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‘It’s just an inferior thing…’

Seeing the mana of the other party, Fang Xian suddenly let go of half of the wariness in his heart.

His invisibility is so amazing that even Feng Yunzi didn’t notice it.

Nobody knows how long it has passed when a magic talisman suddenly flew over and landed in front of Fang Xian, with Zhu Yun’s voice: “Old Daoist has saved people, little friend can now do anything.”


This movement immediately alarmed Feng Yunzi.

In the midst of his roar, a wind and cloud fan appeared in his hand, and with just one sweep of his fan, there was a mad wind swept over.

‘The old Taoist did this on purpose for sure ‘

Under this kind of attack, Fang Xian couldn’t continue to hide, so he could only withdraw his invisibility method, and shouted: “Wind Cloud Spawn, you have done something wrong!”

The Fire Dragon Sword flew out, slaying the Fengyun Fan with one sword.

This flying sword is already equivalent to a magic weapon from the tenth layer of Big Dipper Restriction, and the sword light is even sharper, and immediately cut a gap in the wind and cloud fan.

“Damn it! This person must not be allowed to leave this place today, otherwise, my sect will have to move out overnight…”

In Wind Cloud Spawn’s pupils, a strange black light suddenly appeared, and the whole person suddenly changed from a monk to a strange evil spirit.

He stretched out his hand and grabbed it, and a long black snake rushed towards Fang Xian with a “zzzt zzzt” noise.

Just now, he used an orthodox mana to fight, but at this time he used a demon method.

This magic art of his, called Xuanyin Slaying the Soul, can condense Qi into a soldier and kill the soul! It is simplified from the ‘Taiwu Xuanyin Slaying the Soul and Destroying the Soul’ of the Kunlun Magic Palace.

If ordinary monks are not careful, their souls will be damaged and it will be difficult to recover.

“Insignificant tricks.”

Fang Xian let out a long laugh, and the fire dragon sword’s sword light soared several feet, like a red fire dragon, beheading the black long snake.

This is the magical power of ‘sword light breaks the magic’!

“Where are you from, Sword Immortal”

Feng Yunzi shouted loudly, seeing that Fang Xian was not simple, and felt apprehensive.

He knew that such well-known and orthodox true disciples were difficult to deal with, not to mention that the other party had a flying sword, and immediately let go and brought out thirteen golden pills.

Six of them came rushing towards Fang Xian, while the other seven guarded around his body, apparently from fear of being slashed by Fang Xian secretly.

Fang Xian secretly buckled the Nine Heavens Profound Fire Mirror, brought out nine fire snakes, and easily suppressed the six golden pills and received them in front of him.

“Boy, you’ve been tricked.”

When Wind Cloud Spawn saw this, a sly smile appeared on his face, and he suddenly chanted a mantra.

The thirteen golden pills let out a roar, and each turned into a golden-brilliant Vajra-like demon, grabbing towards Fang Xian.

‘Sure enough, such old demons are cunning…’

‘It’s just that, no matter what you do, can you block my sword ‘

Fang Xian’s body swayed and turned into a fire dragon.

He just pounced forward, then a few Vajra demons screamed and almost melted.

The fire dragon broke out of the siege and merged with the red dragon sword, Fang Xian’s body and sword merged, and suddenly rushed through Wind Cloud Spawn with one slash.


A Vajra demon was directly split into two halves, revealing Wind Cloud Spawn behind him.

Without waiting for this person to cast any more spells, the Fire Dragon Sword directly pierced him several times, beheading the old demon on the spot.

Losing the master controlling it, the Fengyun Fan screamed and fell to the ground.

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The surviving Vajra demons screamed strangely, suddenly swarmed together their master’s body, tore it to pieces, and devoured all of it.

This is also the disadvantage of cultivating the demon techniques, it will backlash if the user is not careful.

“Hey, how are you, little friend”

A sword light flew out, and suddenly lifted the top of the nine-story golden pagoda, which revealed the figure of Old Monk Zhuyun.

With a smile, he kept his head to the ground and said, “I met this Huoyun head, and because of that, I was delayed for a minute or two.

Is my little friend alright”

“I was about to tell the senior that Wind Cloud Spawn has already been beheaded.”

Fang Xian replied with a smile.

“Not bad……”

Old monk Zhuyun threw out a sword bag and let it absorb all the Vajra demons.

Then he picked up the Fengyun Fan and handed it over to Fang Xian: “These monsters, Old Daoist will collect.

This magic weapon is not bad, I’ll give it to you… …”

This Fengyun Fan is actually the inheritance magic weapon of the Wind Cloud Sect.

It has been refined into nine divine wind qi and contains triple heaven qi prohibition, which is quite good.

Fang Xian did not refuse, and accepted it directly and asked, “What about the people that need to be saved, is the task of eliminating evil done”

“Of course, the guilty disciples outside were all beheaded by this old monk with a single sword…” Old Monk Zhuyun smiled and said, “Little friend has also done this and will receive infinite merit.”

“How about this sword”

Fang Xian looked at the stove.

The Nine Sons God Infant Sword chirped constantly, and it seemed to have its own spirit.

“This sword… why don’t I leave it to my little friend to deal with it” Old Daoist Zhuyun said suddenly with a flash of light in his eyes.

‘Already testing my Taoism before I even get started ‘ Fang Xian rolled his eyes in his heart, and said, “I don’t want this sword.

I’d better ask the Taoist priest to find a virtuous monk, and convert it…”

“That is a good suggestion.”

Old Daoist Zhuyun nodded and overturned the stove.

The Nine Sons Divine Infant Sword seemed to know its own destiny.

It let out a cry and was about to turn into a ray of blood and escape.

In that light, babies’ cries were heard constantly, nobody knows how many innocent lives have been used to cultivate this sword.

“Hey, do you still want to escape”

A sword light flew out of Old Monk Zhuyun’s hand and suddenly turned into two.

This was an ability of those in the realm of sword light differentiation.

When the two lights got tangled, the blood light shattered, and the Nine Sons God Infant Sword was smashed into pieces.

It was pressed down, and it was also absorbed in the sword bag.

After revealing this exquisite swordsmanship, Old Monk Zhuyun turned around and said with a smile: “Old Daoist actually comes from the Shushan Sword Sect, the Taoist name is Zhuyun, and the little friend has a sword bone, and he is also a chivalrous person.

It’s better if you..”

“Since this matter is over, it’s time for me to leave.”

Fang Xian didn’t wait for the old man to finish speaking, and directly refused: “After all… when I was a loose cultivator, I was helpless, and I had no hope of longevity… Later, I got the legacy of my predecessors, and I swore not to enter a different person’s door, and will pass down that  senior’s way of Taoism.”

As soon as the words were finished, the body and sword merged into one, turning into a sword light and flying away.

The old master Zhuyun choked on the unspoken half of his sentence, and his old face almost turned purple.

He had to recite the ‘Pure Heart Mantra’ numerous times and tell himself that haste will not get him anywhere, and so on, barely suppressing his anger.

“Sigh…sometimes I really want to drag this kid back to the Shushan Sword Sect to finish the calculation!”

After a long time, he sighed: “Fortunately, this son will probably go to Yuntai Mountain to watch the sword fight, and there is still a chance.”

Little did they know that Fang Xian was also cursing under his breath at this time.

If it wasn’t for this old Taoist being a Golden Elixir Swordsman who got a true inheritance, he would be too lazy to play with the other party, and let the other party know why the flowers are so red with a single strike!

The other party came to accept the apprentice, but found that he couldn’t beat the apprentice.

How embarrassing that is!

This picture is quite emotional when you think about it.

“Hmph, just wait for me… You think I will be very slow in breaking through the golden elixir realm, maybe next time I would have broken through already.

At that time, let’s see if you’ll still have the face to accept me as an apprentice!” 


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