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Not far from the inn, there is a tea house.

The downstairs is full of guards, and there is only one table upstairs.

A young man in white held a folding fan and glanced slightly in the direction of Bao Gan’s location.

“After calculating the time, they must have arrived already.”

Next to him, an old man in gray clothes said with a smile: “Second Young Master Jin Yu, personally went down to invite him, presumably mishappenings would not occur while subduing this Bao Gan.”


Zhou, you are Gu’s strategist, you have the ability to see through things, and you are known as a ‘half immortal’ in this world.

Of course, Gu believes in you…”

The young master said, “I just don’t understand why such a lowly Bao Gan is able to be valued by you so much”

TL note: He’s now referring to facial reading, similar to fortune telling.

“This Bao Gan’s face I’ve seen before.

It is only average.

He is fated to experience a disaster which may cause his death at a young age but he will be able to overcome it with a prestigious person’s help.

Not only will he succeed in escaping this trial,  but also be able to amass great luck following that event.

If Young Master will be able to make him your subordinate, you will be able to access his burst of luck.

If we want to restore the dignity of the Yuanwu royal family, we have to take it step by step… one who wants to bear the crown must also bear its weight.” Half Immortal Zhou stroked his beard and replied faithfully. 

“You know that Gu doesn’t believe in that (fortune telling), speak human words!” The young master frowned. 

“As you command!” Half Immortal Zhou’s face became bitter, “According to his subordinates, that Bao Gan has a master, who is already at Zong Shi level… If we are able to connect to the master backing him, it will definitely give Young Master additional support, at least your position as the crowned prince will be more stable.

Once you have ascended the throne, then we can implement our great plan to retrieve Tian Qing…”

“Gu has heard that he had some conflict with the Red Ape Sect”

“Although this person’s life force is a little weaker, but his auspicious stars are shining brightly, he will be luckily be helped by a prestigious person… This time, even without us, he will not be in real danger.

But we must grab this opportunity to make him feel indebted to us.” Half immortal Zhou unconsciously judged the situation from the facial reading he did for Bao Gan.

At this moment, Young Master Yuu and Lu Lianhua have brought the people over.

Half Immortal Zhou narrowed his eyes slightly, only to see another person with a round face and big ears.

This person indeed looks blessed.

But the other person was a mediocre youngster, but using his extraordinary senses he was able to deduce that this other person was leagues away from his peers, and had a menacing aura. 

“Second Young Master, the person has arrived.”

Lu Lianhua and Yu Gongzi stood aside and awaited their next tasks.

“I greet His Royal Highness the Second Prince!”

Bao Gan is not a fool, he was able to guess the identity of the person in front of him and he bowed to him. 

Although the Yuanwu Kingdom’s strength has plummeted after some madman’s rebellion, its strength has dramatically reduced, but it still is incomparable to an ordinary sect in the country.  Their strength is still equal to that of one of the top six sects, and the number of soldiers they can mobilize numbers in the tens of thousands.

They cannot be underestimated.

The second prince was rumored to be wise and capable, and the likelihood of him being the crown prince is high, he also prepared a lot of schemes to reach this goal.

Putting things into perspective, the second prince was also able to make two of the Eight Heroes his subordinates.

This made Bao Gan feel awe towards the Second Prince. 

“Yes… Are you the one who will compete with Du Wan of the Red Ape Sect someday” The second prince snapped his nails, “sure enough, you are a young talent, how about working for Gu’s family”

“Many thanks for the Second Prince’s interest, but I’m used to working freely and wildly…”

It can be seen in Bao Gan’s expression that he considered the offer as he stayed silent for a while but still refused.


The second prince’s expression was solemn and the air around him seemed to become stale.

He paused and said respectfully, “Gu sincerely invites you to become my subordinate, just like Master Lu and Master Yu here, contributing to our clan.

You will be revered by everyone below you… and as for the matter of the Red Ape Sect, Gu will take care of the matter for you!”

“Needless to say, this Second Price does have a kingly aura to him.”

Fang Xian was observing as a bystander, thinking that this scenario was interesting.

And Bao Gan’s body, which had been bowing slightly all this time, straightened up, “Second Prince must know that I, Bao Gan, have never liked any of the sects.

A mere Du Wan makes no difference to me.”


The second prince’s face became solemn.

“The audacity!”

The expressions of Lu Lianhua and Young Master Yu changed even more than their master’s.

They are among the Eight Great Heroes surpassing the Sixteen Rising Stars, Du Wan is on the same level as them.

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Young Master Yu closed the folding fan in his hand, directly charging against Bao Gan’s whole body. 

“Ah, this is unfair! This is unfair!”

Bao Gan shouted loudly and a short stick fell from his right sleeve.

His whole demeanor changed to that of a lunatic’s.

His staff was on full display.

Innate Martial Art – Mad Demonic Staff Method!


The folding fan and the staff collided mid-air.

Young Master Yu’s face turned red and he took a half step back.

This is a small failure for mistakenly underestimating his enemy. 

“Master Lu, please separate the two of them!”

This sudden movement made the second prince’s expression stricter and he uttered the command.

“As you command!”

Originally, Lu Lianhua wanted Young Master Yu to teach Bao Gan a lesson all by himself, but now he had no choice but to take action. 

His hand was like an orchid, and he pointed at Baogan, his fingertips were wrapped in a cold aura.

This is one of the six major sects, the innate martial arts of the Su Xin Faction!

The Xuan Bing Finger is a unique technique by the Zhen Martial Art School – 《The Divine Claw of Great Ice Soul》, it enables the user to freeze everything he desires. 

This is mental ice, and once it is hit, it is more terrifying and terrifying than the freezing of the physical body.

“Two against one is not fair!”

Fang Xian sighed and suddenly shouted.

In fact, after he practiced the《Seven Killing Fist of the White Tiger》 he was eager to find someone to try his moves all day long.

The eight heroes of martial arts are undoubtedly good measurements of his newly found strength.

He stepped out, and his figure charged toward Lu Lianhua.

In a moment’s time, he had entered the explosive state.

Roar! Roar!

Half Immortal Zhou’s expression changed suddenly. 

There seemed to be a tiger which roared right by his ear, and he saw a white tiger jump out of nowhere.

But of course, that is not what is happening in reality, it is but an illusion he is seeing.

But even an illusion has a terrifying spiritual impact!


Fang Xian’s whole body exploded, his arms stretched out, his posture was heroic, like a long bow ready to be fired, and he instantly punched.

——《Seven Killing Fist of the White Tiger》!

Lu Lianhua’s Xuan Bing Finger was shattered in an instant.

As if she was hit head-on by a speeding carriage, she vomited blood and flew upside down.

 This is the backlash suffered when another is able to break the innate martial arts, Xuan Bing Finger! 

“You also back down!”

After defeating Lu Lianhua with one punch, Fang Xian felt that he can still do more, and launched another punch towards Young Master Yu.


Young Master Yu shifted his focus from Bao Gan to fleeing.

He hurried back, not confident to face this battle.

Fang Xian’s punch has not yet connected but Young Master Yu already had a premonition!

Once Fang Xian started to throw the punch, Young Master Yu felt that he would already die from it!

In a perspective where everything was going slower, the punch became closer to him and finally was in front of him.

Under the enormous pressure, Young Master Yu knelt down straight.

Silence followed, Fang Xian’s fist stopped a few millimeters away from him.

Fang Xian slowly retracted his fists and said expressionlessly, “Brother Bao, let’s go…”


Bao Gan followed Fang Xian sluggishly and walked out of the restaurants, none of the many guards dared to stop them.


The kneeling Yu Young Master suddenly spurted out a mouthful of blood and fainted.

Half Immortal Zhou looked at Fang Xian’s back, and muttered to himself, “Combining both theory and martial arts, one punch can break the soul What a terrible martial art… If this Young Master Yu can’t break through the demons in his heart, I’m afraid it will be hard for him to improve his martial arts further, not to mention, for him to stand up against that person… This old man has not been able to judge today’s situation properly, and has not seen this inauspicious star today… Alas, the inauspicious star has descended upon this world, could it be that the world of martial arts will experience a big change again


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