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Kunlun in the Western Regions.

Fang Xian’s escape light is faintly visible, passing thousands of miles across.

He had succeeded in cultivation this time, so he wanted to go to the Kunlun Demon Palace to take Yu Nishang away.

If this witch had unfortunately been refined into the son of the blood god, he would also have to kill Xuehai Zhenjun to complete the agreement with her.

While hurrying on his way, a jade slip appeared in his hand, which contained the “True Secret Art of Taiqing Slaying Immortals”!

This was sent by Monk Sanxiao as a reward for his action.

”Although Shushan has broken the relationship with me, but they still try to find ways to reconnect from time to time, for example… letting the Two Heroes become a Taoist couple with me, or letting me accept one of the Two Immortals as a disciple… Hehe, it was so hard to break the relationship.

Why do I want to jump back, am I that stupid”

Fang Xian sneered secretly in his heart, but at the same time felt a little sad.

He had already had a premonition that the people who were too close to him in this world might not end well in the future.

”Shushan Sword Sect gave me this technique, I’m afraid it’s because they want to reconnect me with the fate of the Immortal Slaying Flying Sword… The five treasures of Shushan Mountain are destined to be held by the Three Immortals and Two Heroes.

When the five pieces are combined, they can form the great barrier of the Shushan Sword Sect.

Mountain Formation—Taixuan Mochen Forbidden Great Formation! This formation is self-generated within a realm, known as ‘a burst of heaven and earth, the three realms are like dust’, and it is the destined nemesis of the Taoist Lord Minghe!”

”It’s just that even if there is such a formation, the method also depends on the cultivation of the person holding the formation.

Without the method, it may be useless… However, the five famous sects joined forces to force the four golden elixir cultivators to temporarily possess the secret methods and treasures of the method.

…The reason is that Daoist Minghe was born too early…I’m afraid I’m responsible for this event.”

While he was meditating, he had already arrived at the Kunlun Demon Palace.

With Fang Xian’s current Dharma powers, Minhe Daojun still won’t come out meaning he really isn’t afraid of those Zhenjun of the Demon Sect.

But he was here to save people, not to challenge the Demon Sect on his own, so after thinking about it, he disappeared.

He had previously stayed here for three years, he had already kept in mind the route to the Temple of Heaven’s Vengeance and immediately followed a demon servant through a series of formations.

the Temple of Heaven’s Vengeance.

Yu Nishang is working hard in the secret room.

There was a faint glow of blood on her body, and it was obvious that she had cultivated the blood shadow magic skill to an extremely high level.

Opening her eyes at this moment, she suddenly saw a figure standing in front of her.

Although the appearance and aura are different, Yu Nishang called directly: “Yu Xuanji Did you kill Yan Moluo last time”

”What Is Yan Moluo dead”

Fang Xian touched his nose and said, “But now, let’s put aside these things first, come with me, the forbidden method of a Zhenjun can’t stop me, but why do you still practice this blood shadow magic skill

”With this technique, if I don’t train every day, the energy and blood inside me will boil, and I will suffer the pain of burning the soul.

After some time, the essence and blood will burst and I will die! I have no choice but to train diligently …”

Yu Nishang’s eyes glowed strangely: “You have cultivated into a Zhenjun.

Hurry up and kill Xiehai, then it’s okay even if I die!”

”The catastrophe of righteousness and evil is imminent, and Xiehai can’t escape.”

Fang Xian touched his nose, grabbed Yu Nishang, and just escaped, and got out.

The Kunlun Demon Palace instantly became thousands of miles away.

At the same time, his palm was vaguely visible, which penetrated into Yu Nishang’s body, and grabbed a blood fetus: “This is probably the method used by Xiehai Zhenjun to imprison you, let me see if I can lure him out!”

After finishing speaking, a layer of big sun real fire appeared on the five fingers, burning the blood fetus to ashes.

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”Who dares to kidnap my apprentice”

In the Kunlun Demon Palace, a roar came from a certain hall.

A blood rainbow flew out, catching up with Fang Xian in a blink of an eye, and the figure of Xiehai Zhenjun appeared.

The image of the sea of ​​blood emerged behind him, and a large number of figures were floating among them.

They were all blood-headed gods.

The pungent smell of blood rushed in, containing a highly poisonous poison.

Ordinary monks will die immediately if they touch it.

”Xiehai Zhenjun”

Fang Xian shrank slightly with [Eye of the Profound Cave], “No…you are not the Xiehai Zhenjun, but Minghe Daojun!!” 

”Jie Jie, after this old man has pretended to be this person, you are the first to discover it.” 

The eyes of ‘Xiehai Zhenjun’ burst out with blood and made a strange sound.

Yu Nishang’s expression kept changing, and only now did she know that her master had been refined into a blood god son by Minhe Daojun at some point!

No wonder she has been safe and sound for the past thirty years.

It turns out that the master has been replaced by another person!

”Sure enough, the cycle of karma and retribution is not good! This Xiehai Zhenjun likes to train the Blood God Son, and now he has been trained too…” Fang Xian shook his head and sighed: “I greet Daojun”

”The head of the three immortals and two heroes”

Minhe smiled and stared at Fang Xian with a non-smiling expression, “The ancestor originally thought that those juniors were just ants, but unexpectedly, there are such outstanding people as little friend among them, tsk tsk… you should come to my demonic way with your cultivation base and dharma appearance, perhaps better than the old one.

Perhaps you’ll have more chance to become a Heavenly Demon than this old man!”

The way is different, we don’t conspire!” Fang Xian didn’t know what he saw, so he could only say: “Farewell!”

He is not afraid of the Four Great Zhenjuns chasing after him.

It’s just Minhe Daojun that’s different.

”Since you’re here, why are you in a rush to leave”

Like a warm and hospitable old man, the ‘Xiehai Zhenjun’ put his hands together, and the blood filled the sky immediately poured down.

This sea of blood has been specially refined by him, and it can contaminate magic weapons such as flying swords.

Fang Xian was not afraid, and unfolded his own magic form, his giant eyes and tentacles danced, and the six black holes swallowed up the blood. 

Absolute Beginning True Magic Art!

”Huh Such a magical skill, why haven’t I seen it before”

Daoist Minghe was taken aback.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Fang Xian merged his body and sword into a brilliant sword light, which suddenly cut through the sky, flashed in the sky, and then disappeared.

”Unfortunately… If this old ancestor’s real body was here, I would not have let this person escape.”

Xiehai Zhenjun stood on the spot for a long time, and three Zhenjuns, Ten Thousand Bones, Shura, and Demon Dragon, appeared beside him.

They looked at each other, and they said the same words, with blood in their eyes.

”How can the great calamity of righteousness and evil be determined by the righteous way”

”The timing is up to the patriarch!”

”Now if you delay it for another day, you will give the righteous way another day to prepare, and you can’t wait any longer!

After four Zhenjuns finished speaking, they returned to the Kunlun Demon Palace at the same time to cast their magic power.


From the many palaces, springs of blood gushed out suddenly, and they gathered into a sea of ​​blood within a short time.

Those servant disciples with low cultivation were corroded in an instant, turning into streams of blood.

Even though the true disciples and elders could persevere, their expressions gradually became numb, as if they had become members of the Blood God Son.

”Old Ancestor!”

A figure roared sadly and angrily, driving the Xuanyin Gathering Demon Banner, trying to break through the sea of ​​blood, but was caught by a giant hand in the sea of ​​blood and dragged back.

”This ancestor also doesn’t want to, but you are part of my doom…”

Xiehai Zhenjun sighed: “The sea of blood is surging, sweeping the world and killing all living beings, only to prove the demon of the sky! And you… are part of living beings too!”


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