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“There is even the “Profound Handle Demonic Dragon Law”… the reason why the people of Black Mountain still haven’t come after for a long time turns out it was in the hands of this little evil star…”

Fairy Jade Cloud and Poison Dragon Yiyou glanced at each other, their hearts stunned.

The second leader of the three skeleton demons was even more so scared and sweaty, for fear that Fang Xian would be annoyed by his wrong tone before, and suddenly send the three of them to follow the Lord of Black Mountain.

With the power to kill unaffiliated saints, Fangxian is already a powerful figure in everyone’s heart at this time.

The few loose cultivators were even more dazzled and wished to curry some favor: “The sisters of this slave family spent seven years working hard to collect a peach blossom miasma, does the young master think it can be used”

Fang Xian just shook his head and he saw their faces full of disappointment.

But the Peach Blossom Miasma was useless to him, thinking that with a smile on his face, they would be able to exchange a magic weapon from his hand, they thought too much.

However, the face of one of the three skeletons changed for a while, and the boss took out some qi: “How about this earthly fire”

This kind of earth fire evil spirit is also quite common.

It is necessary to go to volcanoes and other places of fire and collect it for many years.

Although it is hard, it can always be obtained.

”Well, it’s barely usable.”

Fang Xian nodded and asked them to exchange it with a ‘Bone Hammer’ magical weapon.

This magic weapon is made of animal bones, and there are only five earth shackles on it.

But when the three skeletons obtained it, it was as if they got a treasure, and their faces were full of joy.

Seeing this, Poison Dragon Yiyou also took out a yin evil spirit and replaced it with the white bone banner from Fang Xian’s hand.

Fairy Jade Cloud’s eyes wandered, and she suddenly asked, “For this “Profound Handle Demon Dragon Law”, what kind of things do you want to exchange it for”

Although this method can only be cultivated to the realm of supernatural powers, it is also a good inheritance for loose cultivators.

Fairy Jade Cloud came out this time to plan for her children and grandchildren.

Her inheritance is only suitable for women.

Together with this “Profound Handle Demon Dragon Law”, it can make up for the family’s shortcomings.

The value of a practice method such as this book is far higher than that of a few non-valuable instruments.

Fang Xian thought for a while, and replied, “If you want to rub a copy, you need to get five Big Dipper Malignant Star qi or fire seeds.

In addition, if you have the bones of snakes and dragons that are hundreds of years old, you can also count them.”

Fairy Jade Cloud felt confident, apologized, and left in a hurry.

Fang Xian didn’t care either, and he was quite content to talk with the people present, exchange some spiritual insights, and occasionally inquire about news.

After half an hour, Fairy Jade Cloud came back and handed a treasure bag to Fang Xian: “Fellow Daoist, is this worth it”

Fang Xian looked into it with his spiritual sense and saw that it was empty, with only the corpse of a big snake, and a small bone bag was born on the top of his head, and he was instantly happy.

This is obviously the corpse of a demon snake that has been cultivating for hundreds of years and is about to turn into a dragon.

”This thing is worthy of the three Big Dipper Malignant Star spirits.”

He pondered and replied.

”By the way, what about adding this gourd evil spirit”

Fairy Jade Cloud seemed to have expected it long ago and handed over a gourd of evil spirits.

Fang Xian knew that it was a ‘dragon and snake evil spirit’, and more importantly, it vaguely matched the corpse of the demon snake in his hand.

At first glance, it was born from the same source, so he couldn’t help saying: “Fellow Daoist has good intentions, it’s enough.

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Immediately completed the exchange, gave a copy of the “Mysterious Handle Demonic Dragon Law” to Fairy Jade Cloud, and was about to leave.

”Why do you want to leave”

Poison Dragon Yiyou suddenly said: “Fellow Daoist has high mana, conspire with us to capture Mount Xuding.

There are many treasures in it, isn’t it fun”

”Haha… I have something important to do, so I won’t be with you.”

Fang Xian laughed, took out the six imperial horses, and flew straight into the sky.

He has the [Eye of the Mysterious Caverns].

After using his magic power, it becomes even more wonderful.

It is vaguely seen that most of the scattered cultivators present are covered by dark clouds.

It is obvious that their doomsday has come.

But they’re still obsessed, and they can no longer be self-aware.

Of course, he won’t stick together with them.

Seeing this scene, Fairy Jade Cloud was also stunned, thinking: “I have obtained the “Mysterious Handle Demon Dragon Law”, and this trip has been considered a good harvest.

It seems that I don’t need to…”

This intent also grew in her heart.

’Unfortunately… I am so rich, but no one is coming to try and rob me…’

Fang Xian flew out for dozens of miles, and his spiritual sense swept away, which was a bit sad.

The next time I meet a good person like the Master of Black Mountain, I don’t know how long it will take.

There is a lot of karma and chance involved in this world.

If you don’t pay attention, you will fall into the technique trap, which will cause more trouble.

Therefore, Fang Xian’s exchange of Big Dipper Malignant Star Qi is honest and innocent.

Of course, if other loose cultivators have bad intentions and want to kill people and steal treasures, that’s another way of saying that, for example, if the master of Black Mountain, Fang Xian became the ‘killer’ of his life, since he couldn’t get through, he died immediately.

He found a cave, pressed the escape light, glanced around, and prepared to start practicing.

In this transaction, he got three evil spirits and a dragon and snake corpse, but the harvest was not small.

Fang Xian released the bones of the dragon and snake, nodded, and patted the Nine Heavens Profound Fire Mirror several fire snakes flew out, burning the bones of the big snake to ashes.

At the same time, the dragon and snake’s evil energy was also released by him, merged into the ashes, and turned into a crimson fiery snake by cultivating with a secret method.

This is the method of ‘Red Dragon Spirit Art’, which can sacrifice and refine nine fire snakes at the highest, and even magically transform them into fire dragons.

The power is incredible.

Whether protecting the body or attacking the enemy, there is no magic to counter it.


Fang Xian pinched a hand and pointed at the fire snake.

That fiery snake turned into a crimson light, penetrated from his seven apertures, and fell into his dantian, depicting a crimson talisman.

With this ‘Red Dragon Spirit Talisman’, the Red Dragon Spirit Art can be considered the first step to mastery, and the next step is to use mana to sacrifice and refine the water-grinding martial arts.

Moreover, as more fires are added in the future, the number of fire snakes can also be increased, eventually forming the pole of nine.


Fang Xian took the Nine Heaven Profound Fire Mirror, stroked the surface of this magic weapon, and sighed inwardly.

This magic weapon contains the flame supernatural power of Heavenly Fire Master, which is compatible with the cultivation method.

It has already consumed how many fire seeds, it basically is a big treasury.

If it can be opened, then there is no need for external requirements.

Whether it is the Red Dragon Spirit Art or the Five Fire Divine Thunder, it can be accomplished in an instant.

’If it is completely destroyed, it may even be enough for the accumulation of pills, but unfortunately… I can’t grab it…’

Fang Xian smiled bitterly.

With this magic weapon, he can only control nine fire snakes, and even the fire dragons cannot be used.

Moreover, he has already sacrificed and refined the spirit, he can only use it for personal use.

If he wants to destroy it, there will be backlash.

Of course, Master Heavenly Fire was not afraid, but he couldn’t hold it back at this time.

At this moment, his ears moved, and he heard a piercing sound from the horizon.

When he got out of the cave, he saw that the sky was clear and the air was clear.

Except for a little sword light in the corner of his eyes, there was no other abnormality.

”That direction… is Xuding Mountain, did a renowned Sword Immortal go there”

Fang Xian sighed inwardly, knowing that when the Rebellion in Xuding Mountain came to an end, those scattered cultivators, if they didn’t open their eyes right away, would be in danger immediately! 


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