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Chapter 88

“Your Highness,” Mu Xi Yao threw him a meaningful glance and teased him, “Qie started to play with Cheng Qing only because your Highness wasn’t coming even after a long waiting.” The pair of her beautiful eyes turned, her body twisted in Zhong Zheng Lin’s embrace.

In fact, when she tapped at Cheng Qing and watched his little face that resembled Zhong Zheng Lin so much turn aggrieved, she was secretly enjoying herself.

“Jiao Jiao, you can just go and barge in, dragging bendian away.” Zhong Zheng Lin easily stuffed his son to Gui momo and in the next moment, he turned to hug the baby’s mom.

Mu Xi Yao burst out laughing, radiating with delight, “Bear this promise in the heart, your Highness.

Sooner or later, qie will catch a pair of a couple in the act of adultery.”

“Why is there a need for sooner or later Bendian will satisfy Jiao Jiao’s wish.

In a moment, bendian will let you catch an adultery couple in the bed.”

Mu Xi Yao cried out in alarm.

She became so frightened she hugged tightly his neck while nipping at his ear and softly pulling at it.

This man was trained well by her.

Zhong Zheng Lin from the previous life was a plain scumbag.

Not only was his character trashy, his temper was even more trashier.

Nowadays, he’s actually became sensible and tactful.

Flirting was a routine practice for the two of them.

It was also common for them to spice things up once in a while.

When Mo Lan saw the cold food on the table, she called Hui Lan to quickly take them away and warm them up again.

Once these two masters got intimate with each other, they don’t use a meal.

However, after they had their fun, they become unbearably hungry.

It was guaranteed that mistress will fall out with his Highness in a moment.

In response to Mo Lan’s guesses, Zhao momo and the lot who were waiting outside heard his Highness inside use a deliberately gentle voice filled with coaxing words.

If it wasn’t for the fact that they had to stay to serve them, they wouldn’t be able to stand the two’s display of affection.

In the evening, Zhong Zheng Lin enjoyed to the fullest the beauty’s company.

He took Mu Xi Yao to his arms and kept brushing his head lightly against her collar.

“Bendian needs to take Su’shi out of the capital for two days.

Jiao Jiao must not mischief.

Take good care of bendian’s son.” Zhong Zheng Lin gently stroked Mu Xi Yao’s increasingly obvious belly.

Mu Xi Yao’s mind turned.

She knew Zhong Zheng Lin wished to use Su Bo Wen to cut a path.

She nodded a tiny bit.

“Does your Highness know of “Drunken old man Tao likes wine, basking in Yuquan1”

Zhong Zheng Lin halted.

It was well-known “The South had Tao and the North had Xiao”, Great Wei’s genuine scholars.

Unfortunately, Tao Gong was fond of liquor.

He couldn’t leave even half a step from Jiu Quan of Yu Province.

Each day, he will take two sips of liquor and play music to liven up the mood.

Countless of people with ambition wanted to ask Tao Gong to leave the mountain.

In the end, all of them returned in defeat, their heart filled with disappointment and frustration.

“If one wishes to invite elder Tao, one must first pay respect to Qin Bo.” Mu Xi Yao spoke out with longing.

This was a story that resembled a tale of Bo Ya and Zi Qi’s deep friendship2.

Unfortunately, she won’t have an opportunity to see it with her own eyes.

It will her lifetime’s regret.

Her dwell in the inner yard doomed her to miss many stories in legend.

The price for rice weevil3 was that the sky above her head will never be vast.

Zhong Zheng Lin’s phoenix eyes lit with a brilliant light.

The big hand that hugged Mu Xi Yao slightly tightened its hold.

This woman…..


On the following day, the sixth Highness climbed into the carriage with Su cefei amid everyone’s incredulous gazes.

He Lian Min Min was very puzzled when she saw Mu Xi Yao leisurely pass days as if nothing happened.

Wan Jing Wen squeezed the jade hairpin while frowning deeply.

What was going on Why did his Highness abruptly call Su Lin Rou, that woman who came from who knows where, to attend to him She has already decided to take action against Mu Xi Yao.

Yet, to her surprise, this happened.

Following afterward, should she act or not Could it be Mu Xi Yao was only a pawn the sixth Highness used to fool people

If it was for an insignificant pawn that could be replaced at any time, then it wasn’t worth her effort.

Moreover, it would be for the best if the manpower in her hands didn’t get exposed.

“Zhu Jing, postpone the operation.”

Was that woman’s oddity deliberately created by Zhong Zheng Lin or was she like that from the start Someday, the truth will float up to the surface.


“Mistress, news came from the sixth prince’s residence.”

The woman’s green onion-like fingertip brushed against the secret report.

She spoke coldly.

“Regard not others.

Just keep a close watch at Mu’shi.”

No matter whether she was favored or not, she was destined to doom.


Inside the carriage that headed to Jing city, Su Lin Rou’s body was rigid, unable to sit nor stand still.

Since his sixth Highness climbed up into the carriage, he kept reviewing files, sparing himself no free time.

“If sitting is uncomfortable, go to rest in the carriage at the back.”

Su Lin Rou was startled by Zhong Zheng Lin who has abruptly spoken out.

She quickly changed her sitting posture and replied softly, “Qie is alright.

It’s just a little bit stuffy.

Your Highness needn’t to mind qie.

Official matters are more important.”

How was it possible for her to go to the carriage at the back and stay in the same place as the two servant girls She’d such a hard time to get a bit closer to his Highness.

Even if she was going to die she had to grasp firmly this opportunity, expose more her face and familiarise with him.

She moved a little forward and raised her hand to pour Zhong Zheng Lin a cup of hot tea, “Your Highness, weather is dry and hot.

Drink more water.”

Zhong Zheng Lin did not lift his head.

He took the teacup that was presented right under his eyes.

Just now, his hand made contact with lady Su’s fingertip.

Suddenly, a gleaming light rose in his eyes.

He swung his hand and threw teacup outside.

Su Lin Rou was scared witless by Zhong Zheng Lin’s sudden action.

When she came back to herself, Zhong Zheng Lin took her by the waist and they jumped out from the fast-running carriage.

“Ah!” The woman’s high-pitched and startled cry rang at his ear.

Zhong Zheng Lin frowned slightly.

“Shut up!”

Su Lin Rou was so frightened her face turned stark white.

Her whole body broke into a shudder.

She only managed to firmly hold onto Zhong Zheng Lin’s neck, coiling herself closely around his body.

Watching the shadows of trees fly speedily past her eyes and the arrow in the midair that has brushed past them, all of these almost made Su Lin Rou who has been raised in a lady’s boudoir faint.

As soon as Zhong Zheng Lin fell to the ground, he pulled Su Lin Rou down from his body.

He took the sword hanging on his waist, his whole body emitting a murderous aura.

“Come out!” The man yelled.

His three-foot long sword issued a faint buzzing sound.

Wei Zhen brought imperial bodyguards and shielded the sixth Highness and Su cefei in the middle.

He pricked up his ear to listen to the movements in the surrounding.

Inside the grove was still and silent.

Zhong Zheng Lin closed his eyes.

In a flash, swords were drawn out and cut high into the sky.

Realizing their spot was exposed, the men clad in black could only confront them head-on, “Strike!”

Su Lin Rou crouched on the ground, staring at Zhong Zheng Lin’s towering back.

Her hands kneaded her clothes until they became a messy ball.

Her fingertips were sunk into the soil while her tears fell down endlessly.

Twenty-something men clad in black dashed out, each of them extraordinary agile.

They have surrounded Zhong Zheng Lin and the party into a circle, willing to risk their lives to assassin the group of them.

One could tell they were death soldiers4 by a glace.

“Your Highness, take cefei and go first.” Understanding the gravity of the situation, Wei Zhen’s attacks became ruthless, his each strike lethal.

He cared not about sword wounds inflicted on his body.

His mind was set on opening up a bloody path for Zhong Zheng Lin.

“No need.” Through the corner of eyes, Zhong Zheng Lin saw Su’shi docilely stay in her place.

He left her behind thereupon.

Gathering the inner chi, he leaped and fight his way into the battleground.

Seeing the residence’s bodyguards successively sustain injuries, Zhong Zheng Lin increased the speed of his attacks.

Amid the flipping and shifting, the surrounding death soldiers, one by one, fell to the ground.

All of them had the spot between their eyebrows hit by the sword, killed by a single blow.

Their leader, recognizing that situation wasn’t in their favor, attempted to withdraw but was tenaciously pursued by Wei Zhen.

Once Zhong Zheng Lin got his hands free, he (the leader) knew his time of death has come.

He looked around.

Seeing his brethren all perished, he laughed sorrowfully, “People only knew his the Highness for being brave and adept in warfare.

However, they didn’t know the sixth Highness was actually the one hiding his light under a bushel.

This one will die utterly convinced by your Highness’s talents.” Once his words fell, he did not delay time but directly cut his neck with a sword.

The fresh blood instantly spurted out.

Su Lin Rou was already stupified by the scare.

At this time, as she directly faced the bloody scene, her vision blacked out and she passed out.

“Your Highness, these must be death soldiers from Shu province.”

Zhong Zheng Lin nodded.

He recognized them after hearing their accent.

“Clean them up.”



When Su Lin Rou regained consciousness, she was already lying inside the carriage.

All the clothes on her body were changed.

“Mistress, you’ve finally woken up.” Hong Xiu looked at her worriedly.

The rim of her eyes was very red.

Just now, they were left behind.

They’d only heard the clashes of swords and battle cries rising up in the front.

They were so scared they hid inside the carriage, overcome with a shiver.

When cefei was carried back by his Highness, she had already lost consciousness.

Her clothes were extremely dirty, her skirt was even stained by blood.

Looking at the personal maidservant in front of her, Su Lin Rou immediately came back to herself.

She stroke the place where her heart beat.

The terror still lingered in her.

When she called to mind the warm chest that protected her in a critical moment, Su Lin Rou abruptly sat up.

“Where is his Highness”

Translation notes: 

[1] Yuquan is a district in inner Mongolia

[2] Friendship between Bo Ya and Zi Qi exemplifies the Chinese ideal of friendship – click for more info about their story here

[3] Rice weevil is an Internet slang used to describe people that idle their time away

[4] Death soldier is a soldier who is trained to fulfill missions without care about their lives.

It is also used by someone to call themselves to display their resolution


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