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1430 The Talks Between the Clans  

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

Mu Nuxin was just about to explain the details when someone came to invite them to the main hall.

Mu Nuxin smiled and said, “I believe they are just about to discuss this matter.


Bai, please come with us if you are interested.

I believe you will understand.”

Mo Fan and Zhao Manyan followed Mu Nuxin and Mu Nujiao to the main hall.

Zhao Manyan dragged Mo Fan a little further to the back and whispered to him, “This Mu Nuxin is really something.

Most people would be reluctant to share such important information with others.

They would never bring someone else to such an important meeting, but she is treating you so sincerely to gain your trust.

If you have dealings with her in the future, you will subconsciously choose to trust her…”

“Is that so” Mo Fan asked curiously.

“Brother, the renowned clans are also being restructured in the current circumstances.

Any information is confidential.

Mu Nujiao knows that we wont bother to peep at their secrets, but Mu Nuxin has assumed we are disciples of renowned clans, and yet she still told us everything.

She clearly isnt stupid, she just knows how to manipulate us, and how to have dealings with you, the eldest son of the Bai Clan!” Zhao Manyan said.

“…I dont really understand all these twist and turns,” Mo Fan sighed…

When both Mu Nujiao and Mu Nuxin arrived at the main hall, their beauty suddenly lit up the place significantly.

The eyes of men who were on the verge of falling asleep glittered.

They immediately shored up their spirits, and even their voices were richer.

“Why are you two… oh, it doesnt matter, please have a seat,” Dongfang Lie said in a surprised tone when he saw Zhao Manyan and Mo Fan.

The two renowned clans were discussing important matters in the main hall, so the rest of the guests were expected to be enjoying some tea and desserts somewhere else.

Dongfang Lie totally did not expect them to join the meeting.

However, Dongfang Lie knew that both Zhao Manyan and Mo Fan were not really considered disciples of renowned clans, so it did not matter if they heard their discussions.

“Congratulations, since we used to be schoolmates, Ill recommend you something; its called Happiness 101.

I believe you two are going to be very busy with matters of your respective clans, so I bet you dont have any plans to have children yet.

What Im introducing to you is perfect; it only has a thickness of 0.1 millimeters.

Its so thin that it feels invisible, and you will actually realize how wearing it feels better than wearing nothing…” Zhao Manyan whispered after moving closer to Dongfang Lie sneakily.

Dongfang Lie was a little slow in his reactions.

His eyes widened after some time as he said in a serious tone, “Are you serious”

“Old Zhao, I bet thats what your ancestors must be selling.

No wonder your family has such a huge business, you also recommended the same thing to me…” Mo Fan added in.


While the three were discussing something totally unrelated, the elders with white mustaches seemed to be discussing other things with anxious looks.

Dongfang Mo was the representative of the Dongfang Clan.

He looked at Mu Nuxin and said, “We are more than willing to go ahead with the marriage.

My nephew is very fond of Nuxin, and I believe he will fulfill his role as a husband to her.

We arent trying to shirk our commitment, but we did send someone to investigate the fire vein you mentioned.

If I go myself, as a Super Mage, my presence will surely provoke the powerful beast at the Sun Ridge, but anyone below the Super Level wont have a chance of enduring its overwhelming heat.

Its suicide!”

“If it was last year, when the East hadnt drowned yet, we might still have a chance to hire some experts to drive away the powerful beast dominating the Sun Ridge.

Its unlikely we will be able to hire some experts now…” sighed the clan master of the Mu Clan, Mu Shan.

“Why dont I go Im thinking of giving Mu Nuxin a gift too, so well think of it as…”

“Nonsense!” an elder of the Dongfang Clan snapped.

How could they possibly let the successor of the clan visit such a dangerous place!

“The temperature at the entrance of the fire vein is comparable to the strength of a Super Level Spell.

Even if someone manages to reach the bottom of its outer area, a Mage with a high-quality Soul-grade Fire Seed will still struggle to endure the heat in the outer area.

Based on your suggestions, youre asking a few Mages with Summoned Beasts of the Fire Element to do the job, but unfortunately, a few Summoned Beasts arent going to be able to complete the work that has to be done down there…

“Besides, weve also discovered Fire Elemental Spirits at the bottom of the fire vein.

A few Summoned Beasts cant really take them on.

We have to send in a team of Advanced Mages, at least!” Dongfang Mo said.

“Then well send a Summoner and his Fire Element Contracted Beast down with Space Element Scrolls to set up a Portal.

The rest of the team will teleport into the place through the Portal and eliminate the Fire Elemental Spirits.

Finally, well break through the Fire Shell Rocks that are stopping us from digging further down…” Mu Hua proposed.

“The chance of that working isnt high, either.

The Summoners Contracted Beast is most likely going to die.

In addition, Space Element Scrolls have always been scarce.

The people that are teleported into the fire vein are going to find themselves in a furnace.

The chance of them coming back alive is also very slim.

If they fail to break through the Fire Shell Rocks, the whole team is going to die!” Mu Nuxin stated.

“Humans will die for riches, just as birds will for food.

We can hire some Hunters and Mages to do the job.

Someone must be willing to do it!” Mu Hua said.

“I say we should scout the place more.

After all, weve only derived our plan theoretically.

Its hard to say whats really going to happen down there.

We can pay the money, but Im just worried that the situation down there is a lot more dangerous than we expected.

The people we hired are all going to die,” Mu Nuxin said.

“Its still better than doing nothing.

How much time have we wasted already The Zhou Clan is getting restless, and the Mu Clan is wantonly annexing the smaller clans.

Even the Dali Clan is soon going to rise above us.

At this rate, our clans are going to end up in some remote places, awaiting our destruction when weve run out of resources,” Mu Hua said.

Both sides suddenly fell silent.

The two clans were facing a financial crisis, and the Sun Ridge of Kunlun Mountain was their best chance at resolving it.

Fire Element resources were always hot-sellers in the market.

They were not as scarce as the resources for the Lightning Element, nor were they as abundant as the resources of the Earth Element and the Wind Element.

The Fire Element was always in demand.

Therefore, the fire vein at Sun Ridge wouldnt just help them resolve the crisis, but it will also help them gain a firm foothold in the current situation!

The chance of survival for the people they hired to go into the fire vein was the least of their concerns when the survival of their clans was at stake.

They would pay the money and warn them how dangerous the job could be.

Whoever was willing to take the risk would accept the job.

If no one was willing to go, they would increase the reward.

“Weve already offered a very high reward, but the Hunters and Mages are not idiots.

They arent willing to take the job no matter how much we are offering,” a man in his thirties informed them.

“How is that possible Did someone leak the information!” Mu Hua asked anxiously.

He had purposely hidden some of the details when submitting the job.

Many people should have been interested in it!

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