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“This Monk Sanxiao is already the top sword immortal in the Golden Elixir Realm, and it is really hateful that he is even trying to muddy this water!”

In the Xuanguang Authentic Sect, Master Xuanxin is extremely arrogant.

He knew that with Xuanzheng’s skill and strength, he would be humiliating himself if he did join them, so he could only look at Master Fuze.

Although his friend’s reputation is all about blessings and merits, his magical powers are actually quite amazing.

He has already reached the peak of the Golden Elixir Realm.

If it wasn’t that he owed him a big favor, he would not have agreed to take action.

“Before I went out this time, on a whim, I felt that there was an opportunity here… The person who ruined my way back, he practiced the ‘Three Corpse Demon Technique’ and had three lives.

Although I killed him twice, there is still one more time before I can complete my wish…”

Master Fuze looks like a child, with red lips and white teeth, but there is an indescribable sense of vicissitudes in his eyes.

He floated off the stage, a multicolored auspicious cloud appeared around him, protected his surroundings, and released two broken jade hooks.

This cloud double hook is a treasure left from his previous life.

The cloud is called the Five Elements God Mask, which can resist many spells and flying sword assassinations.

The two broken jade hooks are made of Wanzai Great Ice and other various rare materials, and they are also a pair of rare magic weapons, which can release the mysterious cold air and freeze everything.

“Very good, please!”

As soon as the monk Sanxiao waved his hand, San Yang One Qi sword divided into three parts in mid-air, each with a piercing sword intent, flying towards them.


Master Fuze broke the jade hook with one finger, and two flying hooks shot out, entangled with the three flying swords.

His inheritance came from the Arctic Broad Cold Road.

The Ice Technique covering his whole body was astonishing, and being coupled with the jade broken hook gave it more buffs.

At this time, the two flying hooks released the mysterious cold air, causing all magic weapons and spells to be used, to freeze.

It’s just that San Yang One Qi sword body directly released the real fire of refining demons, resisting all the cold air.

Jingle Jingle!

In mid-air, the flying hook flickered, and it seemed that it was divided from two to four, four to eight… and finally became one hundred and eighty.

Monk Sanxiao just smiled, and the three flying swords also turned into countless sword lights, and they stabbed and stabbed each other.

“The skill of these two people is more than one step higher than that of the old master Zhuyun… If it is the old master Zhuyun, I think I can still take hundreds of swords.

If these two people, I probably can’t hold ten swords… Absolutely.

He is the top figure in the orthodox sect of Xuanmen, and the absolute benchmark of the Golden Elixir Realm!”

Fang Xian, who was watching the battle below, changed his expression.

At this moment, the monk Sanxiao let out a long laugh, clasped his hands together, and released a colorful Buddha light all over his body, which fixed the flying hooks in the sky.

At the same time, the three flying swords combined into San Yang One Qi, and turned into a golden light that was several tens of feet long.

Master Fuze complained secretly, and could only send the Five Elements God Mask to the limit, condensing into a cloud of five elements, ready to face the sword head-on.

At this moment, an anomaly occurred!

A shadow suddenly appeared faintly in the battle circle, giving off a devilish smile.

As long as it is a cultivator, when he hears the voice of the devil, he will feel a sudden rush of thoughts and emotions.

This person has a mysterious escape method and amazing magic skills.

He is definitely a master of the demon sect!

But somehow, mixed with the sword fighting, as if waiting for the opportunity for him to enter the arena, and when he raised his hand, a magic needle shot at Master Fuze’s vest.

At this time, this Master has already fully focused the Sanyang One Qi in front of him.

The defense behind him is a bit weak.

And this golden elixir from the demon guild, impressively displayed is the ‘Great Extinction Divine Needle’, which is designed to destroy all kinds of body protection treasures, and can also damage the human body, pollute the soul, and cause incomparable damage.

Obviously, he saw the opportunity and wanted to destroy Master Fuze in one fell swoop, so that he would never be born again!

“Master Sanshi!”

Master Fuze was very shocked and furious,

He could only close his eyes and wait to die, watching the Great Extinction Divine Needle break through the mask of the Five Elements God, and he could only watch it head over to his direction, ready to kill him without putting up any defense.

But at this moment, seven layers of divine light emerged from his body, turning into a golden umbrella, on which there were dragons wandering, and the sound of Zen lingered.

The Great Extinction Divine Needle slammed into the golden umbrella, and there was a loud buzzing sound.

This is Monk Sanxiao’s ‘Seven Treasures Ruyi Yanluo Umbrella’, he seems to have known this scene for a long time, and he shot it just at the right time.

At this time, he shouted loudly: “If the Master doesn’t do it, until when does he intend to wait”

Master Fuze realized that he didn’t know when his broken jade double hooks had already had its limit broken, and that he could already control them at will, and suddenly pointed his hand.

The mysterious cold wave in the sky broke out, and the layers of ice froze all around, trapping Master Sanshi, and countless flying hooks fell, immediately beheading this golden elixir realmed demon.

This Master Sanshi was far inferior to Master Fuze, and had his two corpses killed one after another.

This is his last demon body.

So this time if he dies, then he really dies…

After finishing this important event, Master Fuze bowed deeply to Monk Sanxiao: “Thank you Master for saving my life.

This time protecting me and ruining Master’s 80 years of vitality, I really feel ashamed.”

How could the Divine Needle of Mass Extinction be easily resisted

Even if the monk Sanxiao had planned it beforehand, it would still cause a huge loss in his vitality.

He smiled indifferently, and just shouted at the head: “Fellow Daoist Fuze, are you still not enlightened”

Master Fuze’s whole body was shaken, and the air was full of vigor.

The surrounding environment seems to have changed, the sky is covered with dark clouds, and there are thunderstorms dancing.

“This is……”

Master Xuanxin was stunned, and immediately his face was full of joy: “Fuze has conquered all your catastrophes, are you going to break through the Dharma realm”


On the stone platform, Fang Xian’s heart froze: ‘It’s a good plan, this time they were able to get rid of the demon barrier for Master Fuze, allowing him to become a real monarch.

This will make him owe a great favor to the Shushan Sword Sect.

If something happens to them in the future, how can this real monarch not make a move And taking this opportunity, they would also be able to befriend Xuanguang Authentic Sect, the famous and upright sect…’

‘In order to carry forward the Shushan Sword Sect, it is necessary to win over famous and decent schools, suppressing the side door sects and the demonic ways, this is the general trend, and it is also the efforts of countless people before to get good karma…’

The Shushan Sword Sect and Xuanguang Authentic Sect fighting against each other was meaningless.

It is what the Shushan Sword Sect should do to win over the decent sects and experts from all sides, become the leader of the alliance, and suppress the side door of the magic way.

Realizing this, Fang Xian suddenly became a little stunned.

If the great Shushan Sword Sect discovers the truth about himself being the ‘Head of the Three Immortals’ then his ending…

He forcibly suppressed these distracting thoughts and watched the breakthrough of a golden elixir realm to become a true dharma master.

Although there are similar records in “Zifu Tianshu”, it is far less than words and deeds.

‘For a Golden Elixir to break through to the Dharma Realm, is to break his golden core and reveal the law…’

Fang Xian thought silently in his heart and saw a purple thunder falling, the target was the Master Fuze.

Master Fuze was not afraid, and spewed out a golden pill that he had been working hard for hundreds of years to meet the thunder in the air.

The golden elixir was shattered by a thunderbolt, shattered into pieces with a click, and an object emerged from it.

It was a strange-looking cold dragon, hundreds of feet long, with no horns on the top of its head, dozens of pairs of claws on its abdomen, and tentacles wrapped around its body, a bit like a white centipede.

A face appeared on the top of the cold dragon’s head, and it looked like the Master  Fuze.

At this time, with a long whistle, terrifying pressure swept over.

Some of the monks with low cultivation levels actually passed out directly.

‘Is this the power of the Dharma Those who can achieve the Dharma realm are all high-grade golden elixirs with true inheritance… Therefore, it is still possible to predict from the supernatural ability to pick their paths for the realm of golden pills, but it is almost impossible for the golden elixir realms to pick their Dharma…’

Fang Xian thought silently. 


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