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"Black Tiger strikes, avoid all fiends!"

It was a windy and sunny day.

A convoy of escorts slowly drove on the main road, leading them was a recce, holding a flag embroidered with black tigers in both hands, and leading the road ahead.

Fangxian rode a bay-red horse and looked around with interest.

This was his first escort mission.

Next to them was Liu Yan, a coquettish bodyguard, and Qian Sanwu, who had an usual expressionless face.


it’s better for Brother Fang to close your eyes and calm your mind.

We need to escort these targets to Black mountain provincial city this time.

In the first half of the journey to this city, there should be no robbers who have the audacity and bravery to trifle with a strong force like us.

After leaving this city, it will be different..."

"Black mountain provincial city...

'' Fangxian's face seemed to be smiling but he was not smiling, thinking that the group of people from the martial underworld he had defeated in the tea shed before seemed to come from the Qingyu sect in this city.

After some investigations, he realized that this Qingyu Sect was really only a second-rated force, except for the Sect Master 'Han Yunfeng' who seemed to have advanced into the innate realm, there were no disciples who could represent a strong party.

"Will there be any famous martial artists in the Black mountain provincial city"

Thinking of this, he couldn't help asking.

"If you are talking about Black Mountain provincial city, the most famous one is naturally 'the one fanatic'."

At this time, Qian Sanwu, who had been expressionless, suddenly spoke, with some admiration in his tone.

"'One monk, one Taoist, one fanatic, Twin dragons, four kings, and six sect masters" Fangxian came to be interested: "Is he actually born in Black Mountain County"


Ordinary people really wouldn't know about this kind of secret." Liu Yan smiled tremblingly: "It's just that head bodyguard Qian was born in Black mountain provincial city, which explains how he knows a thing or two about it."

"How so"

"Naturally, it was because the royal court wanted to hide its shame.

Back then, this 'Chu Fanatic', was but a man, with a sword, slaughtered his way through the fierce and ferocious and impenetrableYuan Wu Kingdom's imperial palace...

" Liu Yan said, "One monk, one taoist and one fanatic" are now the supreme masters of all martial artists, whose prestige far exceeds the twin dragons, four kings, and the six sect masters...

The reason why the Chu Fanaticis more respected by Head bodyguard Qian is because he had no support from the orthodox sects behind his back, and he had nobody's support.

He had no astonishing inheritance nor techniques, only relying on the martial arts techniques of the external strength to enter the innate realm, invincible in all battles.

"An expert senior, a true role model." Fangxian occasionally went to restaurants and other places to listen to the news during this period.

He was no longer a rookie, but he still admired such grassroots experts.

Only those who really clawed their way up from the bottom would know that the effort required is several times or even dozens of times that of those with excellent background!

'The Supreme Master, I don't know what realm it is...'


Ten plus days later.

Black mountain provincial city.

Cangyuan Mountain.

The mountain roads here were rugged, and many of them are plagued by apes (Cangyuan is a type of ape, hence the name), and it is also a place where bandits are habitually haunted.

"Everyone cheer up, after this mountain pass, we can enter the city to drink wine and eat meat!"

Qian Sanwu and the others were holding a weapon in their hands, their eyes were alert to the surroundings, and they were no longer in their previously leisurely posture.

"Huh Why have we stopped"

At this moment, the convoy stopped suddenly.

A recce in front trotted over and clasped his fists to report: "There is an accident ahead, please send a few armed bodyguards to have a look."

Fangxian nodded.

Cema, Liu Yan, and Qian Sanwu came to the front of the team.

On the road ahead, there was a person lying on his stomach with his face on the ground.

They were unable to see his face, and a pool of black blood around him was almost solidified.

"It seems that he was a scholar who was robbed and lost his life.

That's incorrigible!"

When Liu Yan saw it, she shook her head.

"Hmph, underestimating the complexities of this world, he deserved to die...

What are you still doing Just clean it up and bury him!"

Qian Sanwu said coldly.

"Yes." The few recces looked at each other, and they were about to move forward to collect the corpse.

"Hold your horses!"

Fangxian suddenly raised his whip.

"What now"

Liu Yan and Qian Sanwu looked at him strangely.

"How are you sure this person is dead What if it is a set-up to create a trap "Fangxian said: "The lives of our recess are also equally as important!"


my eyes are not blind, his corpse hasn't moved in the slightest, and he has no signs of breathing, plus there is so much blood...

he is obviously dead."

Qian Sanwu snorted coldly, saying that an experienced martial artist such as himself has eaten more salt than Fangxian had eaten rice.

"That is not a guarantee, maybe there are evil ways of pretending to be dead in the martial arts underworld!"

Fangxian insisted on his opinion.

He was not forcibly delusional nor was he overly cautious, but the [Eyes of the Mysterious Caverns] clearly saw that the person was still alive.

Not only was he still alive, but he was also healthy.

A healthy warrior was just lying down on the road, obviously he had no intention to treat them to dinner.

Of course, this involves his trump card, so naturally it can't be said clearly.

He thought for a while and asked an armed bodyguard to pass over the longbow.

This bow was not as good as a crossbow, but it is also much better than the one he used for hunting.

It had the strength of three stones.


He inhaled and made a sound, and violently shot an arrow at the 'corpse'.


The arrow directly pierced the back of the 'corpse', but the 'corpse' remained motionless.

Squawk squawk!

On the surrounding trees, several black crows squawked, making the scene a little awkward for a while.

"Haha..." Qian Sanwu's expressionless face burst into laughter, but Liu Yan wanted to comfort Fangxian: "It's good for young people to be more cautious, but you can't overdo it..."


Before he finished his words, Fangxian shot three arrows again.

Suddenly, the ‘corpse' started moving.

It bounced quickly, as if it could walk without moving its knees, and flew back like a zombie.

But it's too late.

After two arrows missed, the last arrow pierced through its chest.

Puff puff!

The blood was flowing like normal.

That 'Zombie' held on to the tree trunk, his face was full of grief and indignation: "Three Star Arrows, a good arrow shooting technique! I didn’t think that I, "Zombie Fist" Jiang Lang, would die here...

Tell me boy, how did you see through my ‘Death Endurance Technique’"

Jiang Lang was extremely sorrowful and indignant.

He was a well-known thief in Black Mountain provincial city.

Because of his ‘zombie fist’, he usually had a seemingly dead body.

He often uses this to lie on the official road to attract peoples’ attention.

Once someone approaches, he violently kills, and often easily succeeds.

Unexpectedly, he met Fangxian today, who didn't care about it, and even directly shot him with an arrow!

It was as clear as day, does this kid have a habit of whipping corpses

It's just that it was too late to dodge at that time, Jiang Lang did not stop and kept at it.

He was prepared to rely on this 'Death Endurance Technique', in fact, this involved ignoring all physical pain and pretended to be a corpse, completely dispelling the enemy's doubts.

Deep down, he was ready to annihilate and shred the boy who shot the arrows into pieces.

But unexpectedly, he sacrificed so much for the big 'disguise', but he was easily seen through by this kid.

"I didn't see through any Death Endurance Technique..."

In the admiration and surprise eyes of the crowd, Fangxian scratched his head embarrassedly: "I just feel that one arrow was not safe enough, so I decided to try firing a few more arrows..."


As soon as he spoke, Jiang Lang spewed a fountain of blood into the sky and fell straight down.

The arrow wound on his back was not lethal, but the arrow on his chest which had directly pierced his vitals, was difficult even for the gods to save.

"Was he angered to death"

The people of the escort establishment stared at Fangxian with a very strange expression.


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