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“This Demon Flying Sword is powerful, everyone must be careful!”

During the roar of Baimei Zhenjun, he flew out first: “Where is the Demon Refining Sword”

Between heaven and the earth, there suddenly appeared a radiant sword light, which radiated infinite fire of refined demons, and it was simply the nemesis of all demon skills.

This is one of the flying swords of Shushan Sankou Town Flying Sword, the ‘Magic Refining Flying Sword’!

This sword was even sharper in Taixuan Mochen’s forbidden formation.

In the hands of Baimei Zhenjun, he unfolded the ‘Taishang Demon Sword Manual’, united his body and sword, and slashed towards Minghe Daojun.

“Baimei… In this world, your swordsmanship is the best, but do you know the mystery of the Primordial Spirit’s sword”

Minghe Daojun let out a soft “He!”, and four lotus petals flew out, turning into four red lotus flying swords, strangling and killing Baimei Zhenjun.

The sword is shining brightly.

This is almost the top swordsmanship fight in the world, and only Fang Xian can see it clearly from beginning to end.

At this time, Minghe Daojun made another tactic, and the remaining red lotus flying swords escaped and cooperated with the four Zhenjuns of the Kunlun Demon Palace to kill them all at once.

“Frozen Miles!”

Fuze Zhenjun’s Ice Dragon Dharma flew out, spewing out a mysterious cold air, freezing everything.

The next moment, the red lotus-like flying sword burned with red lotus-like flames.

This fire only touched the Ice Dragon a little, and it quickly spread all over the Ice Dragon’s body, burning it to ashes.

“Ah… this is the red lotus karma fire, which is best at burning the primordial spirit and dharma… Be careful, fellow Daojuns…”

There was also red lotus karmic fire emerging from Fuze Zhenren’s body, and within a short time, his whole body was burned to death.

Not long after he broke through the Dharma, Fuze Zhenjun, who was regarded as the upper middle class among all the Zhenjuns, died!

“It’s really… the magic power is overwhelming!”

Fang Xian protected himself with the Great Samsara Sword Formation, and also fought with two Red Lotus Flying Swords.

The red lotus karmic fire was rolling in, and he used the River Styx Flying Sword to meet with it, emitting the rolling real water of the River Styx to extinguish the karmic fire.

Seeing this scene, his face became more solemn:

“It’s not good…my Six Mouthed Flying Sword has just broken out of the magic weapon level of the sword embryo.

On the other hand, the Twelve Mouthed Red Lotus Flying Sword is already considered a rare treasure of heaven and earth…I’m afraid I can’t win this fight!”

“This demon is powerful!”

The other Zhenjuns also complained incessantly.

Under the attack of the Red Lotus Flying Sword and the Demon Palace Zhenjun, they retreated one after another.

After all, the Red Lotus Flying Sword was too sharp, and the Demon Palace Zhenjun was almost immortal!

“If this continues, if Daojun Minghe really becomes enlightened, then all creatures in this world will die, including me!”

Fang Xian secretly released the invisible needle and cast the magic power of spreading the sword like thunder.

This invisible needle has been refined by him after the Dharma image, and it already has a supernatural power, which is called ‘Shenguang of Extinct Size and Formlessness’!


The invisible needle has no shadow and is invisible, and its speed is astonishing at this time.

All the Zhenjuns only heard the flash of the thunder, and the four demon Zhenjuns of the Demon Palace exploded one after another like balloons that were punctured.

Not only that, but after falling into the sea of ​​blood, they weren’t being resurrected.

It seems that even those in the Dharma realm, even their Divine souls, were killed together.

“What great invisible needles, what great extinct divine light, it even destroyed a primordial spirit…”

Fang Xian was overjoyed, and the invisible needle shot out a large amount of divine light of extinction and wiped out all the golden core elders, disciples… and hundreds of thousands of blood god children in the Demon Palace.

In mid-air, Daojun Minghe, who was originally sitting firmly on the podium, changed his expression for the first time.

Not only that, but even his primordial aura is declining.

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This magic skill is closely related to the blood sea.

Now that the blood sea has suffered heavy losses, his cultivation has naturally dropped.

Baimei Zhenjun, who had already been forced into a state of panic, suddenly got a chance to breathe, and shouted: “Where is fellow Taoist Xuantian”

A Zhenjun flew out, and it was indeed the Zhenjun who is the head teacher of Xuantian Way.

This person’s cultivation base has also reached the peak of Dharma Realm, and there is only a faint shadow behind him.

At this time, he waved his hand, and a flying sword came from heaven and earth.

It was the ‘Suppressing Demon Sword’!

The two Zhenjuns, armed with the two swords of refining demons and suppressing demons, fought against the Minghe Daojun!

Minghe Daojun’s face is solemn,

Two red lotus swords flew into his hands, and he fought swordsmanship with these two people.

“Fellow Daoists, inject mana into the formation, and wait for us to sweep the formation!”

Baimei Zhenjun shouted again.

“Taixuan Weichen Restricting Formation… It turns out that these three flying swords are in charge of the murderous intent in the formation!” ‘

Fang Xian and the other Zhenjuns looked at each other and poured mana into the Nine Palaces Immortal Cauldron that appeared in front of them.

With this help, the two swords of suppressing monsters and refining demons increased their power even more, and repeatedly smashed the red lotus and flying swords.

Although Daojun Minghe is a Primordial Spirit cultivator, in this formation, if he is suppressed by a world, and then besieged by many real monarchs, he can still have such a fierce power, and his savings are extremely powerful.

‘And as the head of the three immortals, the second opportunity I got was supposed to be here…’

Fang Xian had a new understanding in his heart.

The invisible needle he obtained probably had the destiny to kill the Blood God Son and the Blood Sea Primordial God.

After all, if there is no Minghe Daojun, heaven and the earth will not send three immortals and two heroes.

‘The calculations of the heaven and the earth here are so deep, and the difficulty of cultivating the devil to achieve the Tao is really terrifying! ‘

Fang Xian was secretly shocked.

At this moment, Baimei Zhenjun and Xuantian Zhenjun let out a long howl, their swords merged, and they fought head-on with Minghe Daojun.

Seeing the opportunity, Fang Xian hid the invisible needle, secretly transported it, and suddenly drilled out of the void, entered it from the forehead of Daojun Minghe, and stabbed him with the needle.


Minghe Daojun covered his head and growled: “So it’s you!”

He suddenly recalled all the red lotus flying swords and the six mouths to protect his body.

The six mouths that forced Baimei and Xuantian back turned into a shocking blood rainbow, and rushed towards Fang Xian: “Little thief, die for me!!”

“Finally… we have reached this point!”

The dharma form appeared behind Fang Xian, suddenly absorbed the vitality of heaven and earth, and merged with himself.

He stretched out his right hand, and there seemed to be only this clear shout in the world: “Here comes my sword!!”

“Sword coming!!”



A white light fell on his hand and turned into a ‘Flying Sword’!

This sword is known as the most lethal among the flying swords, and it is in the forbidden formation of Taixuan Weichen, blessed by many true kings, and the sword energy is astonishing.

With a sword in hand, even an immortal can be cut!

He activated his profound skills silently, and operated the “Taiqing Zhanxian True Method” to its peak, feeling indescribably harmonious with the Zhanxian Flying Sword in his hand, as if he was its destined master!

Facing the bloody Changhong, he directly slashed out with a sword!

Ding Ding!

The sword energy formed a long river, like a white rainbow penetrating the sun, colliding fiercely with the blood rainbow, stabbing thousands of swords at each other in an instant.

If the rain hits the plantain, the pearls fall on the jade plate.

The six red lotus flying swords let out a mournful cry, and gaps appeared on the body of the sword, which suddenly exploded.

The sword light of the Flying Sword of Zhanxian directly passed the body of Minghe Daojun

The demon body cultivated by Minghe Daojun is incomparably amazing.

When it collided with the flying sword, it made the sound of metal and iron clashing, but the flying sword still slashed through his chest.

“Refining the devil!”

“Restricting demon!”

Seeing this, Baimei Zhenjun and Xuantian Zhenjun flew out flying swords at the same time and pierced into the blood sea demon body of Minghe Daojun.

This demon body was slain one after another by the three flying swords of refining demons, suppressing demons, and killing immortals.

Finally, it couldn’t bear it, and it turned into a sea of ​​blood and scattered.

A primordial spirit appeared in it, it was a river of blood but it was restricted by a large array of air ban.


Fang Xian released the invisible needle, piercing the blood river’s primordial spirit countless times in an instant, and finally divided this primordial spirit into nine parts and submerged it into the nine-mouthed nine imperial immortal cauldrons.


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