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On the official road.

The convoy of the Black Tiger Guard drove slowly out of the city gate, and everyone's complexion was not very good.

After traveling some distance, a horse quietly merged into the convoy.

"Little brother Fang.

Where have you been these three days"

Liu Yan asked in surprise.

Am I supposed to answer that by saying I went and casually destroyed a sect' Fangxian rolled his eyes subtly, and replied insincerely: "I… went to deal with some personal matters… "

"After all, he's a hot-blooded young man, understandable!"

Qian Sanwu smiled stiffly.

In his opinion, Fangxian was ashamed to spend time fooling around with the other bodyguards and secretly ran off to find love and romance.

Alas… back in his days, he also had a lush time back then.

Fangxian glanced at the team and smiled: "Why does everyone look so pathetic"

"Oh… naturally because a major event had occurred last night.

The Qingyu sect was wiped out overnight, and the fire blazed into the sky.

Even the corpse of the Sect master Han Yunfeng was found early in the morning… Because of the strict martial law in the city, bodies must be searched whenever anyone leaves the city… "

With regards to this, Liu Yan was very angry: "There is an 80% chance that this was an act of an innate master.

Those old officials in the city didn't dare to embarrass others, so they insisted on venting their anger on us.

It's really maddening… "

This is why they didn't doubt Fangxian that much.

After all, Fangxian didn’t look like he had single-handedly kill Han Yunfeng, diminishing the strength of the Qingyu sect.

If you really have this strength, you wouldn't be just a small guardian of the Five-style Sect.

"Well… It doesn’t seem like that there is anything left in this matter… "

Fangxian heard a few more words, secretly felt surprised.

But after thinking about it, it seemed normal.

Given the incompetence of the apprehending wanted criminals in this era, let's not say whether or not his face showed up in any images.

Even if there were images, they would be very distorted.

Even if the city walls are plastered, there are still many instances of Jiang Yang robbers entering the city.

In addition, there is no name, and there are no victims who survived…

Even if you are the chief of police, you will also be in a difficult position.

80% of the time, it will be archived as a cold case.

While riding on the horse, Fangxan was also recalling his actions at the same time.

'After that battle yesterday, my martial arts seems to have improved again.

Even if I have not reached the true acquired peak, it is already not too far away… More importantly, I know the true level of my strength.

Han Yunfeng was already a top acquired master, but in the fight of life and death, I am confident that I will be victorious… '

Of course, this was not relying on martial arts, but relying on the [Eyes of the Mysterious Caverns].

But considering the root of the problem, it was a manifestation of one's own strength!

'After all, you have been training martial arts since young.

Does this count saving for a rainy day'

Along the way, Fangxian estimated that it was much safer to travel as a group of people to return safely to Yaofeng County.

Liu Yan and other bodyguards naturally returned to the black tiger escort, while Fangxian recoursed and returned to the Five-style Sect.

'I got a lot of medicines from Han Yunfeng.

After I refigured my looks, I will find someone to identify them.

They should be good things for the top acquired masters to break through the threshold of training… I also have to read more related books, so that I won’t be deceived… '

Hundred Herb Medicine Hall! This was where the Five-style Sect train physicians, who are responsible for treating injuries for the disciples in the sect.

Fangxian looked at the plaque and walked in lightly.

"This guardian over here, what's the matter"

A medical apprentice saw Fangxian's waist card, immediately bowed, and asked in confusion.

This law protector had a steady pace.

At first glance, there were no abrasions, his face was ruddy, and there was no internal damage.

If there is no disease nor disaster, who would come to the medicine hall

"I am Fangxian, I am very interested in the practice of Chinese pharmaceutical science, especially in the aspect of medicine… " Fangxian smiled, "So I would like to borrow a pharmacopeia."

"I see, then I shall take your excellency to find Old Huang."

The apprentice nodded, subtly criticizing him, but still took Fangxian into an attic.

After opening the door, he was met with a refreshing strong scent of medicine and herbs.

Indoors, there were many herbs placed in separate compartments, and an elderly man in a yellow shirt was leaning on a recliner, seeming to be fake sleeping.

"Old Huang, that is a sect guardian at the door.

He is here to borrow a pharmacopeia."

The medicine apprentice said softly, with a very respectful gesture.

"Huh You can leave."

Old Huang squinted a gap in his eyes and faintly ordered.

He had a strange appearance and a sparse beard on his chin, but he also had a peculiar temperament.

After the apprentice left, Old Huang looked at Fangxian from top to bottom and said with a smile: "Looking at how you don’t seem to be really obsessed with medical treatment.

There is an 80% chance that you are here because you managed to steal some medicinal pill, not daring to eat it, trying to identify them beforehand… "

Without waiting for Fangxian to retaliate, he just waved his hand: "There are too many such things, wealth is best kept a secret.

This old man also understands.

Still, you are smart because you know that you can't take drugs from unknown sources… otherwise, hee hee… "

He flipped through the counter and threw out a book: "The Book of Hundred Herbs, some common medicinal herbs and ointments are in it.

Find them by yourself… But if you get something that is not useful to you, you can also exchange it here with this old man."

Old Huang stroked his beard, and there was a glimmer of light in his small eyes: "You are cultivating external strength martial arts, and the special products of this sect: the snake oil, the white tiger ointment, the five internal organs elixir… There is always nothing wrong with keeping some of it by your side."

"Thank you!"

As soon as Fangxian raised his fist and thanked him, he took the pharmacopeia and walked out.

Needless to say that this old man was an amazing person.

But even for him, I am afraid that he would not have guessed that getting a few elixirs and pills was definitely not as simple as just good luck, but the accumulation of items by the Qingyu sect’s Sect Master to break through the innate!


Three days later.

"Dragon Tiger Bone Refining Paste, Spiritual Root Nourishing Essence Pill, ** Pills… these are all good things."

Through some self-identification, as well as a disguise of looks, and verifying with some old pharmacists outside, Fangxian roughly identified all of the pills that Han Yunfeng was carrying.

Among them, the Dragon Tiger Bone Refining Ointment is a holy medicine for the external strength martial arts.

It can be applied to the exercise site when training various external strength martial arts.

It can heal all kinds of hidden injuries and hasten the progress of cultivation.

There are even rumors that it can easily cleanse the marrow through the meridians, developing a body of copper-like skin, and iron-like bones.

But Fangxian only briefly thought about it and knew it was impossible.

Even if Han Yunfeng is a sect master, given the power of the Qingyu Sect, could only get a small box of medicine and cream, it was only enough for several uses.

As for the Spiritual Root nourishing essence pill, it was a real medicine for the strong and ferocious, which can greatly replenish Chi and blood.

Ordinary people who take a pill will not only not receive the benefits, but will instead directly get nosebleeds.

Only the innate masters can truly develop True Chi, or warriors who break past the threshold of True Chi can use it.

As for the ** pill is used for healing and has a miraculous effect when treating various internal and external injuries.

It is probably used by Han Yunfeng as a precaution.

"Now, these are making things too easy for me… "

A hint of excitement appeared on Fangxian's face.

"The ** pill is saved for as a last resort.

Although the Dragon Tiger Bone Refining Cream is not much, it is still enough for me to cultivate a few external strength martial arts… And this time, I can truly try to break through the innate!"


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