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“That’s overreacting, this fellow Daoist who I associate with is definitely not a wicked person.” Cao Qiu grinned as he smoothed the field, and he made up his mind not to mention Fang Xian’s name.

Mo Xiaoyao also felt that Gu Daoxian’s tone was a little too much.

This fellow Daoist had pure flame and was obviously not a first-class demon.

But on second thought, there is no direct connection between the cultivation and the personality.

There are not only monks who practice the authentic method of Xuanmen and finally enter the devil’s way.

Just as they were thinking about trying it again, suddenly, the earth shook.

Red Dragon Mountain erupted fiercely with flames, and the earthquakes continued, like an earth dragon turning over.

”It’s the Fire Dragon Cave opened!”

Mo Xiaoyao let out a flying sword, which was the ‘flying dragon’ he was famous for.

The sword light flashed, and he wrapped the four junior brothers and sisters and flew into a crack in the ground.

”Fellow Daoist, why don’t you stay with me this time”

Cao Qiu asked with a smile.

”No need, let’s just rely on chance.”

Fang Xian slightly clenched his fists, and the six imperial horses carried himself and Lu Hou and flew into a gap as well.

”Master! Why don’t you let me speak”

At this moment, Lu Hou finally could speak, and couldn’t help shouting.

He still has the character of a scholar, a teacher for one day, and a father for life.

Seeing Gu Daoxian being so arrogant just now, he immediately wanted to scold him, but Fang Xian blocked his speech ability.

”Why are you obsessed with such trivial matters Besides, the Shushan Sword Sect is a well-known sect in the world, I can’t handle it…” Fang Xian jokingly said, with a wave of his hand, another crimson fiery snake flew out, isolating the heat wave and poison smoke.

At this time, it had already penetrated deep into the ground, and many escaping lights were waiting around.

After a while, a crimson cave mansion emerged.

The great formation rolled, containing countless mysterious restrictions, and suddenly released eighty-one passages.

Those many escaping lights and royal qi flying people immediately chose one of them and rushed into it.

Fang Xian was not in a hurry, and said with a smile: “Disciple, you choose one!”


Lu Hou almost burst into tears: “Disciple… is afraid he won’t succeed!”

”It’s okay, just choose one.”

Fang Xian shouted and asked Lu Hou to choose one at random and rushed in.

The multi-colored lights passed by in an instant, and as far as the eye could see, it was a sea of ​​fire, raging, burning the sky and burning the earth.

”Master cheated on me!” Lu Hou cried out, wanting to cry without tears.

”Not true, this is your ancestor’s trick on you.”

Fang Xian laughed.

Because he recognized it, this is the Six Great Fire Formation!

This formation is inferior to the Mysterious Door Seven Ultimate Fire Formation, but it is also a famous Fire Element formation, with six formation eyes, each of which is suppressed by spiritual fire.

When others come here, 80% of them will be devastated.

For Fang Xian, it was exactly the same sentence – the mouse fell into the rice jar!

’It’s not in vain for me to become attached to the Lu family, as expected, everything will come true, and things will go smoothly…’

Fang Xian laughed and took out the Nine Heavens Profound Fire Mirror.

A whirlwind appeared, like a tornado, and the long whale absorbed the monstrous sea of ​​fire like water into the Profound Fire Mirror, instantly breaking the great formation, revealing six formation eyes.

Although the real Fire Dragon is tyrannical, he is only a golden elixir realm after all.

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Nine Heavens Profound Fire Mirror is the magic weapon of Heavenly Fire’s life-long ascetic cultivation, and the two are not the same.

At this time, Fang Xian directly threw out six magic powers, opened the eyes of the formation, and released six spiritual fires.

Six flames each with different colors can be seen, or fierce and violent, or scorching sun, or bone-chilling…Flying to Fang Xian’s side.

Among them, the fierce and violent is the psychic beast fire, which is taken from a fire crow of the golden core level!

The scorching sun is the real flame of the sun!

The bone-chilling Great Ice Spiritual Fire!

A flower shaped like a red lotus is a red lotus karmic fire!

A shadowless, invisible, is for the nameless heart fire!

As for the last one, it contains thunder, which is Tiangang Thunder Fire!

”It’s time to be promoted to supernatural power.”

Fang Xian’s heart was enlightened, and when he waved his hand, several flames collected in three years flew out, among which there were hundreds of lights, which turned into lamp sockets, a little flame, outside The seven-color strange light shrouded it, which was quite mysterious.

Immediately, he summoned the Fire Snake with the condensed Red Dragon Spirit Art, and took another shot of the Nine Heavens Profound Fire Mirror.

With this help, the fire snake rolled on the spot, with horns on its head and four claws on its belly, turning into a fire dragon!

The Red Dragon Spirit Art is now complete!

Fang Xian continued to cast his magic power, causing Red Fire Salamander to swallow nine spiritual fire seeds one by one and return them to his dantian.

Inside the dantian, I saw that the seeds of the two spiritual arts continued to merge, and the outside was a brilliance of nine-color flames.

”Three or four years of practice, with just one attempt, mana turned into a magical power!”

He shouted softly, and the two great spiritual arts and nine fire seeds suddenly merged into one and turned into a magical power.

Heavenly Fire Blazing Dragon Great supernatural power!

With this magical power of 10%, Fang Xian felt that the mana in his body suddenly broke through, which was more than ten times higher than before.

In the dantian, a flame emerged.

This is the Nine Refinement Mysterious Fire, which is the real fire of life that the Jindan cultivator who cultivates the supernatural power of flames dreams of, and the quality is still above the real fire of Samadhi.

In an instant, the consciousness also skyrocketed, making Fang Xian clearly sense all kinds of heaven and earth vitality.

When he thought about it, he didn’t need the support of the magic weapon, and the body flew directly.

A cultivator in the supernatural power realm, who can fly in the air, enter and exit Qingming, and break the limit of human lifespan, is a loose immortal!

”Congratulations, Master!”

Lu Hou looked at it ignorantly, but he also knew that Master had broken through a realm, so he couldn’t help but congratulate him.

In his heart, he yearns and envies even more for cultivation.

”That’s all.”

Fang Xian waved his hand: “The fundamental purpose of being a teacher has been achieved this time to explore, and everything is just a matter of fate… This place has a fate with you, you follow me, feel free to explore.”

He didn’t at all covet the Taoist books and magic weapons of Master Fire Dragon, just wants to use fire to practice methods and break through the realm.

Satisfied at this point.

After all, being promoted to the supernatural power realm is still the authentic supernatural power realm of Xuanmen, and if you encounter a side door scattered immortal like the Lord of Black Mountain, you don’t need to use magic weapons, you can directly use your own real fire to refine it to death.

Even if you encounter some flesh-footed Golden Elixir Realm masters, you may not be able to entangle one or two.

If you use the Nine Refinement Mysterious Fire magic weapon, you may even win the battle!

’So, on the whole, it is the most cost-effective to improve the realm…’

Fang Xian held the  Nine Heavens Profound Fire Mirror at this time, and nine fire snakes flew out, commanding it to protect himself and Lu Hou wrapping them like a ball, walking in the cave, but he was only an idle walk.

another place.

The feathers of the flamingo were flying in the sky, and a sword light crossed it, and a sword light was cold.

Here is the Fire Bird Array, with 365 monsters and birds, all of them were strangled by Mo Xiaoyao with one sword and one person, and the path was revealed.

”Among the eighty-one passages in the cave dwelling of the Fire Dragon Master, only nine are true.

Why don’t you wait to find the opportunity”

Mo Xiaoyao shouted: “The Fire Dragon Master’s magical powers are all ordinary, but they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars back then.

Years of Kung Fu, I have trained a Fire Dragon Sword, which is comparable to the magic weapon prohibited by the tenth layer of heaven, no matter who gets this, it is a good chance!”


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