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Jiangnan water town.

A small town.

The autumn rain had just passed, and the road paved with blue slate was tinged with cold air.

There is a small river like a jade belt in the middle of the town, and on the river is a half-moon-shaped arch bridge.

Fang Xian’s double body was wearing a Taoist robe, holding a yellow flag, looking at the people in the town, breathing in the slightly hazy water vapor, and was a little crazy for a while.

‘With an incarnation outside the body doing things, I can take that opportunity and search for inheritance.

In addition, there is a master’s hatred…’

Daoist You Fang died at the hands of Venerable Bai Yang of the Luoshan Sect.

The Luoshan Sect was the largest sect from the unorthodox sect, and they had a master in the Dharma realm.

‘No matter whether this Master Bai Yang is in the supernatural ability or golden elixir realm, he can’t stop my sword.

Of course, the golden elixir has to be incarnated to kill…’

‘As for calculating A Zhenjun from an unorthodox sect may not understand the authentic innate divine calculation of the orthodox sect, not to mention that the method of divination in this side of the world has been interfered with too much, and the monk’s Taoism can even suppress his own celestial aura…’

In fact, it doesn’t matter if it’s exposed.

Anyway, he has the Shushan Sword Sect as a big backer, and it is only right and proper to avenge the teacher.

As long as the matter of replacing Yin Qiu’s immortal life is not exposed, this setting is still the main character’s, and he will experience no obstruction.

It’s just that Fang Xian vaguely noticed that after he decided to become a reincarnation Taoist, he was afraid that things would not be so smooth in the future.

It is impossible to say that the next event will be the situation where his identity is exposed and he becomes the enemy of the world.

‘Before that, you have done everything, and every point you can save is a point…’

Fang Xian was stunned and walked down the arch bridge.

“Haha… Jinglong, come after me!”

On the damp path, a few children in open-crotch pants were chasing and fighting each other.

One of the first children, with a loud voice and had feet like the wind.

The one at the back was somewhat angular, and could be called ‘lively’.

Fang Xian thought to himself: ‘Could it be that the chance I calculated should be here ‘

If you want to make reincarnation into an elixir, the first thing you need is a divine incantation of reincarnation attribute.

Most of the practitioners in this world are based on the five elements, and it is not uncommon to take other paths, such as ice and thunder.

But the Taoist art of reincarnation, not to mention the series of divine passage art, even spiritual art and magic art are extremely rare.

After all, it involves the power of reincarnation, the deepest mystery of the world!

‘But I heard that there is a secret technique of ‘Sansheng Yin’ in Taoism, which is specially prepared for Taoists who are reincarnated from soldiers, there will be a chance for them to remember things from their past lives, but the chances are very slim… But even if that is the case, it is still a true inheritance from an orthodox sect.

Ordinary cultivators in this path and even golden elixir realmed ones are really hard to find…’

‘However, my requirements are not high, a passable spiritual art and a suitable magic art are enough… In the worst case, I can just use the attribute column to understand the deduction, and it can advance to the level of the divine passage art! ‘

The attribute bar can’t directly improve or deduce exercises, but it can increase comprehension!

Now that his comprehension has arrived, and there are ‘models’, even if it takes him a hundred years, he is sure to break through this difficulty!

While thinking about it, Fang Xian followed the ‘Shocking Dragon’ back home.

His family lived next to a sweet well, and the whole alley was called ‘Sweet Well Alley’.

Coincidentally, he happened to be a neighbor with the fast-running child.

The neighbor’s child, whose surname is Zhang, is the third child, and he wasn’t given a big name.

In fact, this is the attitude of a normal small family.

On the contrary, there is something different about the child called Jinglong.

His parents may have read a few books and named the child early, entrusting him with high hopes.

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Fang Xian was not polite and used his senses to scan him immediately, and said “Huh” in surprise.

The Zhang family and the Lin family lived next to each other, but their circumstances were very different.

The Lin family was rich, and the Zhang family was poor.

In the house of Zhang Xiaosan, there was a dragon’s claw locust tree with continuous yellow leaves, and the pavilion was like a cover, which was extraordinary.

“That’s surprising…”

If he was an expert in the ordinary game world, he would have started calculating with his fingers already.

But Fang Xian didn’t carry turtle blood with him, and the style of the painting was a little scary, so he didn’t start counting, and just scanned it inch by inch.

Nothing was found in the Lin family, but a few things were found in the Zhang family, which was very interesting.

“There is still some ancestral spirit lingering on it.

Could it be a family heirloom If I want to get it, it can be done so easily, but doing so may cause another owing of fate…”

The cause and effect of this world is very troublesome, no one knows when it will start activating.

Fang Xian thought about it and decided to wait and see what will happen.

Anyway, as long as nothing major happens, I still have a chance to slowly figure it out.

Of course, if the situation changes, then he will immediately grab the treasure and leave.

As for the catastrophe after doing so, he can just settle it with a sword!

Residents of the small town have been living their lives for ten years.

The only thing to talk about, maybe half a month ago, a sallow-skinned old Monk You Fang came to the town.

The Taoist priest was very inaccurate in his fortune-telling, but he was quite eloquent and articulate, and he could earn a few coins every day to get by.

It’s just that no one saw him trying to make ends meet and buying food.

At most, he went to Wa’s shop to sell half a jug of wine and a plate of broad beans.

As for residence Just outside the town in a broken mountain temple.

At night.

Fang Xian lit the bonfire and felt that this scene seemed familiar.

When his body was young, he probably followed a similar lifestyle as Taoist Youfang.

After all, the other party only has a little mana, it’s okay to pretend to be great, but he wouldn’t dare to take too much, and occasionally he has to sleep in the open air.

The only time he was arrogant was when he went to the city to collect materials, and then there was no more…

At this moment, Fang Xian felt an evil wind blowing outside the window.

From the shadows of the trees, everything around him suddenly became a little hazy, and his eyelids become heavy as if he was having a nightmare, but he couldn’t wake up voluntarily.

“Someone is casting spells on me”

He smiled in his heart: ‘The most important thing is that the caster isn’t very clever, at most he must be in the Fuzhong realm from an unorthodox sect..’

At this time, he pretended black out and faint.

Seeing this, a strange laugh came from outside the mountain temple, and a black shadow quickly went away.

This figure came to the back door of Lin’s house in Tianshui Lane and knocked three times on the door.

The back door opened, and the Lin family greeted the man respectfully, calling him a benefactor.

“Benefactor, a new Taoist priest has recently arrived in town…I’m a little scared…” Father Lin, a middle-aged scholar, said worriedly.

“It doesn’t matter…” The black figure showed his true face, it was a scrawny old man, and he waved his hand: “I tried him once, and he is an ordinary person! Hehe… How is my good boy”

“Everything is fine with Jinglong, it’s all because of the blessings of the benefactor.” Mother Lin said gratefully.

Originally, his family was just a broken house, but because of the help of his benefactor, he was able to live a happy life today.

What’s more, the son can follow the cultivation of immortals, this is a great opportunity!

“Um… Where’s the Zhang family”

The old man continued to ask.

“It’s still like before… I’m monitoring it every day.” Mother Lin replied quickly.

“You have to be careful about this.

After all, your good fortune was taken from them.

Once it changes, it will be very miserable for you…” The old man said cautiously.


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