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The moon sinks and the stars are hiding, and the sun rises in the east.

The people in the martial arts who were present felt as if they had a nightmare and could never wake up.

One of the two branches of the dignified Brahma Dao, Rushi Temple, the origin of the Brahma Dao, seems, seems, probably will be defeated by a single person.

Before the mountain gate.

The Buddha drank, the sword cried, and the tiger roared.

But most of the 108 innate Arhat stick monks died, and the six great masters and bodhisattvas faltered, apparently not being able to last for long.

The ‘Vajra Arhat Conquering Demons Great Array’, which had suppressed the previous great master, was about to fall apart.




Suddenly, Fang Xian’s full-fledged laughter was heard: “I’ve seen enough of this formation, let’s break it.”


The White Tiger roared, forcing the Swordsman and Rushi monk away.


The next moment, he suddenly threw six punches.




The six Grand Master Bodhisattvas exploded directly and were swallowed by the blood mist in mid-air.


Without them, the remaining innate stick monks fell to the ground, turned into mummified corpses, and also merged into the blood mist.


Fang Xian felt that the energy in his body was endless, almost overflowing.




At this moment, a flying sword broke through the force field with difficulty and cut over his shoulder.


A column of blood spurted out.


But Fang Xian’s brows didn’t even wrinkle, he controlled the muscles to heal, a surge of essence surging, and he returned to normal.




Monk Rushi shouted: “Such a devil, everyone in the martial arts world, everyone will be killed by him!”




Fang Xian glanced coldly: “Look at the world, who can kill me”


In terms of high-end martial arts, even Rushi Temple and Qing Dynasty The two great masters of Yuan Palace are not his opponents together.


As for the siege, as soon as his white tiger aura opened, thousands of troops could only kneel.


Even if you want to consume him alive, in the blood fog, it is impossible.


”Catastrophe, catastrophe…”


Monk Zhifan no longer had the demeanor he had before, he took a few steps back and suddenly lost his breath.


He has been exhausted to death by Fang Xian!


So far, a generation of great masters, together with such a temple, have been defeated and lost under Fang Xian’s hands, and they have been completely defeated.


The flying sword in mid-air let out a mournful cry and was about to fly back to the swordsman who was sitting cross-legged.


Fang Xian’s eyes were cold and he chased after it directly.


He saw the azure light fall into the hands of the swordsman, and the swordsman stood up immediately, his face pale.


Obviously, a lot of vitality and spirit were also consumed in the formation.


”Come here!”


Fang Xian grasped with both hands, and the white tiger dharma behind him opened his mouth wide and inhaled.


A pulling force suddenly fell on the swordsman.


This is not as close as before, plus the immortals broke through again, and all aspects have improved, but the swordsman practitioners have lost their vitality, and the probability of escape is less than 30%!


As soon as the swordsman gritted his teeth, he floated away like duckweed.

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Fang Xian followed closely behind and made up his mind that even if he chased the ends of the earth, he would not let this person go again this time.


Around the Rushi temple.


”Rushi temple, it’s over…”


”The Qingyuan Palace, I’m afraid…” 


Heads of the six major sects looked at each other, all feeling panic.


The other experts from the outside world felt quite exasperated.


Jade Dragon Beauty looked at all this with a dull expression.


The scenes that happened in the past few days made her feel like she was in a dream.

Soon after, news spread in Jianghu that Fangxian, the white tiger star lord, directly challenged the Rushi Temple, which made the world’s martial arts collectively lose their voices.


Even after the news spread that the swordsman had fallen from his hand, it did not cause any further new waves.


Because all the warriors are almost numb.

A few months later.


Yuanwu country, Yuanwu city.


At the original location of Jinfeng Drizzle Building, groundbreaking has been resumed to build a brand new headquarters.


”Congratulations, you are back.”


Not far away, Fang Xian said to Jade Dragon.


”Golden Wind Drizzle… Maybe it’s time to change the name, how about calling it The Building of the Whole World” Jade Dragon Beauty smiled and asked suddenly.


”Are you testing me”


Fang Xian shrugged: “I don’t have much interest in competing for dominance in the world, and the same is true for unifying martial arts.

My dream is just to stand higher and see different scenery.

Then I don’t need to create more murders…”


”Today, you are being respected as the number one expert in the world.

With whatever you say and do, it is possible to overthrow a country…Isn’t that already ideal” Jade Dragon Beauty smiled bitterly.


”It’s very simple, right but it’s also very difficult…”


Fang Xian changed the topic: “How did those famous families react”


”What else Qingyuan Palace and Rushi Temple announced the closure of the mountain for two hundred years, ignoring the affairs of Jianghu.

The six major factions are also shrinking… Of course, they also sent a lot of heavy gifts.”


”Even you say these are heavy gifts, so there must be some good things.” Fang Xian nodded.


Taking advantage of the prestige of killing the two great masters in a row before, he has already scoured the treasure house of the two branches of the Brahma and Dao with lightning speed.


The exercises such as “Dragon Tiger Power King Kong Unbreakable Magical Powers” and “Swordsmanship” were directly included in the bag.


Other than that, there’s not much to see.


”Except for the Bodhi Temple, the six major sects have all sent the Benmen Town sect’s exercises and other classics, saying that they are asking you to examine them…” Jade Dragon pursed her lips and smiled.


It is well known that Fang Xian likes to search for martial arts techniques.


This is the life-buying money of the six major factions!


”Not bad…”


Fang Xian was very satisfied with this: “I have no intention of provoking disputes, so just keep the status quo.”


”With your words, they can rest assured.” Jade Dragon said solemnly


”Martial Arts in jianghu, and even the entire world, can achieve two hundred years of peace, and everyone should thank you for this!”


Today’s Fang Xian can indeed be called suppressing the world with one person.


Before he died of old age, all ghosts and ghosts were all clowns jumping on the beam.

It can be seen that martial arts will indeed usher in a rather long period of peace.


As for after death, that can’t be controlled, and I don’t want to.


”Two hundred years…”


Fang Xian sighed suddenly.


He is only in his twenties now, and according to the limits of the human body in this world, he still has about 167 years to live.


The two branches of the Brahma and Dao have set the rule of closing the mountain for two hundred years, which is to completely admit defeat and wait for him to die of old age.


”If I can break through the limit of 200 lifespans, I will definitely give them a big surprise… Unfortunately, it seems unlikely…”


Fang Xian stood on a high place, overlooking the entire Yuanwu City.


Memories of the previous life could not help but emerge.


Mediocrity, ignorance, and finally a horrific death… 


In this life, he finally stood at the top, only he trampled others to death, and no one else stepped on him.


And, saw more, different scenery.


”This is… my world.”


He whispered, his emotions complicated


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