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‘Anyway, these two monsters are not good people, kill them…’


    After a while, Fang Xian raised his hand to slash the person with one sword and took it back to his back pocket.     


    After opening it, he saw a few sleeping children’s faces inside, and he couldn’t help but change his  expression, “When did Wind Cloud Sect start doing this kind of kidnapping”


    The other person knew that the situation was becoming bad, so he turned around to escape, but he suddenly felt like he was going to be hit by the psychic flying sword on his back, so he didn’t dare to move.


    Suddenly, a dragon-like roar from the swords could be heard.


    The flying sword pierced through his limbs, scattered his mana, and captured him.


    “Senior, please spare my life!”


    The demon was detained in front of Fang Xian and Zhu Yun, and could only beg.


    “Why did you kidnap these children”


    Fang Xian asked.


  The monster’s eyes rolled, “This sect has few disciples and is very deserted, so I plan to kidnap some from other places and force them to be child servants…”


    “It’s a lie.” Old Daoist Zhu Yun shouted.


    Since he made a move, he naturally had already investigated clearly beforehand.


    However, at this time, he had to show off his tricks in front of Fang Xian, and he used a trick to make the monster do it honestly.


    Fang Xian’s eyes narrowed slightly, only then did he know that Wind Cloud Sect looked like an unorthodox sect, but it was actually a branch of the Kunlun Devil Palace.


    The Kunlun Magic Palace has teachings and no distinctions.

In addition to its own true inheritance, there are also thirteen secret cultivations, thirty-six external chapters, and seventy-two side chapters, all of which are also part of the inheritance.


    It’s just that its widespread inheritance is not necessarily a good thing.


    Those disciples who practiced the magic sect are the best resources and materials in the eyes of other higher realm masters of the magic way.


    Therefore, the battles between those in the demon sect are often crueler than the battles between real demons.


    The previous generation of the Sect Master of Wind Cloud Sect made up his mind and hid the roots of the Demon Sect and pretended to be an unorthodox sect instead.

This allowed them to be at ease for hundreds of years.


    It’s just that after the previous generation’s era, this generation’s sect head provoked a powerful enemy, and tried to covet the benefits of flying swords, ready to sacrifice and refine a ‘Nine Sons Divine Infant Sword’.


    This is an authentic demon sect flying sword, which requires slaughtering countless creatures as a vessel and sacrificing boys and girls to the sword.


    If Fang Xian could still keep the less serious flying swords like the Golden Silkworm Sword and plan to exchange them later, it would be impossible to sell this ‘Nine Sons God Infant Sword’.


    If he was seen by an orthodox sect carrying this sword, he would be killed without mercy!


    “The entire family of Wind Cloud Sect is full of devil spawns.

The sect master is cultivating the ‘Nine Sons Divine Infant Sword’.

The evil deeds are plenty, and the disciples are also doing many injustices… The old Taoist in wanting to finish this bad sect is doing a good deed.

Will you help me, little friend”


    Old Monk Zhuyun took the flying sword and looked at Fang Xian.


    “That’s what I want!”


    Fang Xian pondered for a while, nodded, and with a turn of the sword light, he and Old Monk Zhuyun walked towards Wind Cloud Sect Mountain Gate.


    One green and one red, the two sword lights went hand in hand.


    Seeing Fang Xian’s magical powers, the old Taoist Zhuyun froze in his heart and asked, “Little friend has a great mana source, may I know who is your teacher” Read the most updated version of this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at Novel Multiverse – “NovelMultiverse dot com”


    “I was originally just a casual cultivator, but by chance, I got the inheritance of a senior master.” Fang Xian answered in half-truths.


    ‘Why did the head of the Three Immortals not enter my Shushan faction, and he’s able to start this kind of fate This inheritance… is somewhat like the destiny of the head of the three immortals mentioned by the headmaster…’


    Old Monk Zhuyun was surprised and full of suspicion, but in his head, he still felt a little relieved.

Fortunately, he was entangled with the fates of the other two immortals and two heroes.

Otherwise, it would have been too late if he had achieved the golden elixir realm…… Wait, what is the old man thinking about The golden elixir realm, even if one is really talented, it can’t be achieved and polished with just a few decades’ time…’


    Because of this, it can be leisurely and leisurely.


    Otherwise, Fang Xian might be taken directly back to the Shushan Sword Sect.


    ‘It’s just that his current body of mana must be cleansed.

It’s good to practice my Shushan authentic heart method instead.

Otherwise, it can only be regarded as two-timing.

In the future, at most, he can achieve the position of an elder advisor.

What’s the matter ‘


    The Shushan School has strict rules, and those who are considered two-timing cannot teach the true biography, and there is an invisible ceiling, which makes Old Monk Zhuyun feel conflicted.


    Fang Xian didn’t know that this old man was already thinking about how to abolish his skills.


    He turned into a sword light, and in less than half an hour, he had already traveled hundreds of miles away and saw the location of the Wind Cloud Sect Mountain Gate in a deep mountain.


    Outside the mountain gate, there are clouds and mists that turn into a great prohibition formation.


    “It’s easy to break this formation, do I start to take action now”


    Fang Xian looked at it and asked.


    “Don’t be busy first, we still don’t know how many innocent people are still inside… The old man has a stealth method here, mixed with our swordsmanship, a small formation like this can easily be infiltrated.

This is the chant, listen carefully…”


    Zhuyun Monk exuded a saintly aura, took the posture of an expert, but saw Fang Xian already initiate the chant, his figure disappearing, and he immediately merged into the formation, and Zhuyun’s expression couldn’t help but twitch.


    ‘Anyhow I got the inheritance of an Ascended Immortal, how can it be hard to live with this ‘


    Fang Xian smiled inwardly, observed the whole situation, found a few weak points, and walked over.




    The clouds and mist spread out ahead, revealing a sect.


    There are many pavilions and animal pens in the spiritual field.

In the middle is a nine-story tower.

Each floor is pasted with gold foil.

From a distance, there are thousands of golden lights and extraordinary weather.


    “Wind Cloud spawns, the sect master of Wind Cloud Sect is a golden elixir leveled grandmaster… The ninth disciple, Fire Cloud Dhutaga has also achieved a golden elixir.

Apart from that, there are no strong players in the sect…”


    Zhu Yun was not annoyed.

With a smile, he said, “Also asking the little friend to monitor Wind Cloud spawns, the old man will go to the dungeon, put away the innocent, and then give the little friend a signal, and the little friend will do it again.”


    “In this way, it is quite appropriate.”


    Fang Xian nodded.

head and walk directly to the nine-story golden pagoda.


    ‘Courageous and resourceful in the face of adversity! It is good! ‘


    Old Monk Zhuyun exclaimed in his heart and went to the dungeon.


    But he didn’t know what Fang Xian was thinking, which was something else entirely.


    ‘In the very beginning, the real demons were evil and terrifying.

Although the famous sects in this world were a bit domineering and arrogant, they did do some good things, and they couldn’t be attacked, but the people in the demon sect were good materials for him.

Visiting and traveling around in search of demons is not bad either…’


    The people in the magic sects have always attacked each other, and they like to use the same sect’s refining tools, practice methods, etc., and the use of magic skills complements each other. 


    And, this magic art has too much backlash, even if the target is a person from the Demon Sect.

That’s why Fang Xian has not yet decided.


    He obtained the “Zifu Heavenly Book”, and he has been cultivating it tirelessly.


    At this time, he took out the energy to crack the ‘Mysterious Door Seven Ultimate Fire Formation’, untied the restrictions one after another in the golden pagoda, and came to the ninth floor in a blink of an eye.


    The other floors are just places to meditate, meet guests, and store supplies, but the ninth floor of the golden pagoda is completely different.


    It was empty all around, only a blood-red pill furnace in the middle.


   Skulls were stacked around them, and red flames emerged from their eye sockets, converging under the pill furnace.


    Among them, there seems to be a flying sword, which has been refined and will be released soon.


    A Golden Realm cultivator, with disheveled hair and a long robe, not knowing where he came from whether he was Wind Cloud Spawn or Fire Cloud Dhutaga was facing the fire, playing a series of magic tricks, his face became happier and happier.


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