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Chapter 425 -War Correspondents Arrive

The courtyard of Haydn's mansion was currently in a considerably lively state.

A bunch of magicians wearing confused expressions were gathered here.

These were all the great magicians who Haydn and Fugallo had manipulated using hypnosis magic.

Although Luna had already freed them from their hypnotized state, they were evidently still ignorant of their current situation.

"Has everyone been rescued"

Taking command over the situation in the courtyard were Lilith and Etoria.

Out of the Rhine Kingdom's four royal siblings, they were the only ones who could preside over such a situation.

Lilith was initially stunned when she received a key holding record of her father's wrongdoings.

This was because she never imagined that rather than Gunst, her father would be the real mastermind behind the recent events in the kingdom instead.

However, the evidence in the key proved too many things, leaving Lilith with no choice but to believe it.

Moreover, before she could launch a detailed investigation into this new evidence, Luna, Alice's maid, had come knocking on her door and told her the general gist of the situation.

Then, Luna told her to bring some people to Haydn's mansion.

Although Lilith was confused by Luna's request, she didn't refuse the request in consideration of Luna's identity.

As the Hero's maid, Luna must know some insider information she wasn't privy to.

So, after informing Etoria of the situation and telling him to bring some of his subordinates, she promptly made her way to her father's mansion with Luna.

After arriving at the mansion, Lilith and Luna promptly discovered the abnormal situation here.

Not only did they sense an incredible amount of mana radiating from the mansion, but they also found over a hundred great magicians dazed in the living room.

Moreover, these great magicians were seemingly connected through some special means to activate a powerful spell.

At this point, even if Lilith didn't wish to admit it, she had no choice but to believe her father was the mastermind.

After that, Etoria also arrived with some people and promptly began rescue operations.

In the meantime, Luna had lifted the hypnosis on the great magicians before making her way to the second floor and finding the taboo core set by Fugallo.

The taboo core was a product of alchemy, and it was made up of many special materials.

One could feel a tremendous amount of mana contained in the core just by touching it.

It also had incredible toughness, making it impossible for the average person to destroy.

However, Luna obviously wasn't an ordinary person.

After waiting for Etoria's subordinates to escort all of the great magicians out of the mansion, Luna flew into the air and cast Dragon's Shadow, creating a bright white dragon under the gazes of the many people in the courtyard.

Luna didn't immediately have the dragon she summoned launch an attack.

Instead, after catching her breath for about ten seconds or so, she cast Dragon's Shadow again, summoning a second dragon.

Then, under her control, the two dragons flapped their wings and nosedived into the mansion with all their might, the impact so great that even the dragons' bodies had deformed from the collision.

Needless to say, the two dragons' collision had destroyed the taboo core set up on the mansion's second floor along with the entire mansion, thoroughly negating the taboo core's ability to create more Demon King's Shadows.

When Lilith saw Luna slowly descending from the sky, her expression stiffened a little.

Although she had heard from legends that Heroes would typically gather powerful companions to fight alongside them, she had never heard of any Hero's maid being able to nonchalantly cast two taboos in a row!

Even Gunst, the Rhine Kingdom's royal guard captain, would be gasping for breath after casting two taboos consecutively.

Yet, Luna looked no different than normal after accomplishing such a feat.

Didn't this imply that Luna was stronger than Gunst

Etoria, who stood next to Lilith, also wore a confused look.

Though, his confusion stemmed from more than just Luna's showcase of strength.

Despite being the Rhine Kingdom's second prince and official successor to the throne, Etoria still had no idea what was happening.

All he knew was that Lilith, his younger sister, had contacted him just now and told him to bring some of his subordinates to their father's mansion.

Of course, although he was confused by his little sister's request, he still went along with it when he heard the urgency and seriousness in her tone.

In the eyes of many, children of royalty would typically be at loggerheads with each other over succession rights.

In reality, though, Lilith and Etoria shared a good relationship.

Although Etoria was a little abnormal regarding his choice of mates, he had never done anything harmful or unlawful, so Lilith had a rather good opinion of her second elder brother.

"Are you ready If you are, let's head to the battlefield." After taking care of the taboo core, Luna returned to Lilith's side and said, "Alice should be almost done with her fight."

Before leaving for Haydn's mansion, Luna and Lilith had briefly discussed and agreed that they needed to prepare more substantial evidence to convict Haydn of his wrongdoings.

After all, they were going to sanction the Rhine Kingdom's king.

They'd be labeled criminals if they eliminated him without sufficient evidence.

So, Lilith had decided to take pictures of Haydn...or, more specifically, Haydn being possessed by a Demon King.

That way, they could prove that Haydn was colluding with a former Demon King and wasn't innocent.

Hence, Lilith was currently holding a camera she had previously bought for an exorbitant price.

She normally used this camera to take photos of cosplayers.

She never thought there would come a day when she would use it to take pictures of a fight between a Hero and a Demon King.

Just thinking about it filled her with anxiety.

The fact that her father was on the Demon King's side only complicated her feelings even more.

However, Luna obviously wouldn't care about Lilith's feelings.

The only person in this world whose thoughts she cared about was Alice.

So, after seeing no objections from Lilith, Luna nodded and used psychic power to lift herself and Lilith, getting ready to propel them toward the intense mana fluctuations coming from the distance.

"Wait, Lilith, you still haven't told me what's going on Why are there so many hypnotized magicians in Father's mansion" Etoria panicked a little when he saw that Lilith and Luna were about to leave.

"Also, I still haven't seen Father.

What exactly is happening here"

Compared to Lilith, Etoria shared a much closer relationship with their father due to his position as the Rhine Kingdom's official heir, and the apparent anxiety on his face clearly showed this closer relationship.

However, Lilith knew that Etoria was a rational person like herself.

Even if Etoria shared a close relationship with their father, once he learned about the things their father had done, he wouldn't hate Alice for eliminating their father.

On the contrary, Etoria would most likely thank Alice for putting a stop to their father's behavior and preventing their father from turning the world into a terrible place.

Theft is never good, try looking at tinyurl.com/37k7u89t.

"I'll tell you about everything once I come back," Lilith said, opting not to answer Etoria's question right away.

After all, it was impossible to explain the cause and effect of this entire situation in only a few sentences.

Then, after saying so, she turned to look at Luna.

When Luna saw Lilith's gaze, she knew that the latter was done saying her piece.

So, she nodded and flew them into the distance, leaving a confused Etoria in the mansion's courtyard.


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