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In the cave.

Fang Xian urged the  “Turtle Lined Blood Trigram” to divine his own chances.

He suspects that this divination method comes from outside the world and is affected by the karma of this world, so the divination is extremely accurate, it has never failed him before.

It didn’t take long to get results.

”My chance to advance to the Supernatural Ability Realm is just three years later, the Fire Dragon Cave!”

Fang Xian muttered to himself.

This Fire Dragon Cave Mansion is the dojo of the ‘Fire Dragon Real Man’.

This person is a side door master who has the cultivation of the Golden Elixir Realm and also cultivates the magical power of flame.

In such a cave, it is common to store a large amount of precious fire seeds, or the Big Dipper Malignant qi of the category of thunder and fire.

”Being able to be promoted to the supernatural power realm in three years, and being a loose immortal, the peerless talent is not enough to summarize… It’s just a little troublesome to force this opportunity…”

Fang Xian got up and kept pacing.

The person on a righteous path, pays attention to making the best use of the situation, and that’s how fate is born.

There are very few people in the demon sect who are proficient in innate divine calculations, and if they act extreme, it is easy to damage their own qi.

”The treasures in the Fire Dragon Cave Mansion were left to him by Master Fire Dragon.

Most of them are related to his disciples and even the younger generation…”

”If I want to pick up a few treasures, I have to show kindness to his disciples beforehand.

Establish a good connection and it will be much easier and more convenient to explore the cave…”

”Of course, the best way is to find the reincarnation of Master Fire Dragon directly.

That is an automatic shortcut to diligent cultivation.

After all, who else has more fate than himself and his own treasure”

”Even if the authentic masters of Xuanmen come, if I reveal my identity directly, they won’t have the guts to grab it…”

”It’s just the reincarnation of the real fire dragon, I’ll do the prediction… uh, none!”

Not every immortal cultivator has a chance to be reincarnated when he dies.

Maybe he will be destroyed in body and spirit, or he will be caught by someone in the devil’s way to refine his soul.

Fang Xian counted with the blood of the tortoise, the reincarnation of Master Fire Dragon is hopeless, but there is still a descendant who lives in the secular world.

”Forget it, first go to the secular world to fight for one or two…Three years is enough to form a relationship and practice.”

Although the hexagram pointed out that the Fire Dragon Cave Mansion was his chance, Fang Xian would not just count on one place.

It is still necessary to do things such as collecting the Qi of Dipper and Malignance and cherishing the fire.

”At least in the human world, you can get a kind of fire, which is the Light of Hundred Families!”

With a given thought, Fang Xian threw out the six imperial horses and flew towards the prosperous place in the world.

Wuyang City.

This city is also owned by the Dagan court, and it is very prosperous and crowded.

Fang Xian left the six imperial horses far away outside the city, used a camouflage trick, turned into an ordinary little donkey, and rode into the city.

Inside the black-skinned gourd, there is a lifetime of furniture of the Lord of Black Mountain, including a lot of gold and silver.

Now that he is in the mortal world, he can be considered a rich man.

He did not want his wealth revealed, so he was only wearing a clean Taoist robe, giving people the feeling of a wandering Taoist priest.

He came to the east of the city, in front of a big mansion.

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This mansion occupies a lot of land.

There are two huge stone lions at the entrance.

The two lions have very smart eyes.

It seems that they have invited experts to cast magic on it.

They have the function to guard the house.

At this time, the main door was closed, only the side door was open, and a gilded plaque hung in the center with the two characters ‘Lu Mansion’ on it.

”The descendants of this Master Fire Dragon have good fortune in the world…”

Fang Xian looked at it, and thought to himself: “I’m not greedy for his Taoism and magic weapons, I only used a few fire seeds to practice… I can protect any of his random descendants for three years, or accept a disciple, and I can pass it.

…Well, I still owe Tianhuo a successor, and it happened that two things were done together.”

He inherited the “Zifu Heavenly Book”, and he was originally considered to be the descendant of the Heavenly Fire Master, but it was not very good because of many fates.

At this time, there are ways, such as collecting disciples widely, and then apportioning the karma of fate and transferring it to the disciples and grandchildren.

If one wants to accumulate external power to pay off one’s debts, gathering everyone to collect firewood and to work together will make the flames higher.

Buddhism, for example, likes to use this method the most.

How great is the grace of preaching and receiving karma Of course, it needs to be paid back!

Not to mention, what Fang Xian intends to teach is the inheritance that can be cultivated all the way to become immortal.

”After calculating it all, isn’t it still the younger generation of Master Fire Dragon who gets the most benefit from this… Of course, this is also the reason why I don’t want to join the Shushan Sword Sect… Did people really think one doesn’t need to pay everything back they gain”

Fang Xian thought about it in his heart and stepped forward to size up the Lu Mansion.

This strange action immediately attracted the attention of several servants who had been yawning, and they stepped forward and asked, “Is this little Taoist priest the junior of Master Zixia Master is visiting the mansion, as well as Zen Master Yuanyuan, Master Cangsong also…”

This doorman was a doorman who didn’t keep his mouth shut, and as soon as he opened his mouth, he revealed a lot of details.

’Looking at the fact that this Lu Mansion has invited so many monks and Taoists, do you want to do an international Dharma meeting ‘

Fang Xian shook his head: “This poor monk is neither the son nor nephew of these people, I’m just here to ask for a light.”


The servant couldn’t figure it out and thought that the house was a little weird lately, so he didn’t dare to make decisions without authorization, so he went to the housekeeper.

The housekeeper had no choice but to come to the front hall and find the master.

The current head of the Lu House is named Lu Zhanxiong, who has practiced a good martial arts.

He is considered a famous master in the neighborhood, and he has a wide range of friends.

It was only recently that he encountered a troublesome matter, so he invited many friends to come to the house.

At this time, a banquet is being held to entertain a few friends.

Seeing the housekeeper hurriedly approaching, he said, “A small priest came outside and said that he wanted to ask the master for a light.”

Lu Zhanxiong frowned: “A light, what’s the matter Just give it…”

The housekeeper looked aggrieved, thinking that this is not what you commanded for strangers who came to the house recently, they can’t be neglected you said, now the attitude is ‘do you have to report everything’

But he didn’t dare to say anything and just repeated “as you command” again and again.

But the Master Zixia waved his hand and said, “Brother Lu, wait a minute, this person came here at this time, and the request is so strange, not necessarily for the lights, why don’t we invite him to the banquet together, let me gauge his roots… What if it’s that sect that assigned him to find out some news”

”That… you’re also right.”

Lu Zhanxiong immediately changed his mind and ordered Fang Xian to be invited into the flower hall.

Fang Xian didn’t take it seriously, strode in, and glanced at his surroundings.

Lu Zhanxiong is just a mortal, at most equivalent to a congenital master, he is nothing.

Master Zixia and Zen Master Yuanyuan are really practitioners, and they have already cultivated mana and entered the realm of Dharma evolution.

Master Cangsong is a famous martial arts legend, and he has reached the cultivation base of a great master, and people like him are rare in the martial arts world.

”This little priest is invited.”

Lu Zhanxiong cupped his hands: “May we know your affiliation to any sect Where are you from”

”This poor monk is Fangxian, who has traveled all over the world, came to the noble realm for the first time today, and wanted to ask for a light.”

Fang Xian smiled slightly and said politely.

”What does a light even count as” Lu Zhanxiong said with a smile, “That’s nothing but a trifle thing.

Please come to the banquet and drink some wine first.” 


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