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Just as his double was acting cool in front of the Shushan Immortals, the real Fang Xian had already arrived at the Arctic Ice Sea.


The cold wind is howling, the sky and the earth are vast, and there are huge sea beasts swimming under the sea from time to time.

These sea beasts are huge, almost ten or a hundred times larger than the land beasts.

However, if there are some beasts with deep fortune, who open up spiritual wisdom by chance and step into the path of cultivation, they will often be able to achieve great achievements.

In the same realm, in terms of powerful mana, few people can compare to these beasts.

“Fuze Zhenren, no, Fuze Zhenjun seems to have inherited the Arctic Broad Cold Road…”

Fang Xian took out the jade slip from the Zhang family, and his divine sense penetrated into it.

The Taoist magical powers here all involve reincarnation and are very mysterious.

Among them, there is a ‘Hundred-Life Reincarnation Technique’, which can conceal one’s own aura and even interfere with calculations.

During this period of time, he has been concentrating on comprehension in cooperation with the attribute column.

At this time, he has gained a little, and with a pinch, a gray brilliance falls from the top of his head, covering his whole body.

If Old Daoist Zhuyun and the others were here, they would definitely not be able to recognize him.

No matter how the cultivator’s appearance changes, the mana and even the aura of the soul will always remain the same, but this Hundred-Life Reincarnation Art is like a real person has been reincarnated into another lifetime, one can no longer see the other’s origin.

After doing all this, Fang Xian waved his hand and released several flames, protecting his whole body, and plunged into the sea of ​​ice.

Under the ice sea, the temperature dropped sharply, and some strange sea beasts swam past.

They didn’t take the initiative to attack, Fang Xian ignored them and continued to dive all the way into a deep sea crack.

This scene was a bit familiar.

It was a mirage he once saw from the “Turtle Lined Blood Trigram”

As the diving depth became more and more terrifying, the surrounding pressure became more and more enormous.

‘If the cultivator of the Fuzhong realm comes in, there’s an 80% chance that they  will be crushed into meat patties…’

By the light of the fire, Fang Xian came to a place and saw a cave opened in the wall.

The surrounding walls are smooth, with some axe marks, obviously not made of nature.

“It’s here, it’s here.”

With a smile on his face, he swam in.


When he reached the bottom of the cave, he circulated his mana a little.

The surrounding environment suddenly changed, with clouds and mists, the sea and the cold were completely gone, and it became a cave.

“Is this the head of the Three Immortals, the destined second coming of great luck”

Fang Xian carefully explored, but found that this cave has been abandoned for many years, and even the restriction spells have been eliminated.

The owner of the cave did not pass down a Taoist book, nor did he have any identity information.

It seemed that he just opened up a side mansion.

The only thing that is a little strange is the alchemy room.

“No… it seems to be the refining room, which is more appropriate”

He waved his hand to open the door where the spiritual light was scattered, and a turbid air rushed in, causing Fang Xian to frown.

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He looked into the room and found that it should be an artifact refining room.

The wooden frames around it were rotten, and the magic tools fell on the ground.

Some of them were still glowing with aura, obviously not ordinary.

But Fang Xian’s attention at this time has all been attracted by the pill furnace in the center of the refining room.

Beneath the pill furnace, there was actually a green flame, burning energetically for an unknown number of years.

“If it were an ordinary kind of fire, even if it was a spiritual fire, t would be extinguished by this time right This is… a fire that never stops”

Fang Xian suddenly thought of a spiritual fire on the “Zifu Heavenly Book”, which was highly praised by Master Tianhuo, and couldn’t help but lose his voice.

Heavenly Fire Master highly respects this spiritual fire.

It is said that other aspects of this fire are only ordinary, but even without any external force, it can continue to burn and never go out.

It contains the mystery of good fortune, but he was unable to find it, and it is a lifelong regret.

At this time, this fire is still alive, and in Fang Xian’s [Eye of the Mysterious Caverns], it is a little different.

Within its flame heart, there seem to be two auras circulating, endlessly circulating, very mysterious.

“This doesn’t seem to be an ordinary fire, but the flame of creation that has been burning for thousands of years.

It can be called ‘the fire of endless creation’!”

Fang Xian thought deeply and understood why he had to take this opportunity.

He looked at the bronze tripod again and found that there were a lot of inscriptions engraved on it, which was a technique for refining swords.

“I know myself that my eyesight is not bad, but I have never seen this method of flying sword.

Maybe it was deduced by the master of this cave But it contains the secret biography of the two righteous demon flying swords, does it mean that the master of this cave is someone who is practicing two kinds of flying swords at the same time ”

“According to what is written on it, could it be that what is in the furnace is the rare treasure of the world – ‘Taiqing Divine Iron’, and it has been refined for more than ten thousand years”

“It turns out that the second big chance destined for the head of the Three Immortals is a flying sword According to this inscription, if it can be cast, its power is indeed no trivial matter, and it will not lose to the flying swords sent by the three towns of Shushan…”

Fang Xian couldn’t help but be moved after thinking about this sword-refining operation.

He didn’t know that the owner of this cave was once a decent true monarch, obsessed with sword refining, and was very famous.

Later, in order to brainstorm ideas, even at the risk of impersonating, he sneaked into the Kunlun Magic Palace and learned the secrets of sword refining.

When his sword refining skills reached the peak, and when he was about to start sword refining, he got another piece of ‘Taiqing Divine Iron’!

This divine iron is a rare series of heaven and earth.

It is extremely rare, but it is extremely difficult to refine, and it often takes thousands of years!

Ordinary dharma masters may not be able to live this long!

This person thought of a tricky method.

After making all the preparations, he used an unending fire to refine the divine iron.

Because the fire does not go out, it is equivalent to a constant fire for making swords.

And if he can live for thousands of years, or reincarnate and rebuild, he can come and get back this great opportunity.

But what kind of great opportunity is this ‘Taiqing Shentie’ and ‘Eternal Fire’

After he got it, he greatly damaged his own luck.

Before, he had been obsessed with swordsmanship, and he did not accumulate any external luck or good karma, Soon he was robbed, and he continued to sink into reincarnation, never did his divine wisdom open again, and this cave has become empty all these years.

It’s probably been thousands of years.

In the past ten thousand years, the endless fire has always been set according to the setting.

When refining Taiqing Divine Iron and other auxiliary materials, they have already been integrated into one, and they have been refined and pure.

Just waiting for someone to take the last step, then he can practice this divine sword!

According to the ‘Tai Xu Breaking the Body Invisible Sword Art’ next to the Sword Refinement Technique on the Fire Cauldron, this flying sword is called the Invisible Sword! The sword is invisible, best at sneak attacks and hurting people’s souls.

Even if one were just grazed, people below the golden elixir realm will have their body and spirit destroyed.

Above the golden elixir realm, even if one has a magical elixir to protect the soul, one must suffer for seven days and seven nights before they finally die!

Fang Xian was thoughtful, sat cross-legged, and carefully comprehended the technique of refining the sword.

Three days later, he suddenly opened his eyes: “The invisible sword is combined with the master of the sword refining technique, the last step, I’ll have to read the great spell of the demons which will attract many demons to come to ban impeachment, that’s why the power is such a sinister soul damaging one!”

“For ordinary swordsmen of the righteous path, this step is extremely dangerous, and if you are not careful, you will be attacked by the devil, but for me, hehe…”


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