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Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

Mo Fan followed Apas suggestion and tried to order the Rock Monsters to stop invading the city and retreat to their caves.

Mo Fan let out a few roars, reaching every Rock Monster in the city.

The Rock Monsters stood there to listen.

The slow-witted creatures exchanged glances with one another: What was their king up to

Apas rolled her eyes when she heard Mo Fans roars.

How did she end up with such a retarded master He had no clue how to speak the rock demons language.

He was simply roaring like an ape.

Who would know what he was trying to convey

“Ill communicate with them instead!” Apas seriously could not stand seeing Mo Fan embarrassing himself like a total fool.

She took over the Golden-Armored Wolframite Demons voice and gave the proper orders to the Rock Monsters.

The Rock Monsters finally understood their kings commands, and began to withdraw from the city.

“Remember to ask them to leave the Mages they absorbed behind, instead of bringing them to the caves.

Otherwise, we will need to send someone to retrieve them!” Mo Fan said.

The Rock Monsters retreated from the city.

Their bodies degenerated as they reached the ramparts.

The numbers of the rock demons were absolutely shocking.

They were lined up in rows when they shed their thick rock armor to reveal their true appearance.

The creatures were just some Mud Morphing Monsters.

As the Rock Monsters, Rock Generals, and Granite Beasts fully degraded, it felt like the rampart was being splashed with waves of mud.

The mudslide fell like a tide, leaving unconscious Mages glittering like shells along the rampart.

The dawn the city was looking for finally arrived.

The Battlemages and the rest of the people in the city remained still.

They did not understand what had just happened.

Did the battle end already

Did it just end like that

They were already expecting the worst outcome, but everything was reversed in the blink of an eye.

The Barrier, the Elemental Capital, the Mages that were absorbed, excluding the complete mess in the city…

“Everything changed after Mo Fan was absorbed by the Black-Silver Armored Rock Demon,” Deputy Lieutenant Hou said.

“Thats right, its Mo Fan!” Fang Di said.

“He must have done something.

Otherwise, it didnt make sense for him to engage the creature after he was already severely injured.

He must have let the Black-Silver Armored Rock Demon absorb him on purpose.


Wen Xia thought the same.

Xie Qinghua went up to her and said, “Lets get closer.”

Xie Qinghua brought a group of people over to the Golden-Armored Wolframite Demon.

It was moving away from the city, but it did not leave the city center.

The people saw its body degrading rapidly.

Mud kept falling to the ground, turning into Mud Morphing Monsters along its trail.

The Golden-Armored Wolframite Demon had completely melted away by the time it reached the edge of the Barrier.

Mo Fan was left behind, covered in ashes and standing there feebly.

He was surrounded by a lot of mud, which was oozing through the cracks and darkness nearby like parasites without a host.

“It really is Mo Fan!” Wen Xia exclaimed.

Everyone immediately surrounded him in joy.

Mo Fan felt like he was full of power just a moment ago, like he could smash a mountain in half and split the sea with a stomp.

However, he was now just like the Mages that had been rescued from the Rock Monsters, the strength of his body completely depleted.

Mo Fan saw the others coming up to him while he was still barely conscious.

He soon fell to the ground and fainted.

After all, it was a huge mental burden to control such a huge body.

Luckily, the burden was not as insane as when he was using the power of the Demon Element.

He would recover after resting for a few days.

“Why isnt he awake yet How about this Youll accept it on his behalf,” Wen Xia said.

“I cant make the decision.

You should wait until hes awake,” Apas said.

Mo Fan gradually regained consciousness while the two were talking.

“What are you two gossiping about Did the rock demons all leave” Mo Fan opened his eyes.

He seemed to be in good spirits.

“Mo Fan youre finally awake!” Wen Xia exclaimed joyfully.

“I only took a little nap.

Why are you behaving like I wasnt going to wake up again” Mo Fan shook his head.

It felt like he had a serious hangover.

His head was heavy and spinning, but he should be fine after inhaling some fresh air and eating breakfast.

“Do your naps usually last for ten days Many people are looking for you.

I told them you were dead!” Apas sniffed coldly.

“Ten…ten days” Mo Fan was startled.

He thought he had only slept for half an hour.

He could still remember the thrill he felt when he was destroying the enemy after taking over the Golden-Armored Wolframite Demons body.

How could he possibly be asleep for more than a week That was insane!

“It has indeed been ten days.

The others have already woken up.

You are the only one still unconscious.

We were going to move you to the capital to be treated, but your sister says youre going to be fine.

She told us to just let you sleep,” Wen Xia said.

Even Mo Fan was dumbfounded.

How did time pass by like it had been fast-forwarded Why was he unaware of it

It turned out that he could not just take over a Ruler-level creatures body as he pleased.

He might not be able to wake up again if he did it a few more times.

“Fine, whatever you say.

Anyway, hows the situation” Mo Fan asked.

“The demon creatures have retreated.

The city is now an Elemental Capital.

Its supposed to be rebuilt first.

With the Barrier in place, even if its so close to the bottomless ravine, it will still develop quickly.

“Anyway, we are really grateful for what you did! My master Lu Bin and I were discussing you the other day.

My master even requested that her superior make you the Honorable Guardian of the city, the most valuable guest of the city,” Wen Xia said cheerfully.

“Forget about the title, and dont look for me again if the city needs any help.

Im a busy man,” Mo Fan quickly rejected the offer.

“As I thought, you were not after any benefits.

I thought you were only helping us because you wanted to buy the resources provided by the city at the original prices since you are the owner of the Fanxue Mountain, and its very close to the East Maritime Battlefield.

It seems like Lu Bin overthought it,” Wen Xia went on cunningly.

“Original prices” Mo Fan was confused.

“Yes! Even though the military is mining the resources, we are still selling them to the city along the coastline for a margin of profit.

We need some funds for the city and transportation,” Wen Xia said.

“Since you insist on making me the Honorable Guardian, I shall accept it reluctantly,” Mo Fan sighed shamelessly.

Wen Xia was startled for a moment.

She was not insisting on it.

He clearly had the option to decline the offer.

He could choose not to accept it, and they would still be fine with his decision!…

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