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Dharma Zhenjun!

In this world where Yuanshen Daojun does not appear, this level is already the best, enough to serve as the authentic headmaster of an authentic sect.

And if you open a sect randomly as an unorthodox sect, it easily becomes a top sect from the unorthodox sects at the same level as the Luoshan sect.

It can be said that every Dharma Zhenjun is a key node that can control the general trend of the world.

This plan of the Shushan Sword Sect is enough to increase their luck by a few points.

As soon as the Dharma was completed, the dark clouds in the sky dissipated, and various anomalies appeared.

This is inevitable when the Dharma signs are achieved, and each additional vision represents a foundation.

Small flowers appearing from the sky looked like raindrops, with a strange fragrance.

And golden lotuses bloom on the ground, which is a spectacle.

This is the first vision— a deluge of heavenly flowers, and the ground is rushing with golden lotuses!

Immediately, an illusion of a scroll opening was seen, showing the scenery of thousands of miles of mountains and rivers.

This is the second level of vision – the map of the mountains and rivers!

In the end, the sky was hazy, and a huge disc seemed to emerge, indicating a reincarnation.

Seeing this scene, Fang Xian was shaking all over, feeling that the attribute bar was buzzing.

The Third Vision – Reincarnation!

The three-layered vision lasted for a while, and finally, each dissipated.

“There were actually three visions which are really good, this shows that Zhenjun has done great deeds!”

Old Monk Zhuyun sighed leisurely.

“With different Zhenjuns, the appearance of the law, the appearance of visions, are all different… The last vision of Master Fuze showed the unique treasure of the reincarnation disk, which is obviously the reason for reincarnation and the immortality of spiritual wisdom!”

Master Xuanxin exclaimed.

Master Fuze accepted the cold dragon dharma portrait, and his whole body was suddenly full of energy and said to the monk Sanxiao: “This time, I am very much indebted.

If there is a request in the future, Fuze will not say no to it, so I will leave first.”

As soon as his figure moved, he disappeared in place.

How fast is Zhenjun on the Dharma realm’s escape speed Even Fang Xian only saw a faint shadow, so he understood this very well.

‘He has the strongest dharma at this time, and when his inner demons are the most prosperous, he is about to retreat to suppress inner demons and mana…’

The Dharma Zhenjun is a very strange realm.

In other realms, the entrance levels are the weakest and the peak is the strongest.

But the dharma realm is different, and the appearance of the law is the appearance of the heart.

So the Dharma is also known as the ‘Heart Demon Dharma’!

Normally when someone breaks through to the Dharma realm, all of their ugly aspects come out, then they’ll also have unlimited mana and supernatural powers.

These are all signs of entering the realm of dharmas.

The cultivation of the Dharma Zhenjun is to refine the shadow of the law little by little, and the magical power will become weaker and weaker with the improvement of the realm.

In the end, the dharma almost disappears, and only a little pure yang soul remains.

Finding a treasure or a legendary item from a saint’s residence coupled with this much Pure Yang is enough to assure that one can practice longevity.

This is called Yuanshen Daojun!

Therefore, the newly broken-through Master Fuze is the peak period of the real Dharma Zhenjun’s combat power.

Having such a fighter as an ally is enough to increase the strength of the Shushan Sword Sect.

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‘The dharma image of this Master of Fuze is a strange dragon, which is already considered not bad… In fact, many dharmas are even uglier than this, but the uglier the dharma image is, the stronger the dharma image… It will be difficult to refine, but there are advantages and disadvantages.

‘That reincarnation disc, what the hell is going on ‘

Fang Xian felt that this scene was very important to him.

Perhaps, it was also the reason why he had been indecisive before.

He looked around.

Because Master Fuze broke through zhenjun realm, the sword fighting between the Shushan Sword Sect and Xuanguang Zong came to an end, but all the comers were satisfied.

In the sky, Old Monk Zhushan went somewhere with Xuanxin, Xuanzheng, and other Jindan masters.

I don’t even know what they want to discuss.

Fang Xian found an opportunity to stop Cao Qiu.

Only the disciples of such famous sects can hear such secrets.

“In this sword fight, both sides value peace, truly a great virtue.”

Cao Qiu didn’t know what to think in his heart, and he could only show a swollen and fat man’s smile on his face.

“Yeah, I didn’t expect to see the birth of a Zhenjun.

I’ve been blessed with three lifetime’s worth of luck… It’s just that weird vision, is there any deeper meaning to it”

Fang Xian asked directly.

Although he has the inheritance of Heavenly Fire Lord, it is normal that he has never heard of many secrets.

Cao Qiu didn’t care, and answered directly: “You know… this side of the world is somewhat incomplete But during ancient times, a war of conferring gods, many immortals fought hard, leaving some loopholes in this world.

After the war, this side of the world was almost destroyed.

Fortunately, a few innate spiritual treasures were born to make up the sky and the earth, and this world was able to survive.

It’s just that although the spiritual treasures are strong, there are still some flaws.


“This innate spiritual treasure is more precious than the rare treasures of the Immortal Mansion.

There are two things I saw just now.

One is the map of mountains and rivers, and the other is the small reincarnation disk!”

“I heard that this reincarnation disk is a little incomplete, so it is called the small reincarnation disk.

It is also for this reason that if the cultivators such as me are reincarnated, there will be such a chance to open Su Hui!”

The Great Way of Reincarnation is the fundamental law of the world.

If there is no shortage of reincarnation, then after reincarnation, karma will be eliminated, and it will be even more impossible to awaken the memory of the previous life.

It can be said that the success of Master Fuze was only achieved because he took advantage of the small reincarnation disk.

That’s why when he was breaking through, only the small reincarnation disk manifested.

This is not all a good thing.

If this Zhenjun becomes a master of the Original Spirit Realm and goes to cross the calamity of ascending, there must be a reincarnation disk of the innate spiritual treasure knocked him to the dust.

As for the appearance of the Mountains and Rivers, it is normal.

It is transformed by mountains, rivers, and almost all the immortals who cultivate in this world have cause and effect with it.

“I see!”

Fang Xian thanked Cao Qiu, but was extremely uneasy.

‘Small reincarnation disc! Small reincarnation disc! Is this the reason why my heart has so many ups and downs, unable to proceed to the next realm without going crazy ‘

Obviously, the small reincarnation disk of the innate spiritual treasure is very helpful to his golden finger.

If you follow the way of fire, you will definitely miss the little reincarnation disk.

‘No wonder I always feel that this golden finger is a little mentally retarded.

Apparently, it was lacking some support items ‘

Fang Xian also knew that he was a bit of an idiot dreaming big, a supernatural power realmed unaffiliated immortal, wanting to obtain a congenital spiritual treasure just like that, was an overestimation of his powers.

‘If I follow the path of fire, I’ll probably be able to run smoothly, but only up to the Original Spirit realm…’

‘If you follow the path of reincarnation, it may be bumpy, but the achievements are limitless…’

‘I…how do I want to choose ‘

Fang Xian questioned his heart: ‘I… want to see more scenery, and even want to return to the world that I have experienced one by one… The world is very big, and the way of immortality is not the only one! ‘

‘But the opportunity to repair the golden finger may be missed and then hard to get…’

‘My root lies in the great reincarnation provided by the golden finger! ‘

‘In this life, even if it fails, it’s a big deal to go back to other worlds…’

As soon as he thought about it, he suddenly felt that my thoughts were clear, and his whole body was full of spiritual energy.


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