“Can Li Nan come back to life to atone for his sins If not, then theres no room for discussion!” Qiao Zhuoli did not give them any room for discussion.

Back at the hotel, Shi Jin pinched her brow and sat at the windowsill, her expression grave.

Song Fan stood at the side and reported softly to Fu Xiuyuan, “So Second Master Qiao… Qiao Zhuoli has been preparing for a long time.

He planted spies in Doctor Gus company and replaced the goods they import and export.

Also, he has long set up a trap in Canada and was waiting for Doctor Gu to come over.

We dont need any of our connections here.”

“If he arranged it that way, he must have been fully prepared.

You should head out first.”

After Song Fan left, Fu Xiuyuan walked to Shi Jins side and leaned down.

“Lets go back to the country first.”

“Okay.” Shi Jin nodded.

She knew that it was useless to stay here for the time being.

However, she didnt know how to reply to Liang Xinran and Gu Qingqings messages.

After returning to the country, Shi Jin first went to Gu Qingqings place.

She explained briefly what had happened.

Gu Qingqing said calmly, “Since it was all deliberately set up by others and Jingyuan didnt do anything, I dont have to worry.

I dont believe that theres no justice in this world, where good people will suffer injustice, and bad people can do whatever they want.”

“Mom, what exactly happened back then”

“Shi Jin, I can only tell you that your uncle, Li Nan, didnt do anything like Qiao Zhuoli said.

Everything was settled on him because the dead cant speak.

Jingyuans personality is very similar to his uncle.

Theyre both serious people.”

“In other words, someone did develop those drugs.

Someone used them to produce side effects, didnt they”

Gu Qingqing nodded.


At that time, many people had side effects.

Some people were plagued with illnesses for several years, some gave birth to dementia, and some triggered diseases in the heart, brain, and blood vessels.

There were tens of thousands of people, and it was a shocking sight.

Therefore, I can understand Qiao Zhuolis thoughts.

But Shi Jin, our Li family has really never done such a guilty thing.

Over the years, we have already retired from the entire circle of the imperial capital and have less contact with our former friends.

Its just that we cant find evidence to prove who did these things or how they did it, so we cant clear our familys grievances.”

Her tone was filled with regret and she sighed.

“I originally thought that after so long, and since Jingyuan had inherited his Uncles will and worked hard to treat patients, he could finally make up for the regret of those patients back then.

But I didnt expect such a thing to happen…”

“Mom, dont worry for now.

Although Qiao Zhuoli has made arrangements, this is a lawful society.

Its safe for Big Brother to be detained by the police.

If Qiao Zhuoli wants justice, he definitely wont do anything to Big Brother.”

“I understand, Shi Jin.

Its been hard on you to do so much.”

After Shi Jin came out, she drove to Liang Xinrans production team.

When the manager saw her coming over, she quickly came forward to welcome her.

“Shi Jin.

Xinran has been filming without care these past few days.

She has been especially busy with work every day and wont listen to anyones advice.

Come and persuade her.

Im afraid her body wont be able to take it if she continues like this.”

“Go get some rest.

Ill stay here.”

The manager could only leave first.

Shi Jin flipped open the script Liang Xinran had placed aside, where she noted down the pronunciation word by word.

Liang Xinran had dyslexia and had relied on others to help her read the script to understand its meaning.

Looking at this, it seemed like she was trying to get over it.

Perhaps she had really suffered too much without her brother.

After Liang Xinran finished filming, she was drenched.

Hanging wires had always been like this.

She wiped her sweat indifferently and walked over.

When she saw Shi Jin, she paused and then smiled.

“Shi Jin!”

“Xinran, are you done”

“Well, its been a long day, but fortunately weve finished all the wire scenes for the past few days.

We can take a few days off for the rest of the script.”

Seeing her smile, Shi Jin was worried.

“Are you alright Why is your schedule arranged so densely”

“Hey, you have to work anyway.

By the way, when did you get back You didnt even tell me.”

“About my big brother…”

“I understand.

I wont be able to see him for the time being, nor can he come back.” Liang Xinran picked up her glass of water and took a few gulps.

“It doesnt matter.

As long as he doesnt come back, Ill wait for him.

If he doesnt come back for a year, Ill wait for him for a year.

What does it matter”

Seeing her like this, Shi Jin couldnt help but smile.

“Xinran, my brother is really lucky to have you.”

“Im lucky too!” Liang Xinran put down her cup.

“But promise me that youll let me know when you hear from him, okay”

“Okay,” Shi Jin replied solemnly.

In the end, Gu Jingyuans detention was not hidden.

The Li familys matters from more than twenty years ago were also dug out.

There was no internet back then, but many elders still had memories.

At the mention of the disaster-like accident that Li Nan had caused, many old people were indignant.

Their juniors wrote down those stories.

In some families, the aftereffects of those drugs were still there—sick relatives, silly juniors, families whose bodies had been affected and tortured.

The stories and photographs were recorded and circulated on the Internet.

It was shocking.

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