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Consort Shu watched Mu Xi Yao who was being helped up by people in a daze.

Her expression looked complicated.

This girl was smart.

Hence, how could she not discern that this was an already set up trap Yet, she still put her own life on the stake, insisting on taking the big risk.

However, how did she want to redress an injustice for one’s fate It is vague and intangible and relied on the Directorate of Astronomy and Calendar’s deduction.

Since Director of Astronomy and Calendar has already made a conclusion, who had capabilities to retort him

“Your Majesty, this servant has heard that nobody is worthy to be called the leading eminence in fate divination except for the head monk of An Guo Temple.” Mu Xi Yao did not retreat after getting up.

Instead, following a short contemplation, she had again astounded people with words she spoke.

“The head monk of An Guo Temple went out on a journey for two years, and has not returned till now.” Yuancheng Emperor also thought of asking the great master to personally make calculations.

Unfortunately, this great master who lived in seclusion had no fixed residence.

As a result, he had no way to check up on this matter.

If they insisted on seeking the person, they would have to dispatch the shadow guards.

A war will break out soon.

All the shadow guards have received their orders a long time ago and left the capital to run their tasks.

Mu Xi Yao naturally knew that the head monk was not in Shengjing.

If the great master was still here, these people won’t dare to set about framing her at this point.

It was easy to get away if one was accused of false charges.

However, no suspicions were tolerated regarding one’s fate.

If one wished to revoke the verdict, one has to reverse it neatly and beautifully.

Today, she was almost being point at and cursed for being an ill-luck bringer.

This kind of humiliation, she cannot bear no matter what.

“Since the great master has not yet returned, this servant won’t insist on the matter.” To Yuancheng Emperor’s surprise, Mu’shi has actually dropped the matter with ease and mentioned it no more.

Empress Dowager also thought that Mu Xi Yao’s last hope was the head monk of An Guo Temple.

Unexpectedly, she did not demand to postpone days.

She was actually very straightforward.

“Emperor, consort Liu is unconscious at the moment.

The unborn child in her womb allows no delay.

When will be this case put on trial”

Yuancheng Emperor recollected Mu’shi’s call for clansmen assembly.

After a little consideration, he fixed up the date.

“At the hour of Si1 in two days, the clansmen assembly will be convened in Jiahe Hall.

This case will be handed over to the Ministry of Justice to investigate.

The Inspector of Astrological Service and Director of Directorate of Astronomy will supervise.

Does Mu’shi have any objections”

“This servant thanks for your Majesty’s grace.

There are no objections from this servant.”

“Sixth!” Yuancheng Emperor got up and summoned Zhong Zheng Lin to accompany him.

Zhong Zheng Lin’s face was as black as ink.

When he looked into the pair of Mu Xi Yao’s calm eyes, he only managed to leave behind a few words.

“Bendian will return soon.”

Mu Xi Yao watched him leave with a smile.

As soon as she turned, she meet with Zhong Zheng Ming’s unfathomable eyes.

Zhong Zheng Ming looked at her.

It was as if he saw again that maiden who had ordered grimly to kill the horse.

Precisely such a woman dared to say in front of Empress Dowager and Emperor “personally ask to be removed from imperial genealogy, and a cup of poisonous wine”.

As he departed and passed her side, Zhong Zheng Ming slowed his steps a little, “There are still two days.

Bendian will secretly inquire about the great master’s whereabouts on your behalf.”

The man’s deep and low voice resonated above her head.

It was just a fleeting moment.

Before Mu Xi Yao could react, the person has already gone far.

The group of women that followed behind Zhong Zheng Ming carried a stunned expression.

Afterward, they recalled Mu shufei whom his Highness had treated generously.

They immediately understood.

Men indeed loved the house and its crow2.

He will even look a bit after di sister of his favored concubine.

Only one person didn’t raise her eyes from the start.

That person’s heart was as clear as a mirror.

Sure enough.

Did he feel distressed for Mu Xi Yao


Mu Xi Yao was sent back to the sixth prince’s residence by people consort Shu dispatched.

As soon as they entered the door, Mo Lan and Hui Lan’s eyes reddened.

“Mistress….” They’ve followed Mu Xi Yao for more than a decade.

The mutual affections of master and servant was deep-seated.

Learning that Mu Xi Yao was going to face the calamity that concerned her life and death all by herself in two days, they couldn’t control their emotions anymore and broke into a low sober.

“What’s there to cry When did you see your mistress suffer a loss This time, if I don’t peel off a layer of skin of the person behind the scene, that person can forget about glossing things over.”

Just as Zhao momo was raising her head and looking around anxiously for his Highness’s early arrival, she heard mistress’s fierce words that were spoken between gritted teeth.

The sobs of two orchids came to a halt.

They looked at Mu Xi Yao with a stupified expression on face, quite scared by her.

Did mistress’s mind become muddled because she also knew that disaster was at hand Right now, there was not even time for her to get away.

Who would keep thinking about searching for the person to carry out revenge

Danruo Courtyard fell into a strangely quiet atmosphere.

When the servants received the news, they dared not to make any noise.

They all carried a worried frown, distancing themselves far away from the main house as they were afraid that cefei would lash out her anger out on them.

Zhao momo and the few attendants that had a bit of authority were, on the other hand, looking out for Mu Xi Yao so that she could peacefully catch up on sleep.

They carried dumbfounded expressions on their faces as they looked at each other in dismay.

When Zhong Zheng Lin returned to Danruo Courtyard enveloped in an icy cold air, he saw Mu Xi Yao quietly lying on the bed, sleeping sweetly.

Watching the serenity and quiet elegance of the beautiful woman on the bed, Zhong Zheng Lin shut his eyes for a good while.

Suddenly, he felt disheartened.

He walked over and gently caressed her beautiful hair that was scattered by the sides of the pillow.

He called her softly, “Xi Yao.”

Mu Xi Yao was bothered by someone in her dreams.

She rubbed her head and searched for a more conformable position to continue with her sleep.

Zhong Zheng Lin leaned against bedhead and, like that, he quietly watched her, sitting there until the nightfall.

The woman in the great hall today had a magnificent presence that was hard to find in this whole world.

This was the Mu Xi Yao he has seen only once.

Inside those beautiful eyes that were as proud and supple as blue sky dwelled such her.

This woman had her claws drawn in on usual days.

Only when the circumstances required it would she display them in plain sight and unveil all of her extraordinary qualities.

“Jiao Jiao.” Zhong Zheng Lin looked at the water clock and subsequently bend over to plant a soft kiss on her lips.

“Your Highness.” As soon as Mu Xi Yao opened her eyes, she fell into deep phoenix eyes.

They were steady and gentle.

Tranquil and beautiful.

“Qie has caused troubles for your Highness.”

This was Zhong Zheng Lin’s first time hearing Mu Xi Yao express her apology in a bashful manner.

He stroked her head and spoke lowly.

“Jiao Jiao exploited own life only to plead his Majesty to investigate thoroughly this case” Not to mention one consort Liu, even if over a hundred and eighty women died in the imperial harem, Zhong Zheng Lin wouldn’t have batted his eyelids even once.

“Your Highness needn’t worry.

A scourge like qie is bound to stay for a very very long time.” Mu Xi Yao embraced his neck and teased him with a smile.

She hasn’t had enough babies.

Her predecessor’s wish also wasn’t accomplished yet.

Even if she died she will have nowhere to run.

Zhong Zheng Lin wasn’t as forbearing as her.

In a manner as gloomy as before, he asked her, “How about bendian going to plead his Majesty to send you to Jiangnan, to keep you away from these things for some time.

What do you say”

Once he fixes up that gang of rebellious officials in the province of Shu and pulls the House of Duke of An Guo up by the roots, Mu Xi Yao will naturally return to his side.

Just now, he has already pleaded in the palace.

Yuancheng Emperor did not grant the request.

However, what did it matter He had plenty of means to steal the dragon and substitute a phoenix3……

Go to what Jiangnan Those scumbags weren’t sorted out yet.

Even if she was beaten to death, she won’t go! She, Mu Xi Yao, has never in her two lifetimes thought of “running off while carrying a burden of crimes”!

“Your Highness, qie still waits to fix those treacherous sycophants.

How can qie leave, leaving behind such a fun”

See her talking with smile, seeming not to be joking, Zhong Zheng Lin’s brows knitted tightly.

He turned silent and spoke nothing. “If your Highness is mindful, your Highness may send people to Lu Shui, to ask the great master to return to the capital.

It would be for the best.”

The old monk should be true to his words.

The affinity from that time in return for today’s reciprocation ought not to be regarded as being out of line.

Zhong Zheng Lin’s phoenix eyes instantly brightened up with a dazzling light.

The expression he carried while watching Mu Xi Yao was not good.

“Jiao Jiao’s been hiding light under a bushel4, being very forbearing.”

“Your Highness, the round trip from the capital city to Lu Shui takes over ten days.

Water from afar cannot help extinguish the nearby fire5.

It’s merely adding flowers on brocade6.

As for that sir Director.

When it comes to his calculations, he still got a lot of work to do.” Mu Xi Yao let out a light chuckle.

On the same evening, the commander of the sixth prince residence’s bodyguards together with the head of shadow guards simultaneously departed on fast horses, heading to Lu Shui of Chongzhou.


The imperial palace.

Yuye Palace.

“That Mu’shi put a stake on her life and pleaded his Majesty to file the case for investigation today.

Could it be that this ploy has a loophole that would allow her to turn the tables”

“Big sister, what loophole is there to check upon Her date of birth and the eight characters are in black and white.

She has no way to deny this fact.”

“Is that sir Gan really like what rumors say, no one is his equal in matters of fate divination in the Directorate of Astronomy and Calendar”


That person is a man of true talents.

Furthermore, not all of what has been said today were empty words.

Mu’shi’s fortune, indeed, conflicts with that of consort Liu’s.

However, as for being unfavorable to the imperial clan……who knows It’s half true and half false, hard to distinguish wherever it’s genuine or fake.”

“Everything must be in complete secrecy.

No one from Gan residence is allowed to get away!”

“Rest assured, big sister.

Qie has already ordered people to keep eyes on them.

However…..his Majesty flipped consort Shu’s card tonight.”

“it’s merely to appease her.

What’s there to be afraid of”

The noble consort clenched tight the jade scepter in her hands.

When she called to mind this coordinated action devised by Duke of An Guo, she actually felt somewhat impatient.

Translation notes: 

[1] Hour of Si – 9-11 AM

[2] House and its crow is a Chinese idiom that means if f you love someone, you will love anything about that person

[3] Steal the dragon and substitute a phoenix is a Chinese idiom that derives from Sun Tzu’s Art of War, means zo perpetrate a fraud

[4]Water from afar cannot help extinguish the nearby fire is a Chinese idiom that means a slow remedy does not address the current emergency

[5] Hiding one’s light under a bushel is a proverb that means to conceal talents or abilities

[6] Adding flowers on brocade is a Chinese idiom that means to decorate something already perfect


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