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As soon as the fire dragon came out, the snakes fled.

Snakes naturally like shade and coolness, but can’t stand the heat.

In just an instant, the group of snakes in this hidden battle fled.

Fang Xian saw one of the green lights and chased after it.

That green light was a little green snake that climbed to a valley, rolled on the spot, turned into the girl I saw that day, and cursed bitterly: “Damn that cownose, he broke the five poisons great formation of my aunt.

What should she do now”

She suffered a small loss that day, so she went back to find a good sister and asked for a picture of the Five Poison Immortals, which contained a poisonous snake formation, which was enough to match the ordinary loose immortals.

But under the fire dragon, the group of snakes retreated, and she knew that the enemy’s power was unfathomable and vaguely her nemesis.

He couldn’t help crying to the moon, bemoaning the suffering of her life.

”Cough cough!”

Fang Xian coughed and fell into the clouds.

”It’s you again.” The girl almost jumped up: “You won today, what else do you want”

”Oh, girl, why are you obsessed” Fang Xian sighed: “Humans have different paths, even if you get along with that Lu Hou, your demonic aura will not be masked or suppressed and it will make his life short… Unless you can become a Golden Elixir realm, or reduce the cultivation base to almost nothing…”

”But how difficult is it to reach the Golden Elixir Realm If you destroy your cultivation, you will become a little snake.

Does your Lu Lang like a snake”

These words were indifferent, but like a flying sword, they stabbed the girl’s heart into pain.

She took two steps back, her face pale: “I… I don’t want to hurt him.”

”Furthermore, with me here today, you will not be allowed to harm anyone.” Fang Xian continued: “As for your backups, they’re in Baigu Mountain, I can let you go there too.”

The girl’s expression became pale.

How could she not see that this young man has a superb and mellow Taoist cultivation, even being in the Talisman Realm, he can rival their magic power formation.

She didn’t have much face in front of Grandma Lu, and at most, she can call some somewhat friends to come, but it was not enough for the other brothers and sisters to risk their lives for her.

For a time, her mind turned a thousand times, and she didn’t know what to do.

Fang Xian saw that the fire was coming, and said with a smile, “How about I make an appointment with you here For three years, didn’t you say that you and Lu Hou are more in love than Jin Jian Then separate for three years, and then go to see him after three years.


In fact, this is a slowdown tactic.

If you kill this little snake now, maybe her sister snake sisters, and that green grandma will really come over.

Although Fang Xian wasn’t too afraid, he didn’t want to cause trouble either.

After three years it will be different.

He has achieved supernatural powers, and how can he be still afraid of a mere demon gold core

And if the two are still in love with each other, he doesn’t mind fulfilling it.

However, judging from his experience, this matter is probably a little off.

”Okay, then three years!”

The girl was very confident in her lover and shouted, “You can’t stop me at that time.”

”It’s natural.” Fang Xian replied calmly: “May I know the girl’s name”

”This girl’s name is Bi Lian’er…you can remember it.”

Bi Lian’er snorted softly, turned into a cloud of blue smoke, and disappeared without a trace.

”Huh She’s gone My trick is not bad…”

Fang Xian nodded and returned to the Taoist temple, preparing to revise a book and tell the three-year contract to the Lu family.

’I always feel that this is a bit like raising a flag.

Could it be that three years later, the poor girl suddenly will transform ‘

He touched his chin and felt a little weird.

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Time is like water.

Three years have passed in a hurry.

Luoxia Mountain, Zixia View.

Fang Xian sat cross-legged in front of a double-eared and three-legged cauldron and waved a magic trick.

Nine small fire snakes roamed around the pill furnace constantly, which was quite mysterious.

On one side, the Master Zixia, the three children, and Luhou were also there, all staring at Fang Xian’s alchemy.

In the appendix of “Zifu Heavenly book”, there is the method of refining pills.

He is also practicing the magical power of flame, which is even more helpful in refining pills.

At this time, with the rising flames, five-colored elixir gas emerged from the elixir furnace and was inhaled into his nose again.

This is a special kind of practice.

He sat in front of this furnace for seven, seven forty-nine days, that is, he practiced for forty-nine days, and at the same time absorbed the essence of a furnace of spirit pills.

”Open the furnace!”

When he felt that his work was complete, Fang Xian patted the top of the stove and opened the lid.

puff puff!

Several beams of brilliance emerged, and the hot aroma came out.

Master Zixia took a deep breath, and her face was intoxicated: “This is a real elixir, just by taking a breath, and it will be worth three days of penance…”

As everyone knows, what he covets is only the leftover of what Fang Xian eats.

”It’s not bad!”

Fang Xian grabbed his mana and took out more than 100 ‘Building Base Pei Yuan Pill’ from the furnace, sealed them with wax, and put them into nine jade bottles.

This pill can increase the mana, ordinary cultivator, cultivator of runes, get one, I am afraid that it is a treasure.

But for him, it was the same thing.

”These days of refining the pills, you have also worked hard.”

Fang Xian smiled and shared a bottle of medicinal pills with each person, not even missing the few children.

This time, five bottles of medicinal herbs were sprinkled out, and even the master Zixia looked a little sluggish, and shouted: “Thank you young master soon.”

”Thank you, sir!”

The two Taoist boys, and that Heng’er, immediately knelt down.


Fang Xian looked at Heng’er and said again: “I already know what you asked for, but we have no master-disciple fate after all…”

Regardless of his sad look, he looked at the real Zixia: “I have a volume of “Mysterious Handle Demonic Dragon Law” here.

If you can cultivate the state of supernatural powers, you can count it as the rent for these three years…”

”Thank you…”

The real Zixia was trembling all over, almost unable to speak clearly.

His inferior inheritance can’t even break through the talisman realm.

If he gets the inheritance today, he will really be the loose cultivator sect in the future.

”Let’s go!”

Fang Xian flicked his sleeves, took Lu Hou out of the Taoist temple, and asked, “What’s your impression”

”Immortal Master Fruit is generous…” Lu Hou said in admiration.

After recovering from his leg injury, he was immediately sent to the Taoist temple by Lu Zhanxiong, for fear that he would be hooked by the banshee accidentally.

Over the past few days, he has performed well, and he has seen Fang Xian’s magical powers again, and he is very fond of Taoism.

”No, what I want you to see is fate.”

Fang Xian shook his head: “So many medicinal materials, most of which are provided by Zixia Temple, otherwise, fate can’t be settled… Fate is born, fate is gathered, and fate is destroyed, if it can be broken, everything can be uninhibited…”

Lu Hou immediately bowed down: “I implore the immortal master to bestow a master-disciple relationship, and I will be stubborn in the future, and I will do whatever I want.”

Ordinary people, how can they not be envious when they encounter immortal fate

Even if Fang Xian clearly said that he wanted to use it, he would be extremely happy, and the most feared thing was that there was no value in being used.

”Well, I’ll accept you as a named disciple.”

Fang Xian flicked his sleeves, and mana lifted Lu Hou: “Now… let’s go to explore a cave with my teacher first!”


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