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“What’s the matter Isn’t White Tiger Star Lord the last to fight”

The heads of the six major factions looked at each other and were a little flustered by Fang Xian’s unexpected hand.

To name the ones that have hatred for Fang Xian, they are the Red Ape Sect Master and the Ice Soul Fairy of the Suxin faction.

But the Red Ape Sect Master knows himself that his martial arts were inferior to the previous generation.

If he battles at this time, there was no other way than being beaten to death.

Ice Soul Fairy had a hand with Fang Xian before and was also injured and unable to compete.

After all, there are strong and weak points among the masters.

This White Tiger Star Lord has undoubtedly stood on the top of the master!

After a moment of silence, Master Xinchan from Bodhi Temple came out: “Amitabha, let this old monk take over this battle, how about it”

”Master Xinchan is willing to take action, it is naturally the best.”

The True Martial Sect Master breathed a sigh of relief and smiled.

Master Xinchan has already reached the pinnacle of the grand master and has cultivated a mysterious and unpredictable spiritual skill.

In terms of strength, he is definitely the first person among the six grand masters.


Fang Xian waved his hand slightly.


Master Xinchan folded his hands together, and a thin layer of golden light radiated from his body.

”‘Vajra Hunyuan Body’… It is said that it is a practice method that evolved from the ‘Dragon Tiger Powerful King Kong Indestructible Supernatural Power’ in Rushi Temple.

It is also an innate unique skill.

Jade Dragon Beauty’s voice spread throughout the audience.


Fang Xian’s face showed an expression of interest and stepped forward abruptly.

When he took this step, he was like an inch shrinking from the ground.

He walked like a tiger, and came to the front of the monk Xinchan, with his right hand stretched out and his five fingers open.

Tiger-shaped search claws!

This is the killing method attached to the ‘Seven Killing Fist of the White Tiger’, but in Fang Xian’s hands at this time, he can use it at will.

Roar! Roar!

His claws carried the wind and thunder, tore through the air, and seemed to carry the roar of a tiger, directly grabbing onto the body protection magic of the monk Xinchan.


Grabbing it with one claw, the sound of ripping through leather suddenly sounded.

Master Xinchan took a few steps back, and there were five more bloodstains on his body.

With one blow, the ‘King Kong Primordial Body’ was instantly broken!


The heads of the five major factions were almost speechless when they saw this scene.

Although they have already looked at Fang Xian very highly, the strength of the other party still often exceeds expectations!


Master Xinchan had a solemn expression, and his hands were sealed, as if countless arms were born, each of which displayed different seals.

Innate uniqueness – Thousand-hands and thousand-eyes Tathagata Seal!

In an instant, Fang Xian seemed to have a Buddha in front of him.

This is of course fake, it does not exist in reality, but an illusion brought to him by the innate cultivation method.

The way of the master, pay more attention to the battle in the spiritual realm!

Just now, it was his white tiger aura that directly suppressed the mind of the master of Xinchan, and he was able to make merit in one fell swoop.

The same is true for the rescue before and the repelling of the Ice Soul Fairy.

But at this time, Fang Xian suddenly noticed a danger in the dark, the danger from the monk Xinchan!

”Three times of reincarnation, secret meditation, once a thought is born, it must be karmic!”

The big Buddha’s hand knotted with the lotus seal suddenly shouted loudly.

A mysterious spiritual power immediately entangled the spirit of the immortal above, pulling him into a certain illusion together!

According to rumors, monks who practice extremely high can see the memories of their birth and even their previous lives.

Based on this principle, the Bodhi Temple has created a marvelous practice called – “Secret Vehicle of Three Reincarnations”! Read the most updated version of this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at Novel Multiverse – “NovelMultiverse dot com”

This skill is very wonderful, it can pull the opponent into reincarnation and reincarnate for three times.

This is actually an exaggeration, but it can make the master fall into an illusion and cannot extricate himself.

It’s just that this skill is extremely difficult, and in the entire Bodhi Temple, only Master Xinchan has practiced it.

At this time, it is necessary to use his own spirit as an introduction, pull Fang Xian into the illusion of the third reincarnation, and start a spiritual battle!

However, when the mind of Xinchan began to contact the spiritual core of Fangxian, a mutation suddenly occurred!


A huge mood counterattacked back.

’No, Heaven and Man are one! This young man is already a great master! ‘

Xinchan’s mind meditation is strongly shaken.

”Three Reincarnation Secret Vehicle” is based on the method of controlling the heart using the heart.

Although it is invincible in the same realm, but it is most afraid of the great master’s method of the unity of heaven and man!

After all, how can a human heart shake the will of heaven and earth

Once the great master integrates his own spirit into the world, this secret method becomes the ants shaking the tree.

Master Xinchan retreated spiritually and was ready to endure backlash.

But the next moment, his spirit suffered an unimaginable shock.


The overwhelming horror and distortion swept across the sky.

Unsound, unseen, unspeakable, unthinkable, unthinkable…

It was a… indescribable horror!


In reality, everyone only saw that Master Xinchan, who was using the method, suddenly changed his face and spit out a mouthful of blood.

”The devil… the devil!”

With trembling fingers, he pointed at Fang Xian.

Behind the other party, he vaguely saw the red, black, and white rays of light converging, vaguely forming a thing.

It was a three-eyed white tiger with red and black patterns on its body!

——Three-eyed evil pattern white tiger!



At this moment, Master Xinchan felt a spiritual backlash explode in his mind.

His eyes exploded directly, turning into two dark blood holes. 



Zhenwu Sect Master and others were shocked and quickly welcomed Xinchan back.

Even if “Three Reincarnation Secret Ride” had side effects, it won’t be so tragic!

”This young one…the devil…the catastrophe…kill him! Kill him!”

Master Xinchan’s face was distorted, and he cried out madly.

”Ahem…Master, throwing dirty water if you fail is not the work of a monk.”

Fang Xian stood upright, with a slight smile on the corner of his mouth.

There is no such thing as a demon in this world.

At most, it is the martial artist who cultivates the innate unique skills and becomes insane and becomes a madman or a murderous madman.

And how he sees it, he has nothing to do with this kind of person.

”Master Xinchan has been defeated, who will come next”

Fang Xian screamed in the sky.

Amidst the whistling, something incredible happened.

Behind him, a white tiger emerged.

The head has three eyes, the body is snow-white, and it has scarlet-black patterns!

”Then… what is that”

”What a terrifying aura, no… How could the aura transform into shape and still be seen by the naked eye”

The warriors outside the field fell into an inexplicable state.

Although congenital masters can gain all kinds of incredible power through meditation, they must also obey the rules of reality.

In the past, the white tigers and illusions were all spiritual battles, and spiritual illusions could never be seen by outsiders.

But now, the white tiger behind Fang Xian has turned into reality, even if an ordinary person comes over, it can be clearly seen with the naked eye.

In other words, the mind begins to interfere with matter!

It’s magic power!

So far, martial arts has surpassed the original logic’s barrier! 


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