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“Many thanks to the Taoist priest for saving my life, otherwise this whole mansion would be buried in the hands of monsters today…”

In the hall, it became silent as the little green snake retreated.

It was Lu Zhanxiong who came back to his senses first and saluted Fangxian methodologically.

He originally thought that the offender was an ordinary spirit, not to mention the ‘masters’ such as Zen Master Yuanyuan and Zhenren Zixia, ordinary people from Jianghu occasionally have rumors of being able to kill demons.

But he didn’t expect that this snake spirit was so powerful.

If it weren’t for this little Taoist priest who initiated and came knocking on this mansion’s door, everyone who was feasting here today would have been dead!

”It’s okay!”

Fang Xian waved his hand and said with a smile, “Could the master be willing to give me a light at this time”

”This is natural! Natural!”

Lu Zhanxiong hurriedly asked someone to bring a bronze oil lamp, held it in both hands, and said sincerely, “Please accept it!”

”Well…” Fang Xian put away the lights and made a gesture of leaving.

How could Lu Zhanxiong be willing to let him go at this time Immediately, he tried hard to keep him, crying that his family had no protection, and the next time the demon snake came back, it would be a miserable end.

Fang Xian’s face also showed a look of embarrassment: “This poor monk is here to do a hundred good deeds and collect a hundred lights…”

”This is simple…” Lu Zhanxiong patted his chest: “My Lu family will do it all!”


Fang Xian just shook his head: “This is the way of my cultivation, and I can’t cheat it.”

He is here to show mercy.

If the Lu family helps him collect the lights of hundreds of families, even if the two are cleared, how can they plot the cave of Huolong Zhenren

After Lu Zhanxiong begged a few times, he said, “You can’t cheat, but you can ask for help.

Just ask Patriarch Lu to lend you manpower to help you with things, and I will bear all the expenses.”

As soon as he patted the gourd around his waist, a box of gold and silver flew out.

For cultivators, such things as gold and silver are the easiest to obtain.

Just go up the mountain and go to the sea and mine a vein.

The people on the Black Mountain are phantoms and can fly in the flesh, which is more convenient for finding mineral veins.

”My Lu family will do my best.”

Looking at this scene, Lu Zhanxiong envied the immortal cultivator even more, and assured him again and again.

Fang Xian nodded with a smile, and refused Lu Zhanxiong’s retention, and went to Zixia Temple where the Master Zixia was located.

Luoxia Mountain, where Zixia Temple is located, is right next to Wuyang City.

This view is not big, and it is very clean.

There are far fewer pilgrims in here than at the temple next door, but it is a suitable place for meditating quietly.

Fang Xian looked at it and was quite satisfied, so he went to stay in the wing room.

On this side, Master Zixia turned around a thousand times in his heart, called two boys over, and shouted, “Tong Er, this Immortal Master has an extraordinary origin, so you must carefully serve him.

Take out the spirit grains, fruits, and spring water…”


The two boys are the boss’s distressed: “Master, the spirit grains are already enough, Zhu Yuan Fruit, you wanted to leave it to the young master, and you said that when the young master goes to the great school, let him use it to gain favors, and in the future, and also gain some faces among his senior brothers…” Read the most updated version of this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at Novel Multiverse – “NovelMultiverse dot com”

”By the way, there is also Heng’er!”

Master Zixia slapped his head.

This is the nephew of his family, fifteen years old, talented, and intelligent, and he has always been favored by him.

Raising at the foot of the mountain every day, practicing the “Tai Shang Qi Chapter”, this is not a Taoist method, it is just a small method of Taoism’s hundred-day foundation building, which cultivates the ability to sense the vitality of all kinds of heaven and earth.

After thinking about it, Master Zixia said: “Let Heng’er come over and be a server, he is a good talent and beautiful jade, he may be able to enter the eyes of an immortal master, and he has to enter the right path.

Don’t look think that just because that immortal master is young, you will become a bit neglectful.

If he wasn’t from a famous sect, I would have dug up all my tricks… Such true disciples, I will give you a hand or two at will.

He is a disciple from an orthodox sect, with just some presents from him, you will have no more worries in your lifetime.”

a few days later.

Fang Xian lived quite comfortably in the Zixia Temple.

Not only did Zixia Temple serve extremely well, but the Lu family also often sent people to serve him with great diligence.

Anything that was short in supply was immediately delivered.

At the same time, the huge Lu family, under Fang Xian’s guidance, did those hundred good deeds.

Building bridges and paving roads, helping those in danger…

Every time you do it, ask the recipient for a light.

This light is weak, so it must be put into the ever-bright lamp to be carefully guarded, and it cannot be extinguished.

It is quickly sent to Luoxia Mountain, and then Fang Xian will personally make sacrifices.

With the help of this local, Fang Xian can collect hundreds of lights much faster.

In just one month, there were seventy-seven and forty-nine kinds of fire in the small room dedicated to storing lamp flames.

When one hundred paths are collected, they can be merged into one and become a real spiritual fire.

In fact, these hundreds of lights can continue to be sacrificed to become thousands of lights, ten thousand lights, etc., but the return for the effort will become minimal.

At this time, Fang Xian looked at the countless lamp flames and thought to himself.

’The lights of these hundreds of schools are good.

If they cooperate with Lieyang Wood and craft it into a great steel, they can create a magical instrument called Jiuyang Palace Lamp…’

’I still have too few instruments.

I only have one six imperial horses.

I’m really poor… I don’t even have a reward for my apprentices…’

The Nine Heavens Profound Fire Mirror is a magic treasure, not a magic weapon!

Fang Xian is now starting to miss the Master of Black Mountain again.

’But… I have some spare time, might as well practice to increase mana…Isn’t it good to become immortal ‘

Of course, he also knew that some monks had incomplete Taoism and could not progress at all.

Or although there is inheritance, it is limited to its own qualifications, opportunities, etc., and bottlenecks appear after reaching a certain realm.

At this time, it is a good choice to sacrifice and refine magic tools and cultivate magical powers.

It is a good thing to single-mindedly cultivate, but if there is no way to protect the Tao, even if you become a Taoist, you will still be in danger of falling.

Lifting his feet out of the lamp room, he saw a Taoist attendant standing beside him, greeting him, “Is the immortal master out of the gate”

”Well, you look after the lights and add the lamp oil.

It’s hard work.”

Fang Xian didn’t care whether he was a teenager, he took the attitude of an elder, and touched the head of this Taoist boy.

This boy is very talented.

It is said that he is the nephew of Master Zixia.

It’s just that he is really shy, and ordinary people are too embarrassed to take out something as a gift, so he just pretended not to know.

’How about… open a fire to make a pot of elixir ‘

’Or…no need to do something so troublesome, after the three-year period expires, just throw away a copy of the “Mysterious Handle Demonic Dragon Technique”, that is, although it can only cultivate to supernatural powers realm, this Master Zixia obviously doesn’t even have the inheritance of the talisman realm! ‘

While thinking about it, Fang Xian’s expression moved.

When he walked out of the Taoist temple, he saw the sound of hissing under the moonlight.

A large snake emerged from all directions, surrounding the Taoist temple, and at the same time half-straightened, it seemed to be spewing poisonous mist.

”Sure enough I found it.”

Fang Xian had long expected this, and he was starting the Red Dragon Spirit Art and secretly brought out of the Nine Heavens Profound Fire Mirror.

Roar Roar!

The fiery snake rolled on the ground in mid-air, its body soared, two large bags grew on the top of its head, and four claws grew out of its abdomen.


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