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Innate qi is filling the field, and staff shadows are expanding vertically and horizontally. 

Bao Gan and Du Wan both practiced the “Mad Demonic Staff Method”.

Once activated, the two people were like mad apes, their staff became dragon-like and fought frantically. 

“Eight Heroes, Sixteen Rising Stars the ranking evaluated by the Golden Wind and Gentle Drizzle Guild for the younger generation of the country’s new innate talents… Hero-level characters or thick degree of true energy, or has rich experience of moves, or all of them combined.

In addition, everyone in this category was a level above the normal innate practitioner… From these points, Bao Gan will suffer a bit in this fight.”

“But this fat man is used to hiding his clumsiness.

In this fight between life and death, it seems that his true qi is comparable to that of Du Wan.

His leverage lies in his diverse battle experience, the difference between victory and defeat is only a millimeter away.

Originally, Du Wan even had the backing of one of the elders of their sect who specially found information regarding Bao Gan, like battle reports, analysis of flaws.

He should have the upper hand but now… they’re fighting on equal footing.”

Fang Xian put his arm around him and stared at the competing at the arena, his eyes gleaming, “There’s only one explanation for this.

Du Wan is not the only one who cheated.

There is someone backing Bao Gan who coached him, his master is here”

The situation right now, the battle is obviously going in Bao Gan’s favor.

After all, it is publicly known that Bao Gan is not as good as Du Wan.

So as long as he can hold out and equal him in this battle, then the prestige is his. 

And the pressure for Du Wan magnified. 

Frustrated to break through the predicament, the practitioner may unconsciously show a weak point. 

When martial artists fight, the outcome of either life or death is standing on a very fine line.

“Ha! Now die!”

All of a sudden, Du Wan roared, holding a staff in each of his hands and slamming down from the sky with overwhelming force.

Bao Gan had a determined expression, and the wooden staff in his hand rushed up like a pillar towards the sky, piercing the heavy staff of Du Wan and hit him right on his chest.


Du Wan vomited blood and was thrown outside of the arena.


“Brother Bao, so amazing!”

“This time in public, I defeated one of the Eight Heroes in a fair duel, which really boosts the reputation of rising stars like me.”

“Perhaps soon, Golden Wind and Gentle Drizzle Guild will soon reshuffle the rankings…” 

Sun Beichen, Shi Guo, and Xie Huan hurriedly stepped forward to congratulate Bao Gan.

They also shot a careful glance towards the Red Monkey Sect.

Disciples from big sects are self-proclaimed righteous, they always try to win with reasoning.

Even when it is unreasonable, they still try to win three points.

“Senior Brother Du, what to do”

The disciples of the Red Ape Sect surrounded Du Wan and fed him a few pills.

Du Wan’s countenance then improved a little.

He looked around and lowered his voice, “Master, that old man hasn’t arrived yet”


The surrounding Red Ape Sect disciples shook their heads.

“Senior Brother Du, something is wrong…”

At this time, a disciple of the Red Ape Sect burst in, kneeled down as he said, “Master… Master has been killed!”


Du Wan’s body stiffened, and a mouthful of blood almost rushed out of his throat.

“We… need to hurry back.”

Compared to his master’s affairs, Bao Gan is just a small situation.

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“And that Du Wan, he admitted defeat so easily, that is also quite unusual…”

After saying goodbye to the person who helped support them, Bao Gan and Fang Xian walked back together, their faces full of excitement. 

“Well… Brother Bao’s master is indeed very knowledgeable, just with a few notes, he was able to find the flaw in Du Wan’s staff technique…” Fang Xian’s mouth was smiling slightly as he said amusingly.

“Huh Brother Fang, how do you know”

Bao Gan was startled and immediately bowed solemnly: “I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to hide it, in fact, I had long intended to introduce Master to Brother Fang… It’s just that I couldn’t find the right opportunity before.”

As they were chatting, they could see the high city wall.

“Ha ha… this guy is so fussy.”

Suddenly, a rough voice interjected. 

Fang Xia was startled and saw a strange person appear in front of the two of them.

He is around two meters tall, with thick eyebrows and big eyes.

He is wearing a tattered sackcloth suit.

The beard on his face has obviously not been taken care of, but his eyes are bright and clearly extraordinary.

“Master! Why is an old person like you swooping in from the dark This disciple thanks you…” Bao Gan hurriedly knelt on the ground and kowtowed.

This weirdo seems to be the unreliable master of Bao Gan.

“Yes, get up… This Zhou Xuan’s disciple, why do you act so timidly” The eccentric big man grabbed Bao Gan, “You did a good job, youngster! You didn’t make me lose my face, hehe… That Red Ape Sect even prepared a trap, a sect elder who wanted to harm you, I have already beaten him to death…”


“What” Bao Gan was surprised, “Beat… Beat to death”

“One mere elder, if he dies then he dies.

Even if the old monkey himself comes in person, the harm has already been done.

What else can he do” Zhou Xuan waved his hand and said with great pride.

“Old Monkey… Can it be that head of the Red Ape Sect If this person dares to do this, then there’s 80% that he’s a grandmaster…

Fang Xian was secretly surprised, it seems that the person backing Bao Gan is solid.

But why is it that Bao Gan has always acted carefully, and acted not proudly enough

While thinking about it, he and Zhou Xuan’s eyes moved towards the Hu Cheng river, on that lake, a small boat was traveling, at the front of the boat was an old man in red.

That old man was thin, with a sharp nose and monkey cheeks.

He resembles a big horse monkey in a red coat at first glance.

Afterward, he jumped down lightly.

With just a few skips, he was already with Fang Xian and company.

His eyes all the while staring at Zhou Xuan.

“Good… I was just thinking who was daring enough to kill a Red Ape Sect Elder, it turns out that the ‘Mad King has arrived!’

The red-clothed old man flicked his sleeves, and an ebony staff appeared in his hand: “This old monkey bites more than he can chew.

I have to ask the ‘Mad King’ to teach me some tricks!”

‘Mad King ‘

At this moment, Fang Xian suddenly felt in his heart.

It turned out that the master of Bao Gan, this eccentric, turned out to be the ‘mad king’, one of the six great masters of the outside world and one of the Four Kings of Double Dragon!

“Hmph, old monkey, will I be afraid of you Let me see how much your ‘ape-demon confounding staff’ has grown”

Zhou Xuan laughed, obviously a martial arts fanatic.

But suddenly, his expression changed.

He became a little dazed and a little frightening, the originally bright eyes suddenly darkened.

For an innate practitioner like Fang Xian, a small difference of spirit and energy is a difference between ground and peak.

“Ants… I want to play with ants!”

Zhou Xuan held his fingers, his face full of innocence and childishness.


Fang Xian was stunned, looking at Bao Gan next to him.

“This… When my master was still young he practiced “Zhou Tian Constellation Palm”, which left behind some ill side effects, sometimes… his mind will not become so clear…”

Bao Gan’s face was anxious as he explained to Fang Xian in a low voice.

This fact is well known inside the martial art world.

“No wonder his nickname is Mad King! If you practice wrongly during the innate stage, you really will become a lunatic.”

Fang Xian looked at Bao Gan with pity.

This kind of a “lunatic” master is really unreliable. 


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