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Fang Xian was not overly courteous, he sat down, raised his hand to drink a cup, and said with a smile: “The light I asked for is unusual, it is called ‘Wishing light’, I have to solve a big problem for the head of the family, and the head of the family has to sincerely offers it to me….”


Zen Master Yuan Yuan, who was at the prime table, was surprised: “This method is somewhat similar to this old man’s Buddhist practice…”

”Haha… this is normal.”

Fang Xian laughed: “You need to know that all the world’s cultivation method is one family, and the Buddha is the Tao!”

”Lies!” Zen Master Yuan Yuan changed his face: “How can the Taoist monk slander Buddhism like this, are you not afraid of having your tongue pulled in hell”

He clasped his hands together, read the true art, and used his own mana to give Fang Xian a good look.

This Zen master intensively cultivated the ‘Udumbara Original Vows Sutra’, and he has made some achievements in illusion, which can make people fascinated by all colors, just like going to the world of bliss, there is a goddess Arhat, showing various magical powers of Buddhism.

These kinds of things made him very famous, and there were many pilgrims in the temple.

Fang Xian did not dodge or evade, so he directly pinched a trick and performed The Plum Tree Withers in Place of the Peach Tree method, and substituted himself with Zen Master Yuan Yuan to protect himself from the disaster.

Zen Master Yuan Yuan suddenly felt dark in front of his eyes, fell into an illusion, as if his body burned with fire, as if he had come to hell, and there was a vicious bull head and horse face to pull his tongue.

This kind of feeling back and forth, it truly made him miserable.

No one knows how long it took before he finally broke free, his forehead was dripping with cold sweat, he couldn’t help clasping my hands together, and chanting the Buddha’s name: “The old man has taken a look… I was weak, and that’s why I experienced such a catastrophe.

Thank you Dao Master for your guidance…”

After a trial just now, he knew that Fang Xian’s mana was unfathomable, so he chose to back down.

Lu Zhanxiong was surprised.

He had long known that Zen Master Yuan Yuan was an anomaly, so he deliberately made friends with him.

Unexpectedly, the other party’s decades of practice was defeated by such a young Taoist.

At this time, he no longer doubted, and hurriedly stood up and gave a salute: “The Taoist priest…you came here to solve my problems Lu Zhanxiong would like to thank you, my family has indeed encountered trouble…”

”Oh, tell me…”

Fang Xian felt that things were going very smoothly, and asked casually with a carefree gesture.


Lu Zhanxiong said with a bitter expression on his face.

His family was considered strong in Wuyang City, and he personally had martial arts skills.

His lifestyle has been very easy and carefree all this time, without any troubles.

By middle age, he had only two sons.

The eldest son inherited a martial art, and now he is an official and a general all the way, and he is also majestic.

The problem lies with the second son, Lu Hou.

This Lu Hou did not like to dance with knives and guns since he was a child.

He liked to read books.

He was talented and intelligent.

Several masters said that he had the prospect of taking exams.

Lu Zhanxiong also had high hopes for this.

It was just that Luhou went out for a trip and met a beautiful woman, and he has been entangled with her since then.

Lu Hou was also dazed and went home to tell his father that he wanted to marry this woman.

How could Lu Zhanxiong endure a woman of unknown origin Immediately broke Lu Hou’s legs, and hurriedly set up a marriage for him.

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If an ordinary country girl encounters such a thing, she can only cry to death at the entrance of Lu Mansion.

But that woman was not a human, but a demon!

With just a few gestures, she made Lu Mansion become uneasy, and she even let out some words, asking Lu Zhanxiong to personally serve the tea and admit his mistake, and then lift the sedan chair to the door, that’s how things can be resolved.

Lu Zhanxiong was even more reluctant for his son to marry a monster at this time, so he hurriedly invited his friends to come and discuss.

”A monster-human romance”

Fang Xian found it quite interesting: “I don’t know if that woman is a white fox who has become a spirit.

Or is it the soul of a beautiful woman”


The real Zixia said, “Old Daoist once practiced the method of heaven’s eyes, and I feel that the woman is not a succubus, but a first-class monster! I’m afraid she is still a green snake!”

”It turned out to be Little Green… too bad it’s not Little White or Red Cultivation…otherwise, it’s something to look at.”

Fang Xian secretly said in his heart, with a solemn look on his face: “The romance of human beings and monsters will be punished by the gods, this  poor Taoist intends to help…”

”So, thank you, Dao Master!”

Lu Zhanxiong was overjoyed.

At this time, a gust of wind suddenly blew up, blowing out many lights in the hall.

A faint female voice seemed to be crying: “Lu Lang… Lu Lang… Why are you so heartless”

The strange sound was captivating, and the servant maidservant who was serving fainted as soon as his eyes darkened.

Even a martial arts master like Lu Zhanxiong had to persevere quite hard.

”The green snake spirit is here!”

Zixia Zhenren shouted: “The monster dares to harm people Try my Taoist technique!”

With the wave of his hand, six yellow paper talismans flew out, landed on the ground, turned into six golden armored generals, and rushed out of the hall.

The golden armored gods who were trained by this method looked majestic and mighty, but they were actually on the same level as the yellow-robed warriors who were summoned by Fairy Jade Cloud.

But in the mortal world, there are few people who can match this.

Ordinary spirits, they won’t be able to hold on to these six gods.

Fang Xian narrowed his eyes and looked out, but said lightly: “A magic weapon! It seems that he is still a bit of a monster, no wonder he dares to be so arrogant!”


Master Zixia was shocked and saw a green brilliance flickering outside, turning into a circle.

In just one circle, the six gods were strangled and turned into fragments, flying like butterflies.


The spell was broken, and Master Zixia spat out a mouthful of blood and almost fainted.

”A mere little Taoist priest dares to stop this aunt!”

While drinking, A woman in green enters the hall.

She was twenty-eight years old, and she turned out to be extremely beautiful, with a waist like a green willow, a face with melon seeds, and a cloud of smoke in her eyes.

She is a demon after all, with her fierce nature, she just wanted to end this in person, and then kidnap her beloved ‘Lu Lang’ to live a happy life.

A fierce light flashed in his eyes, and the jasper ring magic weapon was about to be taken out.

When this magic weapon is pressed down, not to mention Lu Zhanxiong, even the great master of Master Cangsong, will also become a mass of meat sauce.

”Fellow Daoist, you have to forgive people when you can forgive them.”

Fang Xian sighed, pinched the magic formula, and a mana was released, turning into a fire snake.

The fire snake transformed by this ‘Red Dragon Spirit Art’ is quite extraordinary.

But seeing the raging flames, it almost burned the magic weapon.

The little green snake was so distressed that she put away the magic weapon, knowing that she would not be able to please him today, and shouted, “I am under the care of Grandma Qing, who is in the depths of Baigu Mountain.

You dare to stop me”

Fang Xian didn’t know about the cultivation world at first, but recently made up for it in Xuding Mountain, only to know that there is a hollow hole in Baigu Mountain that lives a great monster who has great cultivation, a Golden Elixir master.

But this little snake is also in the talisman realm, how can it control a golden elixir master It’s only using the reputation of another to get what she wants.

Even if the other party pulls Grandma Qing, Fang Xian can tell the background of the Shushan Sword Sect, and see who can scare who!

He smiled and shouted: “You use demonic ways to punish people, no matter who comes, you will score points, so don’t retreat!”

”You wait for this girl!”

The little green snake glared at Fang Xian angrily, turned into a green smoke, and disappeared


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