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In July, the sun was blazing.

A vehicle convoy of many merchants united on the public street, slowly moving forward.

By the moment, the world was in some vague prelude to chaos.

There were dangers along the way, big merchants were fine, but small merchants and the walking merchants could only merge to build a stronger power, jointly hired escort martial experts to escort them until the goods were safely delivered to their destination.

Fang Xian and Bao Qian were the ones among the escorts.

”This trip will take us past Guangyang City on the way to Yuanwu City.”

        They were riding on the two black horses that were running side by side.

Bao Qian pointed in the direction and said with a deep feeling.

”The capital city of Yuanwu country huh ……” Fang Xian sighed, “I wonder if it is so prosperous”

”Hey …… guarantee that brother Fang will not be disappointed, this city is truly a hideout of talented people, there are countless marital experts, huh ……”

Yuanwu country in that continent was considered a large country.

Of the six major sects, among others were the True Will, True Martial Arts, and Red Ape Sect, located in this country, especially in the capital city.

The talented people were plentiful there, and so as in the royal palace, was also known as the hideout of the experts.

The more so, when Chu Madman with his own personal strength, killed throughout the palace, only afterward, he seemed to be more and more horrible and fearful.

”Especially, on August 15th, outside Yuanwu City, on the Turtle Snake Mountain, when there would be a martial arts competition.

For such an event, how can we refuse to attend” Bao Qian had a longing look on his face.

”I have to say, brother Bao, you have wholeheartedly persuaded me to go to the capital, it will not be as simple as to gain a reward for introducing an expert into the group ……” Fang Xian laughed.

”This brother Fang you are too modest ……” Bao Qian looked around and found that no one got close.

Only then did he say, “As an Innate expert, no matter where he goes, people will pay high esteem on him.  But I do have a matter to settle and I want to ask for your help …… I have an appointment with someone and will settle my grudge before the martial arts competition, hence I would like to ask Brother Fang to come and help me!”

”Oh I don’t know who it is” Fang Xian was a little curious, Bao Qian, you are a new martial artist, and the opponent must not be so simple.

“It’s one of the Eight Great Heroes, the ‘White Ape’ namely Du Wan! He is a true disciple of the Red Ape Sect and has a wide range of relations …… Of course, Brother Fang, you do not have to come down to the field then, you only need to provide support ……,” Bao Qian answered happily.

”So that’s how it is.”

The famous and righteous sects were most likely to tag others with unfair labels and use their power to put pressure on others.

Even without being afraid of Du Wan, Bao Qian should be afraid of the numerical strength behind him.

Improper matching will bring about the playing of wicked tricks in the competition.

At the moment, he would widely invite friends as witnesses to cope with it.

”I don’t know why you have a grudge” Fang Xian thought about it and continued to ask.

”Alas! …… this is a long story, it has to be traced back to the Red Ape Sect’s Innate mastery of the ‘Ape Demon Mixing Stick’ …… This is the Red Ape Sect’s inherited techniques.

However, in the seventh generation, there was an elderly ‘Cheng Ape’, turned on the pivot from the previous ones.

He comprehended new a set of rules of the ‘Crazy Devil Stick Technique’.

It was widely spread, contributing to the world of martial artists …… Although I do not like the sect, I extremely admired him, and I also learned the ‘Crazy Devil Stick Technique’ …… “

Bao Qian sighed, “But the Red Ape Sect had always regarded this technique as his own.

Once when I met an enemy, I applied this technique to confront him.

Du Wan, who was coincidentally passing by, saw it.

First, there was a verbal dispute, and then surprisingly he wanted to take back my martial skill ……”

Taking back the martial skill of someone, naturally means the person was beaten into an invalid state.

There was no wonder that Bao Qian did not agree, and in the end, only competing in martial arts was the way to find a settlement to the matter.

In fact, the “Crazy Devil Stick Technique” was widely spread, the major powerful martial artists have copies of the record, and the Red Ape Sect could only mutely suffer a loss.

Du Wan would most probably attack Bao Qian himself.

Taking a detailed look, it could be perceived as a conflict and collision between a new star of the sect and a new casual cultivator.

          Provided that Bao Qian made a poor response in the competition, it was most likely that he had to suffer a loss.

”Don’t you have a master” Fang Xian looked at Bao Qian who became slightly speechless.

But in his heart, he guessed that Bao Qian’s ‘Crazy Devil Stick Technique’ was probably obtained from the group of the Golden Wind and Drizzling Rain Tower, as an exchange means.

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Since Bao Qian could make an exchange for martial skills, Fang Xian was sure he himself would have the chance as well.

”My master …… (coughing)…… it had been several years since the last I saw him, so far, he had only bequeathed me an inner energy heart method …… “

Bao Qian uttered with a bitter smile.

Otherwise, when something happened to a disciple, it should be the master who ta the lead.

”So it seems …… this Bao Qian’s master is a bit unreliable huh ……”

Fang Xian secretly criticized in his mind, then solemnly said, “If this is the case, I will try to bring up the rear, on the way around I can do that…… but if the problem didn’t change for the better or things go beyond my ability, do not blame me for just being the bystander… …”

Anyway, Bao Qian must have invited others besides Fang Xian, so Fang Xian thought that it would be fine to just mingle inside the casual cultivators to see the lively scene.

”This is natural ……” replied Bao Qian with a bitter smile.

Fang Xian stopped talking and narrowed his eyes.


[The Mixed Elemental True Aura: Small Success]


”Since achieving Innate talent, his mixed elemental energy has become mixed elemental true aura, not only that ……”

Once he got an idea, a trace of Innate – mixed elemental true aura seeped into the sea of his consciousness and was absorbed by the attributive bar.

”This Retarded Golden Finger, it seems that it can only absorb either supernatural mysterious power or the kind that I cultivated myself ……”

Fang Xian rolled his eyes, feeling that this Golden Finger was somewhat tricky.

If not for Fang Xian’s own chance of coincidence, to open the [Eye of Insight], he might still be in the dark then.

And if not actively exploring, he wouldn’t have discovered this one new situation.

’I now contribute to absorbing my own true spirit, it feels like a bottomless pit, it cannot be filled up…… also do not know what I will gain after the consummation…… this Retarded Golden Finger, there isn’t any instruction about it……’

However, although Fang Xian had commented on the method in his mind, he actually, said that the fist-method was just like what was in his mind.

If there was really a fairy helper, how could he react to this situation

In the midst of his speculation, the caravan slowly traveled into Guangyang City.

”All of you rest here for three days, in the morning of the fourth day, we will gather at the north city gate!”

A merchant steward passed down the news, and most of the people dispersed in a flurry.

”Brother Fang, I have inquired, there are many interesting places to go in Guangyang City, such as the Flower Scattering House, there will be an event to select the flower queen tonight, how about going with us”

Bao Qian smilingly leaned over and said.

”The selection of the flower girl”

Fang Xian pouted, “I always feel that this will bring about something ……  can I find any well-known martial artists in the city”

”Brother Fang is really a martial arts nerd, if we talk about the well-known martial artists in this city, it should be senior Lu of the ‘Golden Blade’ namely Lu Gunwu, the founder of the ‘Golden Blade Sect’.

There is also one of the Sixteen New Stars, namely Lu Yong from the ‘Heavenly Blade Star’  ……”

Bao Qian squeezed his eyes shut: “But that Heavenly Blade Star was known as a young and flirtatious generation.

In the choosing of the flower queen event, there must also be in the Scattered Flower Tower group’s ……”

”According to you, it sounded that you had to attend it”

Fang Xian’s expression looked a little odd.

He confirmed, “But whatever happens, this time I would not make a forward move.”

”Of course, of course ……”

Bao Qian said in his heart that once the ‘Mixed Element Thunderbolt Fist’ was applied, it would drive someone to his death, and that would happen to the group of Roaming Green Mansion, it’s better not to openly move forward.


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