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Years are long, and more than a hundred years have passed in a hurry.

Twenty one rounds of martial arts, more than a hundred years, is enough to replace seven or eight generations.

No matter how heroic a person is, he cannot escape the fate of being blown away by the rain and wind.

Only the deeds of “seven killings of the white tiger and domination of the world” have been sung continuously in the past hundred years, making Fang Xian deserve his name and become a martial arts myth.

Yuanwu Kingdom, Golden Wind Drizzle Building.

”Flowers bloom and wither, but helplessly hurt the spring…”

Fang Xian lay on the soft chair and sighed.

At this time, he was no longer young.

The black and shiny hair turned frosty white, the body that was full of vitality also became old and rickety, and the wrinkles on the face were crisscrossed and age spots.

”This year, one hundred and seventy-nine years old, and there is still one year… three Jiazi, is it my limit”

The great master’s mental acuity allows him to accurately grasp the time of death of his body.

This kind of sadness watching life come to an end little by little and the candles lit little by little is absolutely beyond the imagination of young people.

Even if he once dominated the world!

Even though he does not have the name of the leader of the martial arts alliance, he has the reality and power of the leader of the martial arts alliance!

Even if he has supreme power, all the treasures, beauty, and unique skills in the world… everything is given when asked, and it is extremely extravagant.

Up to now, no matter how good the wine, no matter how beautiful the beauties, could not arouse the slightest interest in him.

Instead, there is a kind of sadness of ‘drawing a sword and looking around at a loss’.

What if his martial arts are invincible in the world Without foreign enemies, he could only watch his body gradually age, his blood and qi decay, and even the dharma of the white tiger at its peak would be difficult to form, like a tiger with its teeth pulled out.

”Between life and death, there is great terror!”

”If you die on the battlefield, it will be nothing, but it is this feeling of powerlessness, which is terrifying…”

”Even if I have a cheat, I’m not sure if I can live the fourth life…”

”That’s why those wise masters in history have become cowardly and cruel when they get old… It’s not that they are really stupid, but they are self-abandoning… Because even if they are famous for eternity, what is it for in the face of death”

In this world, two hundred years of human life is the limit!

Of course, this limit is only the most perfect theoretical state.

When Fang Xian was young, all kinds of battles, injuries… consumed a lot of qi, blood, and essence, which greatly reduced the life of the body.

Originally, he only had a lifespan of about one hundred and fifty years.

Even with the help of the white tiger dharma, the absorption of essence would only be delayed for 30 years, and it would be impossible!

Unless… he can really break through the realm!

”Unfortunately…it’s impossible, the great master is the upper limit of this world… In fact, the true qi cultivation of the great master is similar to that of the master, but it is only just a layer of the spiritual realm stronger, which can achieve the unity of heaven and man.

It’s just a fusion of heaven and earth…”

”This is the limitation of the world.

Unless you can overwhelm the world alone, you can’t break through it at all…”

Fang Xian got up and came to the outside world.

”Great offering!”

A deacon immediately knelt down to greet him, as if watching a god descend into the mortal world.

”Go outside the city, Fenglin Mountain.”

Fang Xian got into the carriage and gave an order.

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He is now the biggest worshiper of Golden Wind Drizzle Tower, even if the new owner, ‘Yu Xiaohu‘, has to obey him.

On Fenglin Mountain, a group of red forests are infested.

In the cold wind, Fang Xian came to a tomb.

This is Jade Dragon Beauty’s tomb!

This female master was older than him, so naturally she took a step ahead of him.

Today is her birthday.

Fang Xian closed his eyes.

At the beginning, the fairy was dressed in black and her jade feet like snow seemed to be right in front of her.

Moreover, this female master might have some feelings for him later, but he declined.

Not only that.

Everyone in all corners of the world knows that the former White Tiger Star Lord, the current White Tiger Immortal, is alone all his life, with no family, no wife and children, and no apprentices.

People in martial arts all say that Immortal White Tiger has no worries and no weakness in the slightest.

Fang Xian knew that he was afraid.

I am afraid to see my wife and son die before me!

He didn’t want to go through that grief and pain again.

Just as he once disguised himself and went to see off the Wang family.

The Wang family at the time had already enjoyed their long years, and now he secretly takes care of their bloodline, but in terms of affection, it is really thin, and there is not much left.

”Live, leave, death, farewell…”

Fang Xian murmured, feeling extremely complicated in his heart.

Back at the Golden Wind Drizzle Building, a young man greeted him: “Grandpa!”

He has bright eyebrows and bright eyes, and he has a youthful energy that Fang Xian is envious of.

”Xiaohu…what’s the matter”

Fang Xian directly suppressed the darkness and jealousy in his heart and asked casually.

”The latest information, the second line of the Brahma Dao, seems to have a successor who secretly bore a successor… and the northern master Bao Shenglong has also made a breakthrough.

Maybe he wants to challenge the grandfather…”

Yu Xiaohu said worriedly. 

In the past, there were also masters who wanted to challenge Fang Xian, and they were all geniuses in martial arts.

And then no more…

The prestige of the White Tiger Immortal Monarch was built on the bones of the Grandmaster and the Great Grandmaster.

But now, it seems that the news that Fang Xian is old and frail has spread, the wolf king is old, and another challenging male wolf is eager to try again.

Among them, Bao Shenglong and Yu Xiaohu, known as ‘North Dragon and Southern Tiger’, are the most prestigious masters of the younger generation of martial arts in Jianghu.

Now Bao Shenglong broke through the great master and directly suppressed Yu Xiaohu.

”Haha… It seems that my fierce name can no longer hold them down… Cough…”

Fang Xian said a few words, then began to cough and gasp.

The great master can control himself perfectly, at least before the age of 150, his combat power is still 90% of the peak period.

But after the age of one hundred and sixty, his state began to decline year by year, and he began to lose control of his qi and blood, and even fell ill.

At the age of one hundred and seventy-nine, and there is still one year left, it will naturally worsen.

”Forget it… The peace of more than 150 years has to be broken.

After a long period of separation, it must be reunited.

After a long period of cooperation, it must be divided.

This is the common sense of heaven…”

Fang Xian waved his hand and asked Yu Xiaohu, who wanted to come up and beat his back, to back down: “I can’t control these things, and I don’t want to… As for the challenge Let’s talk about it when the challenge letter  is really delivered to the door…”

Jade Dragon Beauty never married.

This Yu Xiaohu is not a direct descendant of Jade Dragon Beauty, but she has the ability and talent.

With Fang Xian’s help, she will still have the Golden Wind Drizzle Building in her hands.

Golden Wind Drizzle Building is completely surnamed ‘Yu‘.

At this moment, looking at Fang Xian’s emaciated and hunched back, Yu Xiaohu’s expression couldn’t be more complicated. 


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