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Mo Fan stared at the causeway in astonishment.

He glanced at the huge number of Royal Guards and Judges of the Magic Court.

Each of their auras was significantly stronger than his.

Normally, it was rare to see one or two Advanced Magicians.

Who knew they would see two groups of them here.

The scene was very spectacular, something that had never taken place before.

The Black Totem Snake who revealed his giant head above the lake sensed the hostility from the humans on the causeway.

He opened his cave-like mouth and blew a strong wind.

The powerful gust destroyed the lines of willows on the causeway.

The leaves drifted to the wind, as sprays of water splashed upon the land.

It felt like a hurricane had just swept past the place.

“Activate the Lightning Punishment!” demanded Councilman Luo Mian with a loud voice once again.

Suddenly, a strong lightning energy rumbled in the sky above.

Mo Fan raised his head and saw giant purple lightning bolts flashing above the dark clouds.

Countless Lightning Stars were connecting together in a rapid pace.

It looked like the trailing paths of meteors intertwining with one another, resulting in stunning Star Patterns.

The Star Patterns stacked on top of one another, forming a spectacular Star Constellation.

The Star Constellation stood out in the dark sky with clear vertices.

It was extremely three-dimensional and lively.

The Star Constellation symbolized the casting of an Advanced Magic.

Mo Fan initially thought that the casting of that spell, containing an overwhelming lightning energy, had ended, but little did he know, it was only the tip of an iceberg.

As the clouds scattered, Mo Fan saw six more Star Constellations formed with two hundred-forty-three stars each, close to the first one he had seen!

Seven Stars were called a Nebula, the symbol of a Basic Spell.

Forty-nine Stars formed seven Nebulas, illustrating a Star Pattern which symbolized an Intermediate Magic.

Two hundred-forty-three Stars formed forty-nine Nebulas, which would then form seven new Star Patterns.

The end product was a Star Constellation, an Advanced Magic!

Currently, there were seven Star Constellations in the sky, each alone was enough to amaze the crowd below.

As they were connected together in the night sky above the lake, they constructed an astonishing structure with the Stars!

A Star Palace!

The Star Palace that symbolized the Super-level!

Its brilliance was unmatched in the sky above the city.

It blazed fabulously in the middle of the darkness, lording over the modern city below!

Mo Fan was dumbfounded!

Even the Star Patterns made of forty-nine Stars that he was extremely familiar with were enough to produce powerful Spells.

How destructive would the force of this spell being produced by the Star Palace in the sky be!

The purple Sky Palace was so huge that it looked extremely close.

As the Star Constellations were fully connected together, the overwhelming lightning energy clumped together into stormy clouds.

The astounding Lightning Magic began to descend!

The Spell consisted of nine heavenly halberds made of lightning.

They were formed by countless lightning arcs piercing through the layers of cloud.

Their length and width were like huge pillars supporting the sky…

A stunning purple, from the eye-catching lightning halberds…

A deafening blast took place, as if the sky were shattered into pieces.

The powerful lightning struck fiercely from the sky and penetrated the lake in a straight line.

Over in the city, the pedestrians and the residents admiring the view of West Lake on the tall buildings were immediately fixated by the purple flash in the sky.

As the lightning halberds descended, their flashy appearance was fully presented to the people.

Spectacular, marvelous; the lightning energy they contained was strong enough to shudder the Heaven and Earth.

Even though the world was full of Magic, demon beasts, and mysterious energy, many people still found the view absolutely unbelievable as they witnessed this level of Magic up close!

“Is…is that really Magic”

“Such a horrifying lightning.

It feels like a punishment given by God to the mundane world!”

“What is going on at West Lake Where did the lightning halberds come from”

Many people had seen the lightning halberds, regardless of which part of the city they were from.

The halberds had torn the dark sky apart.

It felt like some energy from the Heavenly realm had accidentally fallen to the Earth…

The nine lightning halberds dropped from the sky and formed a formation with the shape of an enneagram.

They stood firmly above the lake like pillars, surrounding the Skyscraping Snake.

They were like giant purple electric pillars, with dense lightning chains spreading across one another.

Lightning sparkled fiercely between the pillars!

Lightning, forks, chains… Mo Fans vision was inundated with the shocking purple from the lightning energy unleashing from the halberds!

The lightning halberds stood firmly.

The Skyscraping Snake furiously stirred up massive waves after learning that he was being suppressed in the center.

He even slammed his body into the halberd to break the lightning chains.

However, the lightning halberds were solid as rocks.

Each time the Skyscraping Snake slammed into the halberds, the formation would return the favor by whipping the Skyscraping Snake with the lightning chains.

The Black Totem Snake was like a giant python that had fallen into a trap.

He struggled violently, but he only ended up injured due to the thorns in the trap.

He uttered deafening cries of pain which echoed throughout the entire city.

“Oh my God, am I having a nightmare”

“Snake, its a snake, a…a gigantic snake!”

“The Skyscraping Snake, its the same snake that appeared in the city!”

“Holy cow, it really exists! Its here right in West Lake!”

A great crowd had gathered near the shore, far away from the center of the lake.

As a matter of fact, both the lightning halberds and the Skyscraping Snake were extremely far away, but due to their massive size, they could still clearly see them in the darkness.

The purple lightning brightly illuminated the lake, and the terrifying body of the Skyscraping Snake.

The city burst into an uproar.

Even though West Lake was sealed off to the public, there were gaps through which the people could still see the Su Causeway.

If it were just a normal battle, it would be hidden in the darkness.

However, the scale of the battle was too huge and stunning.

Everyone could clearly see it from far away.

The astonishment on their faces had reached the limit!

The towering lightning halberds stood over the vast lake.

The Skyscraping Snake, which had left a scar in the peoples hearts, was currently being suppressed in the middle of the lake right beside the city…


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