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Yandang Peak.

It was the period when the Shushan Sword Sect was fighting swords with other sects.

Many light escapes, cloud boats, and attics hang in the air around, and no one knows how many eyes are staring at the top of this peak.

Three sword fights have passed, and the ending is extremely tragic.

Shushan Sword Sect sent Zhuge Wenxian, Zhu Yingzi, and Gu Daoxian.

Three battles and three victories, beheading all three disciples who had high hopes from the other sects!

Especially Gu Daoxian!

This son was a blessing in disguise, because of this sword fight, Baimei Zhenjun specially gave him one of the three flying swords of the Shushan Sword Sect, the Demon Refining Flying Sword for self-defense!

This flying sword already is in the level of rare treasures in the Immortal Mansion, combined with the “Taishang Demon Sword Manual”, after dozens of moves, it cut a sword cultivator from foreign sects into two pieces.

It should be known that this sword cultivator, known as the ‘Little True Lord’, is the true disciple of the ‘Ling’ao Island’ in the East China Sea, and several great Zhenjun have praised him as a ‘Zhenjun Seed.

On this little Zhenjun’s body, there is also a complete magic weapon, the Taiyi Ziyun Barrier, which specializes in flying swords, and a set of three ‘Ice Soul Cold Light Swords’, one for attack and one for defense.

It is the trump card specially prepared by the sect for Gu Daoxian.

But at the very end, they’re still a side sect, and what they can put out on the table is not as good as that of a famous family.

Even Luofu Zhenjun didn’t expect that Baimei Zhenjun would be so shameless that he would give all the treasures of Shushan Township to a disciple who was only in the realm of supernatural powers.

But the Demon Refining Flying Sword was too fierce, after a few fights, it cut off the three Ice Soul Cold Light Swords, broke through the Taiyi Ziyun Barrier, and took the life of the little Zhenjun.

At this moment, their hearts almost bled.

The three major disciples who died were all the most hopeful and talented Zhenjun seeds among the sects, and they may not even be able to achieve longevity through cultivation, breaking the curse of not being able to attain the soul of the sect.

Now that they are meeting all their dooms, the luck of the whole sect is diminished by 10 to 20 percent!

In particular, after beheading the ‘Little Zhenjun’, Gu Daoxian continued to invite the battle without shame, claiming that as long as the opponent was below the Dharma cultivation, they would always be under him.

Among the side gates, there really were Jindan Daoist who couldn’t bear it anymore and got provoked.

After challenging him, they got beheaded one by one, their blood staining the peak.

By this time, seven of them had already been beheaded.


Looking at the triumphant Gu Daoxian in the arena, Zhenjun Luofu suddenly shouted.

If it wasn’t for Baimei Zhenjun who was watching from the opposite side, and if there was no Yuanshen Daojun sitting at the side door, he would have disregarded the rules and directly killed this kid.

“Daoxian, don’t back down!”

Seeing this scene, Baimei Zhenjun smiled and shouted.

“Follow the decree of the teaching!”

Gu Daoxian came off the stage happily, returned to the disciples of Shu Mountain, and said triumphantly: “Today we are famous all over the world, and the reputation of the Shu Mountain Sword School has greatly increased… Hehe, I have the Demon Refining Flying Sword in my hand, as long as I can be promoted to the golden elixir in the future, then even that man I can…”

In his heart at this moment, he was very glad that Fang Xian did not join the Shushan Sword Sect.

Otherwise, if the other party holds the Immortal Severing Flying Sword, wouldn’t he just suppress him for the rest of his life

Seeing this, Zhu Yingzi rolled her eyes in her heart, looked at the quiet Zhuge Wenxian, and said to herself, “Brother Zhuge has a demon-suppressing sword and a magic dragon as a mount, and he is not as powerful as he is now.

He just used an ordinary flying dragon sword before, and can easily behead an enemy…’

At this time, he deliberately smiled and asked: “You are really so confident, then I will pass the flying sword to the brother of the Fang family and tell him… I am in charge of the Nine Palaces Immortal Cauldron and I saw him for a while last time.

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Han Yingzhu next to her smiled and took out a talisman, making a gesture of recording voice.

“I, I… I didn’t say anything…”

Gu Daoxian’s face immediately collapsed,

Looking left and right, he changed the subject: “Headmaster Zhenjun is on the stage!”

“Fellow Daoist Luofu…”

Baimei Zhenjun stepped forward with a smile: “Today’s sword fight, how about letting it go”

Luofu Zhenjun’s face turned purple with anger: “I’m not as shameless as you…but your Shushan Sword Sect may not be able to be proud forever!”

“Fellow Daoists don’t need to worry about this matter…”

Baimei True Monarch said: “If fellow Taoist is willing to swear the oath of the heart demon, immediately seal himself in Luoshan after going back, and retreat for sixty years, then this matter can be left as is, how about it”

“If the old man is unwilling, so what”

Luofu Zhenjun was furious, and a three-headed and six-armed figure appeared behind him.

“Nothing much will happen… it’s just that Baimei is not that talented, and I am willing to ask Luo Fu and the other two fellow Taoists for a battle.”

Baimei Zhenjun still smiled, but the hearts of many people present got cold.

“Arrogant and conceited! Do you think those who can become Zhenjuns are all low-grade golden elixirs”

A Zhenjun from the sect shouted.

“Do you dare to come down and fight”

Baimei Zhenjun just ignored him and asked.

“Why don’t I dare”

Another Black-robed Zhenjun replied.

He was from the East China Sea, and he had been heartbroken about the loss of the little Zhenjun, and he had nowhere to vent his depression, so he agreed immediately.

After all, Baimei Zhenjun has been in the Dharma cultivation for a long time.

Based on the accumulated background of the Shushan Sword School, he must have cultivated to an extreme early on, and he has refined the Dharma to the later stage, and there is no more fierce power!

“Such is good!”

Bai Mei’s Dharma image emerged, and indeed there was only a faint shadow.

Although the merits of Taoism are very high, and it is almost only one step away from refining the last bit of pure yang, but after all, it is also the time when a Dharma Zhenjun cultivator is at their weakest.

At this time, the shadow held a white light in his hand.

That is a flying sword!

Slashing Immortal Sword!

Known as the most murderous among flying swords in the world!

Three days later. 

On a flying boat heading to Shushan Sword Sect.

“Congratulations to the head teacher for beheading the three Dharma Zhenjun and for shocking the world…”

Old Taoist Zhuyun and Monk Sanxiao bowed their heads.

“It’s just a false name, what do you care about it”

Baimei Zhenjun sat cross-legged on the cloud bed and said with a smile, “However, after this battle, the Great Tribulation of the Immortals has officially begun.

You also need to cultivate well, don’t wait for the calamity to happen before doing it…”

Old Taoist Zhuyun said yes awe-inspiringly.

On that day, one Zhenjun and one sword, and performed the “Taiqing Zhenjue of Slaying Immortals”, slashing the three great dharma figures in a row, and left the scattered immortals of the side sects terrified!

After this battle, the vigor of the unaffiliated sects was severely injured, and it is possible that they will not be able to do anything for hundreds of years.

Baimei Zhenjun is also one of the most powerful in this world, and he is known as the number one person after the Yuanshen Daojun.

“This catastrophe of the immortals has just started, and the juniors will have to work hard in the future, and the big head is not in the side door…”

Baimei Zhenjun suddenly said: “I can’t calculate the fate of the head of the three immortals at this time, but according to the previous study of his fortune, I am afraid that after thirty years, there will be a catastrophe.

That is also the last chance for him to enter our Shushan…”

“Zhuyun, you go to the Three Straits.

With my token, you can get a piece of Taiyi floating gold from Yunmeng Fairy, and then go to Liehuo Mountain to build an Erjin boat, and then you can go to earn his favor… “

“Following your order!”

The old Zhuyun bowed, but asked with some worry: “What if it still doesn’t work”

“Then in this life, I’m afraid he will never have a connection with our Shushan!”

Baimei Zhenjun replied without any emotion in his tone.


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