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After three sticks of incense time

TL:  approximately an hour and a half

The masked man holding the wooden plate entered the secret room.

“《The Seven Killing Fist Manual》is here…”

He put the secret book on the table and watched Fang Xian pick it up.

His voice became solemn: “This training technique was personally obtained by our faction from the assassins of the Star Picking Faction.

After appraisal, it is confirmed to be a remnant of an innate martial art.

But the Star Picking Faction had three levels, this faction only obtained the second level…”

“You mean to say… a fragment of a fragment” Bao Gan was a little speechless.

“Hehe… Actually, only the first level of this martial art technique can be somehow managed to be mastered, but its power is truly shocking.

When an established master uses it, it can even be enough to rival the innate level….” The masked man said without any awkwardness, although while smiling as he answered.

“But after using it, all the bones in his body will be broken, and he will be no different from a cripple.

Only an Innate level master can use it multiple times, but it is suspected that even his foundation will remain undamaged…”

Bao Gan continues to shake his head. 

Fang Xian, on the other hand, continued the transaction without saying much, flipped through the pages briefly, nodded and said, “With this, the transaction is completed, let’s go.”

“You two walk slowly.”

The masked man bowed as he saw them off and said, “Please keep the token of this establishment.

If you show it in any of our branches, you can get VIP treatment and you can also receive tasks… But of course, exchanges can only be done in the main building.”

In the mind of the masked man, he suspects that Fang Xian can either be a new Innate or the kind that still has not obtained Innate martial art techniques. 

Choosing to exchange for an Innate Martial Art Fragment is just for him to improve his combat power immediately, and one day will come back to receive tasks. 

After all, the temptation to obtain a complete Innate Martial Art is incomparable to a mere fragment. 

“Brother Fang…“

After walking out of the Golden Wind and Drizzle Building, Bao Gan said in a low voice, “Why did you have to do that If the golden arrows were insufficient, I still have some here…”

“Haha, Brother Bao, have you forgotten I have risen to the ranks of Innate by refining my body, and the sturdiness of my body is incomparable to that of an ordinary Innate.

When I saw it in the Scattered Flowers Tower that day, I already felt that this martial art was very suitable for me.

Who would have expected that I would encounter it in the Golden Wind and Drizzle Building.

What a pleasant surprise, what a bargain.”

Fang Xian laughed.

“I see!” Bao Gan exclaimed.

He nodded, “Then I won’t nag you anymore, but this martial art was stolen from the Star Picking faction.

It’s best not to show it in front of those lunatic killers.

Otherwise, it will be troublesome.”

“A fragmented martial art that even a weak assassin can learn, it can’t be that they are the same as you right” Fang Xian shrugged his shoulders and rolled his eyes at Bao Gan. 


Night time. 

An inn, in a private room.

Fang Xian took a good breath, his expression became calm and he opened the 《The Seven Killing Fist Manual》.

“Kill, kill, kill!”

“Kill the sky, kill the earth, kill the gods, and kill the ghosts!”

“There is nothing in the world that cannot be killed!”

His expression changed, “It’s a bit tyrannical… It seems that because of the lack of the “General outline” meditation map, the masters of Star Picking faction revised it to supplement the missing parts of the fragment.

This caused a certain deviation from the original version of the martial art fragment.

This has become a little troublesome…”

What Fang Xian needs is the real fragment martial art in line with the fragment of the White Tiger, and not the magically modified second level of this fragment.  

“Fortunately, it seems that there aren’t too many changes, let’s somehow manage to try it…” Read the most updated version of this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at Novel Multiverse – “NovelMultiverse dot com”

He continued to scroll down and saw a series of hand gestures as well as self-hypnosis methods.

“The goal of the first level of the 《The Seven Killing Fist Manual》is to maximize the potential of the human body and open up its certain restrictions… After all, even ordinary people, if they can truly unlock the body’s limits, will be able to access an astonishing explosive force… Of course it will only be normal for the body to become similar to a broken sack after the event.

“The so-called 《Mad Demonic Staff Method》actually has a similar principle, which makes users fall into a state of madness and demonic-stance, so they can realize their potential.”

“But of course, the innate martial art is not only that, it also has the effect of increasing the innate qi, so once it is used, the power will become amazing!”

After thinking about it during midnight, Fang Xian was somehow able to comprehend the first level of 《The Seven Killing Fist Manual》.

“Due to the lack of a key meditation map, Star Picking Faction also designed a “Seven Evil Map” to complement… Cultivators should first try to meditate slowly, guide yourselves into the state of unlocking the “limiter”, and then gradually shorten the span of time to reach this state.

If you can enter this state as soon as you’re thinking about it, then you can enter the explosive state.

Even if you can just reach the first level, you can already use it in actual combat.”

“However, due to the incompatibility between the meditation technique and the mental technique of this move, whenever this first level of 《The Seven Killing Fist》is activated, it will cause damage to the body.

After an unqualified martial artist uses it once, then he will most likely be close to death, that is why this technique is regarded as the final resort of a killer or an assassin”

Fang Xian felt a little terrified, “This kind of damage is beyond my expectations.

Even if you are an Innate Master of body refinement, if your body with a strong foundation can endure this technique but if your spirit can’t endure then… Over time, it will hurt your mind and you will eventually go crazy…”

If you have not practiced the entirety of the innate skills well, you will become a lunatic!

And with the 《Seven Killing Fist Manual》, it is 100% certain that it will hurt both the mind and body after practice.

This is the limitation of the fragmented martial art.

“Fortunately… It isn’t what I’m after.”

He sighed gratefully and took out the fragmented picture of the White Tiger.

On the dark golden, palm sized fragment, a white tiger came alive with dots and lines that are similar to constellations on its body.

Just by browsing it, I feel that the white tiger in the picture seems to want to jump out of the pattern and produce an earth-shattering roar.

“If I’m not mistaken, this must be the general outline meditation map that the《Seven Killing Fist Manual》lacks!

Fang Xian took a deep breath, “The second level of the 《Seven Killing Fist Manual》is the explosive power to unlock the normal maximum limit… This is simply beyond imagination, if the first level already unlocked a practitioner’s 100% limit, there’s no way it can break through past that anymore… But the second layer can do it! It can help a practitioner access 150%, or even nearly double of their destructive powers… If it really is practiced, perhaps this practitioner can already rival the Grandmaster, right”

“However, the cultivation on the second level involves acupoints! There are no real “acupoints” in the human body.

You need to visualize, cultivate and at the same time meditate to feel the acupoints and entrench in each one of them the spirit of the white tiger.  

He turned his gaze to the fragment of the white tiger map, the constellation-like dots and lines on the white tiger’s body had a total of seven dots, that is, seven acupoints.

《Seven Killing Fist Manual》must have lacked these seven key acupoint positions, therefore making it impossible to practice the second level. 

Fang Xian looked at it and found that in the second half of the fist manual, there were some hypotheses about acupuncture points, and he came to a realization.

“This is also added by later generations, but how difficult is it to complete an innate unique skill If you practice it wrongly, half-madness is already the best outcome… That’s why this cultivation technique was allowed to circulate, the Star Picking Faction was using the lower-level assassins as their experimental subjects.

They made it this far by multiple trials and errors, and deduced conclusions from those failed experiments”

“It seems that Star Picking Faction regards this 《Seven Killing Fist Manual》highly, maybe it belongs to the ‘special skill’ category in the innate martial art world”

“It was said that the Golden Wind and Drizzle Building only had the second level of this manual, and it is rumored that it still has a third level, which is in the hands of the Star Picking faction!”

More determination can be seen in Fang Xian’s eyes.

Those fragments that are currently in the hands of the Star Picking faction, he will obtain them without fail!

“However, at present, I should use the fragmented picture of the white tiger as the general guide to try to restore the 《Seven Killing Fist Manual》to its original form and practice it to the first level.

If I guess correctly, after successfully practicing the first level it will be sufficient to boost my strength exponentially, and I will be on the same level as the domineering powers in the innate leveled practitioners…”


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