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This ancient earth lung fire eye, the inside had a poisonous fire brewing, and it has been transformed into a spirit.

At this time, a sense of tyranny lingered, and he just wanted to burn the land within a thousand li vicinity but was stopped by Fang Xian, how could he bear it

This eruption is definitely a landslide and a fissure, which is extremely terrifying.

Fang Xian was already prepared and threw the Nine Heavens Profound Fire Mirror.

This magic weapon was refined by the Heavenly Fire Lord, and even if it had fallen a level, its material was amazing.

It’s a pity that although there are fire dragons hidden in it, they don’t follow orders very much, and they obviously have a lot of spirituality.

For Fang Xian, it would be better to just destroy this disobedient treasure, take its spiritual fire, and create his own outer core!

If you make an elixir yourself, then you need it to be the purest of all pure.

Such recklessness is simply a sin, reducing the chance of the elixir becoming a top-grade elixir.

But refining an outer core, there is no need for much attention.


Nine Heavens Profound Fire Mirror landed on the fire eye, enduring the full blow of the poisonous fire dragon.


On its mirror surface, countless spider web-like tortoise cracks suddenly appeared.

The immemorial poisonous fire dragon struck again, and the Nine Heavens Profound Fire Mirror suddenly burst, and countless fire-like flames flew out from it.

The three fire dragons emerged, screamed in grief, and with anger, they strangled together with the ancient poisonous fire dragon.

The immemorial poisonous fire dragon’s violent aura was mostly vented at once, and it was a little difficult to support it alone, and its body kept getting smaller, but the three fire dragons were also uncomfortable.

At the end, all the four dragons fell into the magma and turned into flames.

“Haha… arise!”

Fang Xian laughed loudly, and a huge force suddenly emerged from the pill furnace, which absorbed the fire seeds scattered by this ancient poisonous fire dragon and the Nine Heavens Profound Fire Mirror, and melted them into one furnace.


A thunderbolt suddenly fell from the sky, hitting the pill furnace straight.

The pill furnace exploded, revealing one of the fire pills.

This fire pill is based on the primordial pearl of the fire-devouring ancient toad, and has been infused with great supernatural power of Heavenly Fire Blazing Dragon by Fang Xian, which absorbs all the accumulated ancient earth lung poisonous fire, the Nine Heavens Profound Fire Mirror and a large amount of pure vitality.

At this time, the pearl core was as red as fire, and threads of core qi emerged, turning into nine small fire dragons!

It seems to be condensed into a second-rank Nine Fire Dragon Pill!

And it is even a second-grade pill with the highest quality!

“Amitabha… It turns out that fellow Daoist is making pills” The monk Jinhai in the distance was amazed: “This poor monk should have thought that that amazing flame supernatural power must be a true power inherited from the Taoist Sect! Fellow Daoist achieved in making this pill shows that your future is limitless.”

Fang Xian fell into a state of confusion.

He looked at the eyes of the fire which had calmed down and the poisonous fire in the ground and lungs was empty, and he realized something in his heart.

The dark clouds and the slightest rain fell, bringing life to this dry land.

The next moment, a rainbow appeared and landed on the Nine Fire Dragon Pill, which had not yet been fully formed.

This is the number of merits and virtues brought about by eliminating the calamity of a thousand miles of red land.

Under the rainbow light, the nine fire dragons all curled up into the life orb, and their fire qi were all restrained, meaning that it had reached the pinnacle of fire, and instead gave birth to a little vitality.

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This signifies the big day of giving birth to all things in the world!

1st Grade-Dari Zhenyang Pill!

“To collect the lung fire from the mountains, and to make the Great Sun True Yang Pill! … This second-grade pill has already reached its peak, and thanks to the help of merit, the quality has been improved by half, and it has broken through the first-grade level.

It is really wonderful, wonderful beyond words!”

Fang Xian laughed, held the Great Sun True Yang Pill in his hands, and swallowed it in one gulp.

Behind him, a red sun emerged, manifesting the rising and falling of the sea of ​​clouds.

Once the elixir entered his belly, the Great Sun manifested!

“At this time, my magical power is already at the level of golden elixir, and it is even the highest-grade Taoist true inheritance of elixir formed… Unfortunately, it is only formed as an outer core, and its lifespan is still in the realm of supernatural abilities…”

When the elixir reaches the top three levels, there is hope of breaking through to the Dharma realm.

And if the pill becomes a rank one, there is a possibility of attaining Overcoming Catastrophes Realm and becoming an immortal!

If Fang Xian was known to have forcibly forged and obtained a first-ranked pill which is already enough to give him great chances of becoming a saint and that it would be impossible for him to make another one,  he would be strangled to death.

— People will find him so hateful!

“Here in this world, as long as Dharma and Primordial Spirit Realms are not present, I can run amok as much as I want.”

Fang Xian accepted the magical powers with a smile and did not explain that he was only refining an outer core, leaving it to the imagination of outsiders.

“Actually, if it’s just an outer core, why should I plan so much If the life orb of the Fire-Swallowing Ancient Toad falls into the hands of the Daojun, it is a treasure for cultivating the second primordial spirit.

I don’t have that magical power.

But it’s still enough to form a body outside one’s body.”

If you want to reincarnate and become enlightened, there are many obstacles.

This outer alchemy is to cover one’s own foundation, and the second is to use the incarnation outside the body as a cover.

“Congratulations to Daoist Daoist Jin Dan, the avenue can be expected!”

Monk Jin Hai stepped forward with a smile, and asked again, “What should I do with these Hundred Gu Sect disciples”

“Let everything be up to you, monk.”

Fang Xian smiled lightly.

At this time, any cultivator who did not have a cultivator above the realm of dharma, or a sect that doesn’t have a mountain gate with a rare treasure inside an immortal mansion, were not in his eyes.

“These people are deeply rooted in sin.

If they are released back, I don’t know how many sins they will have to do again.

At that time, the monk will have to bear some responsibility…”

Monk Jin Hai thought about it for a while: “Then let this old monk bring them back to a monastery and have a good influence.

When they have changed their ways, we release them”

“Not bad.”

Fang Xian asked carefully, only to know that this monk has a temple, which is in the **100,000 mountains, which is ‘Mingwang Temple’.

Buddhism is vast, and there are temples built by monks who made vows all over the world.

Some are dilapidated, while others can be carried forward.

“Why don’t you also go to this temple and let the poor monk entertain you once or twice”

The monk Jin Hai invited him again.

“I’ve just finished forming a core, and I’m going to meditate for a while.

If I have time, I’ll go to Mingwang Temple to visit fellow Taoists.” Fang Xian smiled, asked for the temple’s address, and agreed.

Monk Jin Hai got the answer, and his face was full of joy, and he left with a few hundred Gu Sect disciples who were originally vicious but now disgraced.

“If this monk has a high level of Buddhism, maybe he will have more disciples… This will form a grudge with the Hundred Gu Sect, and it can also involve me…”

Fang Xian watched the other party’s back disappear, and couldn’t help muttering: “Is the power of destiny in this world so huge and tight”

He thought about it for a while, and with a flick of his sleeves, the Great Sun True Yan Pillflew out, and the red cloud transformed into a young man just like him.

It’s just that this young man has enough Golden Elixir cultivation base, but its body has reverted back to the realm of supernatural powers.

“The Red Sun is high up in the sky the sea of ​​​​clouds rises and falls… From today, I am the Master Red Sun!”

The incarnation outside the body bowed and bowed: “I have seen fellow Daoist!”

“Well, starting from today, it’s mainly up to you to show up, show your face at parties, and most importantly… create an alibi.”

Fang Xian chuckled, turned into a flash of light, and disappeared without a trace. 


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