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Chapter 12 - Senior Brother Yi

"Did they take the bait"

Fangxian walked on the street with a smile on the corner of his mouth.

When exposed under the eyes of that female apprentice, naturally it was part of his plan to deliberately lure the snake out of its hole.

As for whether it would be too risky, he had already considered it.

First of all, Qingyu Sect is only a second-rate sect, with limited strength, it is impossible to directly dispatch the only suspected innate sect master for this 'silly greenhorn'.

In addition, among the acquired masters, he was fearless of them all.

Even if there were accidents, he had also prepared an escape route.

At this time, the [Eye of the Mysterious Caverns] has clearly noticed that more people follow the tips.

Thinking of this, Fangxian took a turn and walked towards the designated battlefield.

It was a wasteland near the city’s wall, isolated and desolated.

Fangxian walked a few steps, then suddenly turned around and said coldly, "Are you not going to come out"

"Not bad, you could actually detect us."

As the figure flickered, six or seven martial artists surrounded him, obviously afraid that he would run away.

Fangxian glanced and found that most of them had been seen in the tea shed that day, surrounded by a young man in brocade, who was obviously the highest in this group of people.

And the injured girl was wearing a red dress, staring daggers at him.

"This lady, we meet again."

Fangxian flashed a kind smile.

"Yes, I, your grandmother has been looking forward to this day.

I will break your hands and feet, throw you in jail, and listen to you wailing till death! I will chop up the corpse and feed the remains to the dogs!"

Ruan Hongling's voice was cold.

Fangxian couldn't help being silent, before speaking after a moment: "It's just a trivial matter, must we form any hateful grievances"

"The matters of the martial arts underworld shall be settled within the underworld, since you trifled with the Qingyu sect that day, you should know of the bitter fruit of today."

This came from a young man dressed in a silk robe.

he had already inquired clearly that this young man only had some superficial tiger-shaped fists.

He obviously had no support, so he didn't need to be too cautious.

"This is" Fangxian looked at him, only felt that this young man was full of arrogance, he couldn't help but be a little more careful.

"This is the true disciple of our Qingyu Sect Master, Senior Brother Yi Tianchou!" Huo Qi stood up with a lackey vibe: "Although you are good at martial arts, you are only worthy to carry shoes for Senior Brother Yi."

"A true disciple"

Fangxian sighed and stared at Yi Tianchou: "I have something to ask about.

The affiliated forces and ‘Peace and Prosperity pawnshop’ of your sect are forcing innocent civilians into prostitution, evildoers, and acting unscrupulously.

Are you aware of this within your sect, do you have any response"

"Hmph, the way martial artists act, does not need to explain to mortals, you talk too much, come on and die."

Yi Tianchou let out a cold snort and struck brazenly!

His footsteps were erratic, like clouds and flowing water, obviously a set of fairly clever footwork, with a few steps, he was already standing before Fangxian.

At the same time, Yi Tianchou gently pointed out with his finger, also without the slightest scent of gunpowder.

These two kinds of martial arts techniques are the unique skills of the Qingyu sect - Xiaoyao Footsteps, Qingluo Finger!

In particular, Qing Luo Finger, that is claimed to break all kinds of external strength Chi techniques, evil and vicious, but his moves are very graceful, just like a fairy.

Although Yi Tianchou didn't pay much attention to Fangxian, he still used all his strength when he did it.

Obviously, he was not stunned and had a wealth of fighting experience.

But at this time, he saw Fangxian's eyes, and his heart suddenly chilled.

Those eyes were so clear and it didn't even have the slightest fear nor anxiety but seemed to carry a bit of… sympathy

'The way he pointed out his finger, there were at least three flaws with his technique execution, and there were more with regards to his movement techniques… The key is… it still remains at the level of 'acquired strength trained', it seems that there is no way to pass on the 'true seed'...


Fangxian stepped out, energizing his Dantian, directing his energy into his fingertips.

His arm was almost flush with Yi Tianchou's finger, but he applied force around his arm, gently brushing, after dissolving this finger attack, he suddenly morphed his claw into a fist, slamming it Yi Tianchou's chest heavily.

Black tiger steals heart!


In the piercing sound of rib fractures, Yi Tianchou's figure flew backward, there was no pain on his face, but an unbelievable complexion.

In any case, he could not think that he was defeated by this extremely ordinary punch!


Yi Tianchou felt a sharp pain in his chest, anger boiled in his heart, and he finally couldn't bear it, vomited blood, and fainted.

"Only the weak will throw fists at ordinary people! My fist, just ask for a quick one!"

Fangxian looked at Ruan Hongling and the others who were stunned.

Huo Qi couldn't believe that the true disciple within the sect was defeated by the opponent!

Although this true disciple was a little more ‘fake’ as compared to the true seeds of true martial arts disciples from bigger sects, he was still the first place among the young generation within the Qingyu sect.

"Attack together!"

At this time, Ruan Hongling's face was incredibly fierce, howling: "Use a weapon!"

Fangxian shook his head and let go.

Several silver lights fluttered, opened like a fan-shape, and penetrated the bodies of the Qingyu sect disciples.

It's a flying dagger!

Because of the [Eye of the Mysterious Caverns] add-on abilities, he is very suitable for practicing bows and arrows or hidden weapons, guaranteeing a hundred percent accuracy, this is also Fangxian's secret trump card.

Ruan Hongling fell to the ground with a knife in her thigh, still screaming: "You are dead, the elders and masters of Qingyu sect will not let you go, I want to destroy your sect!"

"This lady… don't you think that you did something wrong at the beginning of this matter Once you think about it, you will have devious thoughts… It was obviously just a small matter, why bother to such a degree"

Fangxian looked at Ruan Hongling with a very strange expression.

"Haha… you are afraid now It's too late… in this vast world, the martial artists are the ones with the biggest fist, and if we want to destroy you, we won't even let a single dog go!"

Ruan Hongling's eyes were bloodshot.

"The biggest fist Well said..."

Fangxian walked forward: "I am a very insecure person.

Since you have said so, then I can only strike while the metal is hot… "

"Wait a minute!"

Huo Qi lay on the side, wishing to sew shut the mouth of this pampered little junior sister: "This young hero… misunderstanding, everything was a misunderstanding!"

"The underworld is sinister since we already have this grievance… then… "

Fangxian shook his head and looked at Huo Qi: "Tell me… how many people are still in your sect What are their strengths Where is the sect master Don't want to lie to me, I will wait till Yi Tianchou wakes up, and I will ask him again."

"What do you… want to do" Huo Qi suddenly felt a chill trembling down his spine from the top of his head.

"You do not need to know……"

Fangxian flashed two rows of white teeth: "I actually have some experience about torture to extract a confession, and I know… Many people think that they can survive torture, but in fact, this is impossible… "

Moments later, a series of screams cut through the silence.

After a long time, a team of law enforcement authorities in mixed red and black uniforms arrived, however, they were too late.

In the Yuan Wu Kingdom, when it comes to the fights between the martial artists, they only had the functions of collecting corpses and cleaning the ground.


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