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The Lord of Reincarnation

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“It turns out to be a life and death arena mode”

When Fang Xian was a little touched when he heard this.

In the arena of life and death, after stepping onto the stage, life and death became the fighters’ own responsibility, and both sides should seek no revenge for it!

It was a worldly rule that was clearly put into effect in the fight arena, and anyone who dared to break would surely be despised in the entire circle of martial arts.

Not to mention, there were also the behemoth witnesses, the Golden Wind Drizzling Rain Tower.

”It seems that there is a lot many involved behind the small combat between the young generation of the two parties.

……It is not as simple as it seems to be, otherwise, why do they fight for life and death”

As his brain was working fast, Fang Xian muttered, “Zhao Yi, this bastard is trying to kill me And Liu Yun …… this woman, I have a suspicion that she is using me as a shield.”

He lowered his head, looked at his fist, and mused.

At this time, there was a commotion at the entrance and a group of young martial artists walked in.

”Fengyun gang’s ‘Little Sword King’ or so-called Lu Changfeng”

”And also the ‘Inconsistent Hand’ Wu Yong from the Changhe Sect”

         “That’s …… Zhou Wuming from Five Style sect, he has left the solitary undertaking, hasn’t he”

”There is also the Zhang Zifan from the Zhang family, Leng Er, the second youngster from the Leng family…… If ‘Tianluo Star’ comes again,  I will summon all the elites of the younger generation of our party in Yaofeng provincial city to gather here.

All sorts of comments came from the martial artists, making the scene and the situation lively all of a sudden.

Compared to this incident, the trivialities on Fang Xian’s side that emerged before seemed to be no more important.

They were left behind all at once and did not attract the slightest attention of others any longer.

And in addition to the people from these gangs, there was another group of young martial artists, apparently coming from other places, forming a circle of their own.

This made a clear contrast between the two groups of people.

Just then, a figure like a swallow plunging through the water, with a few ups and downs, stood in the arena.

”I am Zhou Tong from Black Mountain provincial city, coming to challenge Lu Changfeng!”

The man had tan skin and a tall figure.

In his hand, he was holding a mixed-iron stick that looked like weighing a lot.

”Since you seek death, I will fulfill you!”

Lu Changfeng laughed lightly and floated onto the field, with his long sword waving like the wind and swinging in all directions!

Chaos Wind Cloak Knife Technique!

Dozens of strokes in a flash, Zhou Tong was directly unable to support his arms, a knife stroke shook off the iron rod in his hand, and without thinking for long, he leaped down the stage.

Although it was a life and death arena, jumping out of the arena was an automatic admission of defeat and the opponent couldn’t pursue the attack.

Seeing this scene, Lu Changfeng’s face flashed with a wicked smile, and the long knife in his hand flew out of his hand.

Flying Dagger Technique!


        Blood spilled in the air.

Zhou Tong was pierced through his chest by a long knife in midair and he was nailed to the beam.

”Good ……”

The martial artists among the audience who were shouting their approval ceased abruptly as if they did not expect the arena battle to develop to this extent right at the beginning.

”Brother Zhou …… Lu Changfeng you are too deceiving!”

Another martial artist uttered the words and leaped onto the arena.

”Hmph, looking for death I’ll fulfill you!” Lu Changfeng gradually retrieved his blade, sneered, and the two flowed and quickly fought each other again.

Fang Xian watched from below the stage, his eyes flickered from time to time.

”The arena is to invite battles as a model, after winning a game can step down the stage to rest, of course, you have to win in a streak, give others the chance to fight …… look at the situation, just now that Zhou Tong came to seek revenge, unfortunately, his martial arts is not good… …’

He thought for a moment and walked behind Xiao Zha, “Master of Futang, what this is”

”The two provincial cities have some small friction, a grudge was held between them.

They were also fighting for the ownership of several mines on the border which was unclear.

After negotiating it, the sect masters decided to end in this way ……”

Xiao Zha explained to Fangxian.

”Since kind of thing has happened, it is really ……”

Fang Xian was speechless and looked at Zhou Wuming again, trying to reckon what he was up to.

In his opinion, this true disciple with dashing eyebrows and starry-eyed, like a jade tree in the wind, was really good-looking.

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Moreover, the [Eye of Metaphysics] of his, detected an extremely violent aura vaguely present in the body of this disciple, which should be the so-called ‘true seed’.

’It seems that today’s battle, although bloody, the intensity is also limited, at least Bao Qian or the so-called ‘Tian Luo Star’ did not come.

Although he had lived in seclusion……there was a tacit agreement between the two sides

Restricting the fight under the congenital volition”

Those guys were just competing for interests, how could they personally get down the stage to fight for life and death.

This kind of thing, of course, was done only by a small pawn.

He shook his head, seeing Lu Changfeng who had beat down two people successively before, now was just defeated by a true disciple from the ‘Huanhua Sect’ from the opposite side.

The Huanhua Sect was a large sect in Black Mountain provincial city, its strength was considered higher than that of the Five Style-sect.

This disciple’s skills looked amazing, after defeating Lu Changfeng he even fought with Wu Yong or the so-called ‘Inconsistent Hand’.

This caused both Wu Yong and this disciple of Huanhua to end up in awe.

Floating in the air, this disciple stepped down from the stage and caused the martial artists in the county to be speechless.

”Now is Leng Er’s turn, I would like to ask Brother Wuming to teach me!”

At this time, the second youngster of the Leng family stepped onto the stage and the words he said made the audience in the whole room speechless.

”Is this …… the fighter from Neijiang It seems that the six major forces in Yaofeng provincial city are not ironclad …… ‘ Fang Xian’s heart moved when he saw Ao Xiong had opened his eyes.

”Wuming, you go and fight, do your utmost to show the momentum of our Five Style sect!”

Ao Xiong admonished Wu Ming.

        “Please set your mind at rest, Master of Fu,” Wuming retorted.

Zhou WuMing went up and down a few times before he reached the high platform and said, “Leng Er, why are you so unwise What does the Leng family want”

”Today is the martial art competition of the young generation, I don’t understand what you mean by that” Leng Er replied with a wooden face.

This kind of tournament determined the interests of the matter, most of them were discussed under the table, what came to the surface was just an arena that could be challenged at will, it was not wrong for him to say so.

”What’s more, I’ve long wanted to learn Brother Zhou’s Five Style Fist-Technique!”

Leng Er added, staggering his fists and fiercely striking.

He performed the family’s skill, ‘Cold Jade Fist’, the movement was not only tricky but it was also usually significant, namely a special ‘cold jade’ soaking hands, which resulted in the toughening of the bones and skin, like jade.

After the great success, the performer would carry a cold poison in his body, which eroded the skin and bones.

”In the practice of the Cold Jade Fist, Leng Er has retained a small success.

His double fists look white and delicate, just like jade.

Actually, is a quite high hard martial skill, at this time the hands are comparable to iron hammer.”

Zhang Zifan glanced at Fang Xian and commented coldly.

”But brother Zhou’s Five Styles of the fist has also become a great success, especially the Dragon Style, the body’s movement is amazing, like soaring clouds and driving fog!” Liu Yun sighed in admiration: “After all, it is the skill handed down directly from the master in the sect.

Leng Er,  the second son of the Leng household is somewhat unwise, I am afraid that the Leng family has cooperation with Black Mountain provincial city”

Bang Bang!

Just as they were commenting, the two sides had kept exchanging blows.

These two are practicing mainly external martial skills,  fighting every fist to their flesh, looking more exciting than before, and attracting countless cheers.

And Zhou Wuming was considered worthy of the true tradition of the Five Style Sect, clearly had the mastery of everything and he was about to turn into a winner.

Fang Xian’s eyes narrowed slightly and suddenly shook his head.

”No good!”

Ao Xiong banged the table to give a warning, “Wuming, be careful!”

But it was too late.


In the arena, the human figures staggered and stagnated.

Zhou Wuming’s Snake Style Fist had already grabbed the key point of Leng Er, but at the same time, Leng Er’s punch also hit Zhou Wuming’s right arm.

Although it was only a minor injury, Zhou Wuming suddenly chilled and his lips turned purple, he said, “Cold poison of the Cold Jade Fist You obviously haven’t been successful…”

”Although it has not become a great success, when cold poison gets into the body, by taking ‘Cold Jade Pill’, it can still simulate the state of cold poison, haha ……”

Leng Er uttered the words and laughed out loud, suddenly coughed and spit out a few mouthfuls of blood.

Both of them went down at the same time, but Leng Er was able to equalize Zhou Wuming, making his performance extraordinary.

”This ……”

Ao Xiong made a calculation, the strongest disciples of the Wind and Cloud Gang, Changhe Sect had come to an end.

On his side, Zhou Wuming, this great general was beaten.

The Leng family for some reason even stood on the side of the party of the outer county.

Meanwhile, some experts from Liu family’s young generation had not arrived, and this time they also declared to withdraw from the competition.

Could it be that only Zhang Zifan was to rely on ever since

”Protector Fang, you are not yet twenty years old and have amazing skills, it’s time for you to make a contribution to the sect.”

Zhao Yi suddenly smiled and spoke at that moment.


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