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Fang Xian panicked because he found that he couldn’t sense his body anymore.

Itself can only exist in the form of the Primordial Spirit, and this new world seems very strange.


So tired!

Even just turning a thought around becomes tiresome.

“I… In the last world, I forcibly swallowed the reincarnation disk and escaped under the punishment of heaven…”

”It seems that there are some after effects”

”But… as long as the reincarnation disk is still there, I have earned… attributes from the time I swallowed the samsara disk, so what changed”

At this point, a light curtain emerged in his mind, and other data was hazy, only a small symbol of the samsara disk sent out a message.

”You can take the initiative to reincarnate… but need time to accumulate strength…”

”One congenital spirit treasure, and I already have to active option to cross time and space You cheated me, attribute column…”

”I’m already in the new world This world, what the hell is going on in it”

Fang Xian found himself getting increasingly tired, as if returning to the time when he stayed up late to play games in previous lives, his eyes darkened, and he passed out again.

In the darkness, after an unknown amount of time, Fang Xian regained consciousness.

”My primordial spirit is still there…but why is it so weak Could it be that the rules of the world are different This world…is not suitable for the Eastern Immortal Way”

This, Fang Xian was somewhat prepared.

Although the world doesn’t admit that he can’t live forever with his primordial spirit, at least he has greatly increased the lifespan of the soul more than that of an ordinary person and can support several more reincarnations.

Otherwise, after such a long time, his soul may reach the limit of its lifespan, and it is not a problem that can be solved by changing the body.

”It’s just… where am I”

While still awake, Fang Xian began to explore the darkness around him.

After a long time, his consciousness found boundaries all around, as if he was in a dark cage.


There are a few lines of text in the dark corner.

”…I can’t understand! Is it the language of another world”

Fang Xian just wanted to study it, but the drowsy feeling reappeared, and he fell asleep again

No one knows how long it took, Fang Xian woke up.

When he came over, I found that the other world text had already filled up half of the space.

”Damn it… how to decipher a brand new language”

He was a little crazy.

At this moment, a new line of handwriting was suddenly discovered, forming.

Although he still didn’t recognize those strokes, Fang Xian spread his power of primordial spirit to them without hesitation.

Through that brushstroke, he seemed to sense something.

After a word fell, he seemed to see the warm and genial sunshine.


”The word that just fell, it means ‘sun’ or ‘sunny’! “

”Is someone writing” Through this brushstroke, I sense the emotions of the person who wrote, which is equivalent to him or her teaching me how to read…” Read the most updated version of this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at Novel Multiverse – “NovelMultiverse dot com”

When everyone writes, the corresponding meaning will emerge in their hearts.

Fang Xian uses his own soul Sensing, you can vaguely feel the image, and you can even guess the meaning of these different words.

”It’s just… I’m so tired…”

After learning a few words that I didn’t know were true or false, Fang Xian fell asleep again.

It has been like this over and over again.

”Huh “

Finally one time, Fang Xian didn’t know how long he had slept, but in the dimness, he felt a trickle pouring into his soul.

He woke up and felt that the state of his soul was better than before.

This time was much better, and the thoughts turned quickly.

Just at this time, another text was formed in the dark space.

”I saw dark clouds…does it mean cloudy or rainy “



Fang Xian has learned a lot of words before, and by this time, he can almost master them and start to interpret the previous words.

Those different words are now in his eyes, which is mostly understandable:

”On the 13th, it’s sunny… went to school and chatted with… She is a very cheerful girl.

I think I fell in love with her…”

”On the 17th, it’s cloudy… I have a holiday, I went fishing with… the lake, the fish was delicious…” The latest line of text is still emerging:

”…It’s raining, it’s hard,…dead, I went to the funeral… I hope… likes that bouquet of daisies… Life is so short, it’s sad…”

Those omitted words are either Fang Xian’s unclear meaning, or they are just someone’s name, because when touched, several different faces always appeared in his soul.

High nose bridge, brown eyes, seems to be of mixed race… The only consolation is that it is still a human world.

”Damn… I was reincarnated as a diary Or… a living, no, a notebook with the characteristics of ‘alive’ It was used to write a diary…”

Fang Xian sensed a terrible truth: “And… I’m still powerless to resist for the time being”

Fortunately, he has a tough heart and a strong soul, but he didn’t collapse, and he accepted the reality after a while.

”It’s impossible to turn it into a notebook, but…it’s helpless if you can’t act on your own…There is a big crisis…”

He looked at the dark space and found that it was almost covered by sheets of paper.

The diary fills up.

”If I am used to writing a diary, as a notebook, there must be a number of pages.

No matter how thick it is, it will be finished one day… At that time, it will either be locked and no new messages can be received, or it will be sold as scrap paper, or it will be destroyed and remodeled…then I just die like that”

If the attribute bar has not accumulated enough reincarnation energy before being ‘processed’, maybe I will really die!

”No, it can’t be like this!”

Fang Xian gritted his teeth: “Then what should we do Maybe… I can try it.”

He looked at the first few pages of the diary, and the power of the primordial spirit spread up and wanted to erase a punctuation mark.

It was an entry from a long time ago.

Even if the original owner went to see it himself, he may not remember whether there are multiple punctuation marks.

As a result, his power easily erased that punctuation.

”Hmm… It seems that if I want to, I can swallow the traces of the previous words at any time, and turn them into blank paper again, so that people can write forever…even…”

He slightly modified it with the power of his primordial spirit and changed a word Replaced with another one.

”Sure enough… I can not only erase the handwriting, but also actively reveal some information… Well, why do I feel that I am somewhat similar to a certain demon named Fu”

”But this way… at least I can communicate with the owner of the notebook, no …If I were the owner and found out that my notebook can write and respond, I would probably lose it, or hide it, or try to destroy it…It’s very unsafe…”

Fang Xian had no choice for a while.

His consciousness lasted for a long time, and he read several new diaries.

Suddenly, one day, Fang Xian felt the space tremble, and several diaries were torn apart from the darkness they belonged to.

”No, those articles are… that man wrote some little secret diaries, and he wants to destroy them”

”Damn, this is tearing up the pages of my book!

”It’s really so difficult to be a notebook.

So much unexpected disasters!” 


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