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Chapter 1428 Pleasantly Getting Shot While Lying Down

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

Dongfang Lie happened to be in the Magic City.

To Mo Fans surprise, he was currently visiting the Mui Clan, and even mentioned that he was proposing a marriage.

Mo Fan was completely dumbfounded.

Did Dongfang Lie just say he was proposing a marriage to a member of the Mui Clan

Mui Nujiao never mentioned anything like that to him!

Mo Fan was not shameless enough to ask Dongfang Lie to pay him a visit after hearing that he was proposing a marriage to the Mui Clan.

He decided to visit the Mui Clan.

Dongfang Lie asked him to come over, too.

Mo Fan only realized Mui Nujiao had a pretty younger cousin when he arrived at the Mu Clan.

It sounded like Dongfang Lie and her cousin were already in love with one another.

Dongfang Lie was offering to marry her.

It actually gave Mo Fan quite a huge scare!

Surely Mui Nujiao would have told him about it, even if Dongfang Lie wanted to marry her.

She would not agree to stay in his unit anymore.

Dongfang Lie clearly knew Mui Nujiao was his flatmate.

“You are seriously good for nothing; look at how messed up you are now for the sake of a woman,” a familiar voice came from the garden.

Mo Fan halted in his tracks and looked into the garden.

He saw the same stern-looking man he had stumbled into last night scolding the younger man.

The young man was lowering his head like he was nursing a great grievance.

“Brother Mui Hua, I came to the Mui Clan because of Mui Nuxin.

Didnt you and the clan master also give me your promise so I was willing to work like a slave here But in the end, youve betrothed her to Dongfang Lie, just because hes a substitute for the national team How could you treat me like this” the young man said anxiously.

Mo Fan took a closer look and recognized him as the young man who was absolutely drunk last night.

Mui Nujiao had told him that the mans name was Qi Shan, a great talent from the Imperial College.

He used to be comparable to Mui Ningxue, and was nominated to join the national team too, but he was not selected in the end.

His strength was most likely quite impressive.

Mo Fan could sense an unusual aura from him.

If Mui Huas presence was not so overwhelming, the young man would clearly stand out.

Mui Nujiao had roughly talked about his background yesterday.

Mui Nujiao found him quite impressive.

He had graduated from a normal magic high school just like Mo Fan, and had worked his way to the capital.

His capabilities and wisdom completely stood out, even after he came to the Mui Clan.

He had greatly admired Mui Nuxin, who was just as pretty as Mui Nujiao.

The two of them were referred to as the Two Gorgeous Daughters of the Mui Clan.

Mu Nuxin was not a Mage, yet she was brilliant at managing the clan.

She had recruited a lot of talents to aid the Mu Clans growth.

“If Dongfang Lie has come to propose to Mui Nuxin in such an official manner, it clearly indicates that the elders of both sides have agreed to it.

Mui Nuxin doesnt seem to oppose it, either…” Zhao Manyan said softly, half-disguised in a pair of sunglasses.

Zhao Manyan had to keep a low profile around renowned clans to avoid being recognized by the disciples.

It was still not the right time to have an acrimonious falling-out with Zhao Youqian.

“Yes, we did promise you, but you failed to win Nuxins heart over.

What can we do” Mui Hua answered.

“What!” Qi Shan looked shaken.

“Bull**, you and the clan master must be forcing Nuxin to marry him so the clan can establish a close relationship with the Dongfang Clan.

Nuxin always puts the clan first; of course she would agree to it even if its against her wishes.”

Mui Hua chuckled after hearing the words.

He said, “Mui Nujiao might be putting the interests of the clan first if she was in Mui Nuxins shoes, but you are well aware of Mui Nuxins temper and capabilities.

No one except the clan master could possibly change her mind.

So many people in the clan are under her command.

She can easily decide her own marriage!”

“Impossible, thats impossible… you have no clue about how it is between Mui Nuxin and me… thats impossible; Ill ask her, Ill ask her in person!” Qi Shan seemed a little lost, but the look in his eyes implied that he did not believe a single word from Mui Hua.

Mo Fan and Zhao Manyan exchanged glances with one another in disbelief.

They were completely lost for words.


Qi Shan walked past a few courtyards and arrived at Mui Nuxins place.

The structures in the Mui Clan were quite retro.

Mui Nuxins room had a pond planted with water lilies in front of it.

Qi Shan looked at the pond with a wry face before picking up his pace as he entered the room.

The elders of both the Dongfang Clan and Mu Clan were having a meeting in the main hall.

Dongfang Lie was waiting patiently in the hall.

Meanwhile, the other main protagonist, Mui Nuxin, had to shun the meeting, according to ancient tradition.

Qi Shan went upstairs and saw Mui Nuxin in an old-style long dress embroidered with flowery patterns.

It did not have any extra decorations, being simple yet otherworldly elegant!

Qi Shan stared at Mui Nuxin.

The anger and doubts in his mind completely vanished, as all his emotions would just scatter like dispersing smoke whenever he was in front of Mui Nuxin, including his doubts toward her.

“Tell me, what can I do to change the clan masters mind I wont let them betroth you to the Dongfang Lie.

I cant let you marry Dongfang Lie…” Qi Shan sounded helpless.

“You should think about it yourself,” Mui Nuxin answered calmly.

“But I really dont know what to do.

Everything I did since I came to the Mui Clan was to achieve my goal of marrying you, but it somehow ended up like this,” Qi Shan said.

“Then I guess youll have to learn to accept it,” Mui Nuxin replied.

The two heard footsteps downstairs in the middle of the conversation.

Mui Nuxin looked at Qi Shan and said, “You should leave now, just drink until you are drunk like youve been doing for the past few days.

Just forget about it, and forget about me.

The truth is, you can fly even higher if you can forget me.”

Qi Shan stood there frozen.

Mui Nuxins attitude was completely outside his expectations.

He expected her to be going through the same pain he was, yet he did not see the slightest hint of doubt in her eyes or her expression.

She was acting so indifferently, as if she had been long aware of the marriage proposal!

“Nuxin, didnt you always ask me to introduce you to my friends from school He happened to drop by today…” Mui Nujiao spoke up.

Mui Nujiao led Mo Fan and Zhao Manyan upstairs.

They happened to see Qi Shan standing there with a blank expression.

Mui Nujiao froze in the middle of her words.

“Err, well come back later,” Mui Nujiao said apologetically.

She could roughly tell what was going on here.

“Sister, its fine.

You must be the eldest son of the Bai Clan, Bai Hongfei, Ive long waited for a chance to meet you in person…” Mui Nuxin said.

Mui Nuxin looked at Mo Fan with a gentle smile.

Mo Fan was utterly dazzled by the alluring yet conservative look in her eyes.

He could not agree more with the nickname the Two Gorgeous Daughters of the Mu Clan.

Mui Nuxin was a great beauty too, and her charm was completely different from Mui Nujiaos!

“Oh, hes not Bai…” Mui Nujiao was just about to explain.

Qi Shan suddenly took a step closer to Mu Nuxin and glanced at Mo Fan coldly.

He said, “You dont even bother talking to me, just because hes the son of the Bai Clan Or perhaps everyone in this clan is treating me like a dog that you can order around as you please and dismiss by tossing a bone to it! Bai Hongfei, Dongfang Lie Humph, to me, these guys that only manage to come so far with the resources provided by their clans arent even worth mentioning.

They are no match for me, even if they were to fight me with all their strength!”

Mui Nujiao and Mui Nuxin were shocked.

They did not expect Qi Shan to say such words.

He was usually quite well-behaved.

Mo Fan stood on the side quietly.

Qi Shans situation was similar to his, but he had chosen his own path, while this man had chosen to join a renowned clan to marry the beautiful and rich daughter of the clan.

He had actually done quite a good job.

He had managed to stand out among the disciples of the clan…

“Youve overthought it.

I can decide my own marriage,” Mui Nuxins tone turned a little cold.

“So your decision is to choose someone with a better background Or maybe you never considered someone like me at all.

The affection youve shown, the things you did to look after me, the long and sincere conversations we had turned out to be my own wishful thinking!” Qi Shan replied furiously.

“If talking bad about me and describing me as a b**ch will make you feel better, you can keep going.

Im listening, and I wont deny it.

I have my own standard when choosing my spouse.

For me, a persons charm only plays a minor role.

I find a mans achievements and possessions more admiring.

I actually quite admire you; you were more attractive to me than the others, but that alone isnt enough…” Mui Nuxin replied blatantly, even when there were outsiders around.

“So youre saying that even if it wasnt Dongfang Lie, whos a substitute for the national team, proposing to you today, but someone with a higher reputation, you would agree too” Qi Shan asked in disbelief.

“Exactly! If you could be like Mo Fan, who was the strongest participant in the World College Tournament, and said you wanted to marry me, Id go to the hall right now and tell the elders that I have a better option than Dongfang Lie!” Mui Nuxin replied.

Mui Nujiao gasped when she heard that.

She subconsciously glanced at Mo Fan.

Mo Fan was a little shocked, too.

Holy crap, how was he getting shot while he was already lying dead on the ground Then again, why did it feel so pleasant to be shot!

Zhao Manyan tried his best not to laugh under the circumstances, but he just could not control himself.

He immediately let out a few coughs.

“Err, Nuxin, please dont say that…” Mui Nujiao blurted out.

She was already feeling a little embarrassed.

“Im serious.

I just want to help Mr.

Qi Shan here, whos obstinate and self-centered, understand that if he has the right to fall in love with a girl like me, who was raised like a princess, I also have the right to choose a better and more impressive man! If that sounds disgusting to you, I would rather be a disgusting woman!” Mui Nuxin continued.

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