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The Heavenly Turtle is an extremely rare Zhenjun of the monster race, which has been cultivating in the East China Sea.

It’s just that Fang Xian recently caught a white tortoise of different species and used it for divination.

This tortoise is a descendant of the other party’s direct lineage, which alarmed and bothered the Heavenly Turtle.

After privately investigating, it was discovered that Fang Xian was full of resentment from turtle spirits, which showed he had slaughtered a lot of them.

It’s just that the Heavenly Turtle was extremely cautious and didn’t take revenge immediately.

Instead, he first went to the ancestor of Baigu Mountain who was also a demon clan to inquire about Fang Xian’s news.

When he knew that Fang Xian had great luck, he became even more careful.

Fortunately, this person has not joined the Shushan Sword Sect, he is a loner, so he can do it.

Even then, he didn’t feel at ease practicing the ‘Tianyi Zhenshui Great Formation’.

This large formation specially restrains the flame monks, and it really deserves to belong to the tortoise.

With the great formation enveloping him, if Fang Xian was still the Golden Core cultivator who set fire to the dragon sword to kill Grandma Green, he might not even be able to escape.

“This catastrophe… has no solution!”

Fang Xian looked at the appearance of Zhenjun Heavenly Turtle, then at Patriarch Xiangkong, and sighed: “The only way to break it is with a sword!”

Cultivators of sects and demons do not practice good deeds in their lives, but love to kill and set fires, and they have suffered many catastrophes.

If you carry through, the sea and the sky will be bright, if you can’t bear it then you will die!

There is always a silver lining, even if life and death are destined, there is still some salvation.

For example, for those from the demon sects, if they can successfully break through the catastrophe again and again, they’ll be able to bring their supernatural abilities to an extremely terrifying level.

For example, in front of a Taoist monarch like Minhe, even when the immortal ascends, can do nothing.

At this time, the dharma figure with the dragon head, turtle body, tiger claws, and phoenix tail will be pressed down with one claw, turning Fang Xian in the big formation into powder.

Fang Xian sighed lightly, pointed at the pond: “Bi Luo!”


A cyan carp leaped out, turned into a green flying sword, and pulled out a sword aura tens of feet long, which forcibly blocked the claw of the dharma figure.

Immediately afterwards, another black carp turned into a black flying sword, which was extremely lethal, it was a ghost sword!

Behind the Ghost Gate Flying Sword is the bright yellow Huangquan Flying Sword, which seems to have the power to shake souls.

The remaining three flying swords flew out one after another, they were the three swords of Jiuyou, Liudao, and Samsara.

They were made by Fang Xian with Buddhist treasures such as relics, agate, giant clam, and coral, combined with fine hardware.

Six flying swords were shot out, and the pool was filled with spring water, boiling up to the sky.

Those drops of pool water suddenly turned into streams of extremely pure sword energy, piercing through many formation flags.

Tianyi Zhenshui’s formation was immediately broken through!


Not only the Zukong Patriarch, but even the old Taoist Zhuyun, who was secretly watching the battle from the sidelines, were extremely shocked: “With the power of the Great Sun True Yang Pill, how can you break through the Tianyi True Water formation But… this formation was destroyed, doesn’t this mean the old man’s boat is useless”

“I have a sword, I ask Zhenjun to teach me!”

Fang Xian had already received the Great Sun True Yang Pill, and his Nine-Revolution Life and Death Reincarnation Pill already contained the True Water of the Styx River, which is not inferior to the True Water of the Tianyi, so naturally he was not afraid that this big formation would wear down his foundation.

The two colors flowed and turned into a layer of gray light.

The six flying swords of Biluo, Guimen, Huangquan, Jiuyou, Liudao, and Samsara pierced out to form a sword array.

This sword array seems to be just a circle, but it contains the ultimate principle of heaven and earth, the mystery of reincarnation.

Great reincarnation sword array!


The sword energy soared to the sky!

The dharma figure with the dragon head and the turtle body, the tiger claws, and the phoenix tail was turned upside down, and the turtle’s back fell to the ground.

A tiger claw was chopped off abruptly!

Thirty years of penance, today’s Fang Xian, just relying on his own golden core and this Great Samsara Sword Formation, can beat the True Monarch!


From the dharma, came the admiration of Heavenly Turtle’s ancestor: “As expected of the son of great luck.

It’s a pity that you still can’t hurt the old man’s dharma!”

The tortoise dharma roared that day, a layer of black water and real mist emerged, and the severed tiger claw was reborn immediately, as if it hadn’t been injured at all.

Although the Dharma is not as strong as the Yuanshen, there are few things in this world that can hurt it!

The ancestor of Heavenly Turtle also became ruthless, even if he tried his best to damage his Taoism today, he would destroy Fang Xian.

He doesn’t know that Fang Xian just used him to test the power of the sword formation.

Now that he broke through the Tianyi True Water formation and passed another calamity, he suddenly realized something in his heart, and said in a manly voice: “One day, we will be able to get out of the universe.

So, dare to change the sun and the moon into a new sky!”

The sky was covered with dark clouds, and a purple thunder suddenly fell.

Fang Xian didn’t dodge or dodge, he just flew out of the Nine-Revolution Reincarnation Pill that he had cultivated for 30 years.


The thunder was ferocious, it fell on the golden core, split it into cracks, and exploded suddenly, revealing the natal dharma in it!

At this time, Fang Xian brazenly broke through to the dharma realm, and solidified his position as a Zhenjun!

“Impossible, how many years have you been cultivating And… that golden pill is not the Great Sun True Yang Pill at all.

Xiankong did you fool this old man!”

The Heavenly Turtle screamed.

The two immortals and two heroes also possess great luck, and they had cultivated for as long as Fang Xian.

Now he has just broken through the golden core, and he is already well-known in the world and is known as the ultimate wizards in the world of Taoism.

But compared with this Fang Xian, it’s nothing like cloud mud.

It must be known that before the golden elixir, there may be some divine elixirs and chances that can help monks break through quickly, but the method is different!

One percent of this realm is almost the top existence in this world.

Even if he had reincarnated and recultivated, and awakened his Suhui without the slightest bottleneck, he would still have to practice hard for hundreds of years.

How did this kid break through so easily


Zhuyun and the Zukong Patriarch also yelled in their hearts: “Why isn’t the Great Sun True Yang Pill It was a trap!”

The next moment, they saw Fang Xian’s face.

Dimly, in a trance, there seems to be something in it, wriggling non-stop.

It seems to be a strange giant eye, each of its eyelashes has turned into slippery tentacles, dancing wildly, with indescribable horror.

Around the giant eye, there are six huge black holes that rotate continuously, distorting and devouring everything around them.

Just looking at the giant eyes, the Zukong ancestor yelled, and the demons were rampant, and a raging flame burned out from his body, burning him alive.

Only the old Taoist Zhuyun, relying on the orthodox mentality of Taoism, is still struggling to support, but he also hastily closed his eyes, not daring to look anymore.

At this time, the law is different and the mega frequency is displayed.

First of all, there are flowers falling from the sky and golden lotuses springing from the ground.

This is the scene of the avenue which will appear for all Dharma Zhenjun.

Immediately, phantoms of innate spirit treasures continuously appeared in the sky.

First is the picture of mountains, rivers, and land, followed by a tower, an axe, a streamer, and a string of beads.

In the end, all the visions disappeared, the sky was gray, and the phantom of the reincarnation disk appeared, and it seemed to be real, stretching across the world.

“Shanhe Sheji Map, Pangu Tianzhu Axe, Xuanhuang Linglong Pagoda, Taiji Banner, 13 Dinghai God Beads, and a small reincarnation disk! How come so many spiritual treasures are appearing at the same time”

Heavenly Turtle’s eyes widened, his face full of disbelief: “Seventh level! Seventh level vision! At the beginning, Zhenjun Fuze was only promoted to the third level, and I am only the second level…Could it be that this young one has such a strong foundation When he becomes an immortal, then how terrifying will the catastrophe he’ll face be”

“What kind of technique does this kid practice Not good… This method is so ugly, I’m afraid I can’t match it!”


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