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The first level of the Seven Killing Fist of the White Tiger enables access to explosive power in the body.

The second level, the acupoint focus, is the technique to accumulate all the visualized explosive power into the acupoints, providing the power to break the limit of the human body!

Originally, Fang Xian successively blocked the two ultimate moves, “ape demon opening the mountain” and “the ape demon turning the sea”, and it had already been his limits, he is now incapable of blocking the ultimate move of the Red Ape Sect Master.

After all, the human body works under certain conditions, his old force has been exhausted, and the new force has not yet been produced.

This truly is yellow does not reach green. 


The Red Ape Sect Master grasped this timing, and it can be said that he is extremely clever.

Moreover, the shot he used was in full force and won the essence of martial arts.

Under this stick, he couldn’t help but feel some regrets in his heart, and felt that Fang Xian, a young talent, would surely die!

But in an instant, his expression changed.

In a state of confusion, he seemed to hallucinate, seeing three white tigers jumping out of Fang Xian.

In reality, Fang Xian twisted his waist forcibly, his right hand opened into a huge arc, and he suddenly punched!

Three Tigers Opens Peace!

Thirteen percent activated!


In the midst of the loud noise, the two figures’ shadows parted at the touch of a button.

Fang Xian looked at his clothes ripped to pieces, showing a bruised right arm, and narrowed his eyes.

On the opposite side, the ebony stick in the hands of Red Ape Sect Master has disappeared, and his expression is full of solemnity: “Monster!”

So young, yet able to fight to this level with the grandmaster of one of the top six sects, what is he but a monster

At this moment, Red Ape Sect Master had an uncontrollable killing intent in his heart.

After all, they will be taking revenge, and the other party is so amazing, he is afraid that in a few years, the Red Ape Sect will be destroyed!


Fang Xian clenched his fists, and the joints of his body exploded, and he was about to shoot again.

“I’m fortunate to see the battle of the masters today, and ask the two of you to give me face, how about giving up on each other”

A female voice like a clear spring suddenly sounded outside the field.

“Huh Another grandmaster”

Fang Xian looked at it and saw a heroic woman sitting on the head of the small boat that the Red Ape Sect Master was riding previously.

At this time, a pair of white jade-like calves were soaked in the moat water, as if they were washing their feet.

“Jade Dragon Beauty…”

The Red Ape Sect Master seemed to be extremely afraid of this woman, and suddenly the figure shot back and disappeared into the wilderness.

“Hehe, that’s smart! Otherwise, if the two of us join forces, it’s really possible to maintain his person.”

Jade Dragon Beauty walked on the water and came to the land, and suddenly smiled playfully.

Fang Xian’s expression was solemn.

This woman walked on the water as if she was walking on the ground, her body’s qi was moving round and round, and the water could not get in.

She was obviously a master who was still vaguely above the Red Ape Sect Master.

As for appearance

True qi is successful, and it naturally has the ability to maintain beauty, which cannot be viewed with common sense.

“You are”

He asked.

“After all, I am half a landlord, and you are also the guests of my Golden Wind and Drizzle Building.

I have to help you, make you feel indebted to us so that it’ll be easier to ask for your help in the future…”

Jade Dragon Beauty spoke quite frankly and forthrightly and threw a jade bottle over: “My Autumn Dew ointment can cure all kinds of external injuries, and the effect is even higher than that of the dragon and tiger bone refining ointment.

Even though the damage to your hand is just a trivial matter, cure it earlier then it will recover earlier too…” Read the most updated version of this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at Novel Multiverse – “NovelMultiverse dot com”

“Thank you.”

Fang Xian slightly clenched his fists, took the jade bottle, and suddenly said: “I heard that the Golden Wind Gentle Drizzle Tower is unfathomable.

The saying, it is hard to keep dragons in shallow water, is true.

Your Excellency is one of the twin dragons, am I right”

“Exactly, but it doesn’t matter if a new generation replaces the old…”

Jade Dragon smiled charmingly: “For example…you, holding the Jiachou token at this time is simply an insult.

When you go back, we will change that to Jiazi token.

“Thank you Senior Yu for your help!”

At this time, Bao Gan also came over to salute, not squinting.

“Well… Brother Zhou, long time no see.”

Jade Dragon Beauty bowed to Zhou Xuan, but Zhou Xuan looked bewildered and did not respond.


Seeing this, Jade Dragon Beauty could only shake her head: “The martial arts conference is approaching, your master is not in good condition, if you can’t find a suitable place, you can go to the Golden Wind Gentle Drizzle Building.”

Zhou Xuan was wounded in his soul and could only rely on himself.

Other than that, any famous doctor’s skill was useless.

“Thank you, senior.” Bao Gan thanked him again and again.

“Okay, it’s not advisable to stay here for a long time, let’s go.” Jade Dragon Beauty waved her hand.

Time tonight.

Golden Wind Gentle Drizzle Building Headquarters.

The halls in front are staggered, and the materials used to make it are all the best things in the world, and all kinds of enjoyment here are even better than in the palace.

Fang Xian had no intention to be entangled, and after doing the basic formalities, he returned to his room to recuperate.

Between breaths, Hunyuan True Qi roamed his whole body, and the strands, like mercury, became thicker and purer.

“Sure enough… After the innate stage, bloody battles are great to agitate the True Qi… If it can continue, the day the True Qi is completed isn’t far… The premise is that you don’t get killed or suffer untreatable injuries…”

Fang Xian took Qingyu Pill orally, and then checked the Autumn Dew Ointment, and then smeared it on his arm.

A sense of coolness spread suddenly, and it seemed that the previous minor injuries were no longer necessary to worry about.

But Fang Xian didn’t dare to neglect it.

Although this kind of injury was small, over time, he was afraid that he would leave a whole body of pain.

This is something that even a congenital master cannot avoid.

“A master in this world can live to be less than 200 years old at most… And, after 150 years old, no matter how you take care of it, your physical body will continue to decline.

How sad is that”

Why don’t the older martial arts legends dare to fight with others Naturally, it was because the martial arts had regressed, and if you were not careful, you might be beaten to death!

Birth, old age, sickness, and death are the laws of nature.

‘In my previous life, I actually broke this rule, and my body traversed the universe…I can’t imagine what realm it is now.

It’s a pity…but I missed a great opportunity…’

Fang Xian sighed secretly but adjusted back in a moment.

His heart is already very firm.

At this moment, a vague feeling struck, causing Fang Xian’s expression to change slightly as he pushed the door out of the building.

Before the attic, there is a garden.

In the garden, there is a kind of ‘three-day drunk’ blooming.

This flower is colorful and fragrant.

It is evergreen all year round, but it only blooms for three days every year.

What is even more surprising is that different flower bunches have different flowering periods, and there are even those that still bloom in the harsh winter which are considered treasures.

The more wealthy the family, the more they like to constantly replace the blooming three-day drunk in the garden, resulting in splendid scenes such as ‘Three Months of Drunkenness’ and ‘Half Years of Red Makeup’.

But in the small garden of the Golden Wind Gentle Drizzle Building, it changes every three days, and it lasts for years!

At this time, in the flower pavilion, a figure is sitting against the pillar, it is the owner of Golden Wind Gentle Drizzle Tower, Jade Dragon Beauty, one of the two dragons!

“Brother Fang doesn’t seem to be in high spirits, did our tower neglect you”

Jade Dragon Beauty suddenly smiled.

Under the moonlight, the other person’s skin was as crystal clear as jade, as if it was about to bloom with a layer of fluorescence.

“The tower lord’s kindness, I will remember it…”

Fang Xian sighed: “You helped me once, and I have to help you once, please tell me if you have anything!”


Yulong smiled sweetly: “How about asking Brother Fang to join hands with me to kill a dragon” 


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