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Fang Xian controlled the notebook and released the curse.

For ordinary people, this is a must kill.

But not even he knew what was going to happen when dealing with a corpse.

A moment later a cold breath suddenly appeared in the alley.

The tall male corpse fell to the ground, the flesh and blood were rapidly rotting, and it didn’t take long for it to become a white bone.


The surrounding environment became a little noisy, with birds flying in the sky, and the sound of car horns coming from all around.


”It… died”

”We survived and got out of that maze”

Hei Jie opened his eyes and looked around happily.

Inside the notebook.

Fang Xian’s expression was solemn: “Is it immortal”

He could feel that his curse did not destroy the ‘root’ of the terror on the other side.

The weirdness on the opposite side also seems to have indestructible characteristics and cannot be killed by curses.

Of course, the curse unleashed by the notebook was far superior, so it was able to repel the source.

As for the corpse left behind, it was just a derivative, and it didn’t even count as hurting the opponent’s fur.

’But… through the confrontation just now, I got a lot of spirituality! ‘

Feeling the turbulent trickle in his primordial spirit, Fang Xian couldn’t help but be extremely happy: “How many people have been killed by this strange source I don’t think I need to go to the hospital and wait for a rabbit.

I just swallowed it, which is better than anything else!”

After thinking about it, the power of the primordial spirit quickly digested these spiritualities.

In the outside world,

Hei Jie has already put away his notebook and put it in his school bag.

”Let’s go, it might be dangerous here…”

When he said this, the other three students nodded immediately, wishing they could have two more legs.

It was Shang Han who sneaked up on Hei Jie: “That… what, I saw it!”

”No… nothing!”

Hei Jie held the schoolbag tightly in his hand, but he didn’t know that a terrible thing was happening inside the school bag.

On the cover of the black notebook, an eye emerged, looked around strangely, and then disappeared quickly.

’Haha… I finally grew eyes, and I can hear a little movement outside… It seems that devouring a lot of spirituality really helped me recover! ‘

In the notebook, Fang Xian was very happy, but at the same time felt a little horrified: “It’s just… I have to rely on this notebook to exist, or in other words, I have to rely on the notebook as a sustenance, so that I can exist in this world… These rules conflict so much, that’s amazing!”

In the last world, everything within a hundred miles would be vividly seen and remembered if he activates his primordial power.

But now, relying on a notebook, it is considered good if he is able to listen within a few meters.

”I don’t know how long it will take to choose to recharge and activate reincarnation.

Perhaps, I should try the weird idea I had just now… At least, the next goal is to be able to act independently… The ultimate goal is to obtain a body that can act.”‘ Read the most updated version of this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at Novel Multiverse – “NovelMultiverse dot com”

Although it takes a lot of spirituality to complete this step, Fang Xian already had a goal.

’In order to achieve this goal, Hei Jie must take me around to find more strangeness like just now…After all, my body can’t move, so I have to give him some benefits and sweetness…It just so happens that I have a little experiment with ideas. 

Fang Xian thought for a while, and on the last page of that bloody name, he wrote down an article on Qi training in the previous world.

Although it is only a practice method of the realm of Yanfa, it is very simple and quick, and there are not many requirements or qualifications.

This is the most suitable method for ordinary people to get started.

In order to make it easier to understand, Fang Xian had to perform a second translation to try to get as close as possible to the language style of this world.

Although he suspected that the skills of cultivating immortals in the previous world would not be recognized in this world, he still wanted to give it a try.

’Why do I feel like I’ve become Grandpa Goldfinger After doing all this, Fang Xian had a strange expression on his face.

After thinking for a while, he wrote down the preparation ceremony for the ‘Guyao Xue Gua’ on the second page.

Of course, he chose a name that is more suitable for this world-‘Blood Spirit Divination’, and it is not to teach people divination, but to teach people to use notebooks as the core to arrange rituals.

In simple terms, it is to help Fang Xian in divination, and then Fang Xian presented the result again.

’If divination is possible, then I must charge for it.

After all, every time…it has to consume the power of my primordial spirit…Why is it somehow more like Goldfinger ‘

Hei Jie ran home and locked himself in the room.

At this time, he gasped violently, feeling terrified.

”Just now… I almost died! I might have ended up dead like Zi Yuan…”

”Shang Han and the others will tell their parents And what about the bone lying on the side of the road… My notebook… will it be exposed”

After calming down, Hei Jie found that there were many loopholes in what he did today, after all, he was too terrified at the time.

At this time, there is no way to make up for it, so he can only take out the book of curses.

After opening it, his pupils shrank.

The two pages where the names of Shu Yi and Gu Tao were originally written in blood have become as clean as new as if the blood has been absorbed by the notebook.

But on the next two pages, something completely new had emerged.

”Extraordinary Foundation Laying, and Blood Spirit Divination Ceremony”

Hei Jie muttered to himself: “Why are there two articles suddenly added Isn’t this notebook always unresponsive unless I ask specific questions Is it related to what happened today The collision with that corpse made it develop a new ability

” Extraordinary And divination…then I’m about to get rich”

Hei Jie felt very excited and carefully read each line.

”It takes at least a hundred days to lay the foundation of the extraordinary, it’s too late… But blood spirit divination, as long as there is blood, you can try it… I always feel that this notebook is very strange… The needs are all related to blood… …” 

The young man looked at his wrist, but finally couldn’t bear it, and walked out of the room.

”Hei Jie, you are going too far! Why did you come back so late and not even say hello”

Mom was wearing an apron in the kitchen, her voice raised a few decibels.

”Sorry…what’s for dinner tonight”

Hei Jie’s eyes swept across the kitchen.

”Rabbit stew…the hare was just caught from the forest and was brought by your uncle.” Hei Jie’s mother replied.

”I’ll go and have a look… Maybe I can help you deal with it.”

Hei Jie’s eyes lit up immediately.

He originally thought about whether to go to the pet store to buy another hamster, but he thought that he had just bought one, and if he went again, there would probably be rumors of cruelty to small animals.

Besides, the bodies of those little pets are too small, and the blood may not be enough…

After getting the rabbit’s blood, Hei Jie didn’t even eat dinner and ran directly into the room.

He quickly locked the door, and took out the black notebook: “Let’s start… Blood Spirit Divination!” 


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