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In the moonlight, Fang Xian left a letter and walked out of the small mountain village.

He still couldn’t stand the sadness of parting and chose to leave on his own.

When he returned home this time, he took care of everything and even arranged for his nephew and niece to read.

In the end, after thinking about it a lot, he still left a few martial arts and spiritual methods – not the ones that can reveal their origins at a glance, but the ones that can be found in any common street.

Although it is rough and simple, if you have the talent for martial arts, you may not be able to make a fortune.

Of course, he had warned many times beforehand that “wealth should not be revealed”.

With the cunning and wisdom of Wang Laogen’s rural neighbors, he knew how good they were, therefore they should definitely cover it up well.

After all, in this world, without martial arts, other methods to get ahead are fake.

After finishing all this, Fang Xian let go of his burden and began to prepare for the battle with all his strength.

“I was promoted to greatmaster, Qingyuan Palace and Rushi Temple must regard me as a thorn in their eyes, and it would be very troublesome if the swordsman and Zhifan monk were to join forces…”

At the foot of Baiyun Mountain, because after the death of Chu Madman, the greatmasters from the big sects were invincible in the world, and the swordsman chose to act alone, which is actually a good opportunity.

It’s a pity that Fang Xian can’t catch up with the swordmaster.

The next time they fight, the opponent probably won’t give him a fair chance to fight.

80% of the time is “What rules should I observe with the devil” Let’s all stand shoulder to shoulder! ‘ that kind of drama.

”The Greatmasters can also be divided by their strengths and weaknesses.

If I improve further, it is not impossible to fight one against two…”

Fang Xian quickly recalled the strength he currently had.

”This world doesn’t seem to be simple.

There are still some good things in the Brahma and  Dao, such as the sword-fighting skills of swords people… The practice of Bodhi Temple is said to be passed down from Rushi Temple, and it also has some unique secrets… Should I try to see if I can go grab it”

Today’s six major factions are no longer a huge issue in Fang Xian’s eyes.

”Actually, even if you learn from others’ strengths, it is limited to this world.

The highest level is the level of ‘Swordsmanship’ and ‘Dragon Tiger Power King’s Indestructible Magical Power’… if I want to be unpredictable, I can only rely on higher secret techniques…”

Fang Xian’s face was solemn.

In his hand, there is also a copy of “Secret Records of the Mysterious Caverns”, which is strange and unpredictable, and its power can definitely crush the exercises of the two groups, Brahma and Dao.

”It’s a pity… With my current state, that is, the last time I worked hard for several years, I only had an epiphany after climbing the Tianfeng…”

According to Fang Xian’s guess, the “Secret Records of the Mysterious Caverns” has two training methods.

The first is that in that universe, it is affected by the ‘giant eyes of the starry sky’.

Although the progress is fast, there is an 80% chance of it being limited.

It is difficult to say what its final outcome will be.

The second is a coincidence.

In this way, relying on adventures to block the influence from the ‘upper layers’, and then relying on one’s own realm to forcibly understand the secret book.

”What grandmaster, great master, in the ‘giant eyes of the starry sky’, I am afraid they are no different from ordinary people, that’s why I could only rely on coincidence last time to achieve a realization…”

Fang Xian frowned: “But I still have the cheat of the attribute column, which can consume my true energy and improve my understanding… Maybe I can comprehend the “Secret Records of the Mysterious Caverns” once This book is really curiously evil.

In case he realizes something strange, it might lead to insanity”

He doesn’t care if he is practicing evil and devilish arts, as long as he can make it work for him, but he is afraid that his thinking will be affected, become schizophrenic, crazy, or change his personality, and become addicted to murder.

Even if it is the martial arts of this world, the realm is not enough, and the chance of forcibly practicing to the next level will greatly increase.

”However, if you are forced into a desperate situation, I am afraid that I will have to do so, but the true energy required to comprehend the “Secret Records of the Mysterious Caverns” is astonishingly large.

I have been supplementing these days, and it is still a little short… “

”Then it will be a two-pronged approach.

Let’s loot some martial arts technique first.”

Fang Xian’s mind was certain, and quickly performed qingong to leave.

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Tianlun Kingdom.

This country is located to the north of Yuanwu State.

The country believes in Brahma Taoism.

There are temples standing around almost every big city.

Especially outside the capital of Tianlun, 490 large temples have been built, each of which is dedicated to the cultivation of Taoist monks, which is very famous.

The gate of the Bodhi Temple is located here.

Bodhi Mountain.

Fang Xian wore a white-gold robe and strolled outside the mountain gate: “Can Master Xinchan be here Fang Xian came to worship the mountain!”

His voice was not loud, but it spread eerily farther and farther, echoing throughout the temple.

For a time, many monks were so frightened that the wooden fish in their hands fell to the ground: “The white tiger evil star is here!”

The entire Bodhi Temple was silent, and then suddenly there were dozens of hustle and bustle.

Especially in the vicinity of Fang Xian, the two little novices who were cleaning with brooms rolled their eyes and fainted from fright.

”Am I so scary”

Fang Xian touched her face, she didn’t know what kind of devil she had been rendered into among the famous and decent.


After a while, a group of monks greeted them with the sound of a Buddha’s horn, followed by a row of monks holding sticks, their faces looking like death.

”This poor monk is Xinben, he has seen benefactor Fang, but he doesn’t know why benefactor Fang came here”

There was a monk in front, wearing the robe of a great monk, his face scorched yellow, and his hands clasped together.

”There are some minor reasons…Where is Master Xinchan”

Fang Xian glanced, but did not see Xin Chan, so he could not help but ask strangely.

”Brother Xinchan died of serious injuries on the road and has passed away.” Master Xinben’s eyes showed a trace of grief and anger.


Fang Xianxin said that he didn’t realize that the old man was so fragile when they were fighting last time, and there was a smile on his face: “I want to take a look at the Buddhist scriptures pavilion in the Zen Temple, I ask the master for permission!”

”The devil!”


His heart skipped a beat, and the warrior monks behind had blushed and roared: “Do you still want to covet my Zen practice”

”Although the martial arts of this temple are crude, they are not taught to outsiders…”

Master Xinben just said half a sentence when he saw a three-eyed white tiger with evil patterns emerging from behind Fang Xian.

The twisted and weird patterns brought a strong sense of impact.

The warriors under the congenital realm shuddered and fainted one after another, and even the congenital masters felt that their true qi was blocked.

”If you don’t agree, it’s a pity that this great Buddhist temple will be destroyed in a sea of ​​fire.”

Fang Xian sighed: “I have always been a reasonable person.”

”Amitabha, Zen Buddhism has opened the door for convenience.

Since the benefactor just wants to see…Xinji, take the donor to the Tibetan Sutra Pavilion!”

Master Xinben suddenly said.

”Thank you!”

Fang Xian nodded in greeting and followed another master into the Bodhi Temple, knowing that he had to speed up.

After all, he was a low-profile person before, so the swordmaster and Zhifan monk could not catch his whereabouts.

But when this happened, it is guaranteed that the information will appear on the desks of the two branches of the Brahman and Dao in the shortest possible time.

If it is discovered that he is interested in the six major martial arts, traps will definitely be set up for him and they will wait for him, like catching a rabbit.

”But I’m not afraid of group attacks.

There are only two Grandmasters.

They want to block me, and it’s very troublesome…”

A smile appeared on Fang Xian’s mouth.


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