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Duke of An Guo looked at Zhong Zheng Chun with an ashen face.

No matter how he kept appeasing him, it was all to no avail.

The fact that Yuancheng Emperor had taken back Zhong Zheng Chun’s military power posed a major concern for them! The war in Mobei will break out soon.

Being transferred to the Ministry of Rites at this critical juncture meant his road to the elevation of prince’s ranks1 will be completely cut off.

It will be difficult if he wished to reassume the office with military merits in the future.

Fortunately, the crown prince was also banished to compile a scripture.

It could be considered as fortune out of misfortune.

Three volumes of 《Buddhist Canon》can at least put the crown prince off for two years.

It will be as hard as to climb up to the sky if he wants to free himself ahead of time.

Moreover, that group of stubborn pedants in Hanlin Academy were accustomed to hold themselves aloof.

They acknowledge no one’s superiority.

Since Yuancheng Emperor had banished the crown prince to Hanlin Academy, he was obviously infuriated at the crown prince and wished to polish his temper.

“Did you participate in the metropolitan civil service examination fraud”

“Grandfather, is bendian someone who is unable to weigh up the matter carefully! Evidently, it was someone’s set-up, wishing to doom bendian to death!

“Is Chen De Zhi not your person”

“This….” Zhong Zheng Chun was at a loss for words.

“Even an advisor who has stayed at your residence for nearly a decade might have been possible manipulated by people” Duke of An Guo was utterly disappointed in Zhong Zheng Chun.

“The mere crown prince doesn’t have that capability.

Although the crown prince holds a great responsibility, the culprit is the talented person behind him.

The exquisite layout of this chess game and the way how deep were concealed the chess pieces, not to mention you, even this old man would hardly escape.”

Duke of An Guo’s brows knitted tightly.

He slowly gyrated the two jade beads from South Sea in his left hand.

Among the imperial princes, the only one who had such wisdom and resourcefulness was no one else than the sixth prince Zhong Zheng Lin.

However, just how old was Zhong Zheng Lin a decade ago This kind of theory was too far-fetched.

Could it have been the fifth prince Zhong Zheng Ming However, Zhong Zheng Ming himself also had been implicated in the fraud case.

Don’t tell him it was to fool people

The more Duke of An Guo thought the more he felt something fishy was going on.

This matter was indeed confusing.

“Since going the orthodox way is impossible now and you cannot rely on outstanding talents to impress his Majesty, you can only make everyone unable to distinguish themselves.”

“Grandfather means….”

“Going to war is not only about achievements.”


In the fifth prince’s residence, the fifth princess consort’s face was filled with anxiety.

She looked coweringly at Zhong Zheng Ming’s constantly changing expression.

“Did bendian instruct you or not to constrain that good for nothing brother of yours in recent time”

“Your Highness, qie…….qie has already sent message.

However, …….”

“From now on, take proper rest.

All the affairs in the prince’s residence will be handed over to Mo cefei to take care of.”

When the fifth princess consort heard that Zhong Zheng Lin stripped her of authority over the governance of the household, her complexion immediately turned as pale as death.

Her body was on the verge of collapsing.

Zhong Zheng Ming looked at the woman in front of him and hated her mediocrity and incompetence.

He has times and again instructed her important matters, yet she made mistakes every time, accomplishing none of the things he told her.

When he recalled the circumstances in Zhong Zheng Lin’s residence these days that were scouted out by servants, he needn’t think to know that Mu’shi must have stepped in and took charge of the residence, for it to be so stable and running smoothly.

At the time, if it wasn’t for this completely useless principal consort, Zhong Zheng Lin wouldn’t take advantage of the loophole and snatch the person he wanted.

Although he manipulated with the metropolitan civil service examination case, it was someone else who had meddled in.

Without Zhong Zheng Lin’s push, things won’t be blown into such proportions.

Originally, he planned to make Zhong Zheng Chun lose his other arm.

Unexpectedly, Zhong Zheng Lin struck out ruthlessly.

He went as far as to dig up Zhong Zheng Chun’s unsavory past and cut off his prospects to nobility ranks.

Indeed a big scheme.

As for that blockhead the crown prince, he not only groundlessly shouldered the infamy of “inciting the discord between brothers” but also had his previous offenses raked up.

He couldn’t be simply more foolish.

As for the fact that he was implicated in the case; a shiny light flickered in those long and narrows eyes of his.

He has, indeed, underestimated that sheep.

The eighth prince Zhong Zheng Han! At first, he thought Zhong Zheng Lin had preyed on him.

However, he has accidentally found out that he almost became victim to other’s machinations, too.

Unfortunately, Zhong Zheng Lin was extraordinarily vigilant and the first thing he did was to sever neatly his connections to the case.

Thus, making Zhong Zheng Han return empty-handed.

He really didn’t expect that a mere fraud case would make everyone, except for that fathead Zhong Zheng Chun, fight with both open and secret means.

This time, both Zhong Zheng Chun and the crown prince were kicked out of the game in advance.

What will happen afterward was all the more hard to see.


The sixth prince’s residence.

Zhong Zheng Lin’s study.

“This lowly subject congratulates your Highness on winning a victory in one stroke.” Di Wu Yi Zhao held a feather fan in hands.

He laughed while rocking it lightly.

“Could it be that misters is making fun of bendian” Zhong Zheng Lin stretched his long legs and leisurely leaned against the bamboo couch.

He held a wine cup which he softly swayed in hand.

The expression on his face was frivolous and refined.

“The match this time was, indeed, to one’s great satisfaction! Fortunately, mister had given bendian pointers.

As expected, Zhong Zheng Han that boy had waited for the right time to take action.”

“Your Highness mustn’t fail to remember whom to give credits.” Di Wu Yi Zhao abruptly smiled.

Zhong Zheng Lin slightly turned up his mouth, “She never admits.”

“What a pity cefei is a woman.

Otherwise, she will certainly have her place among the renown world scholars.”

Zhong Zheng Lin paused for a moment and then broke into laughter, “Does mister think that based on her temperament, she will contently become a renown scholar if she were a man She will most likely indulge herself in a jolly carousal.

Actually, traveling with beauties is more probable.”

As Di Wu Yi Zhao listened to Zhong Zheng Lin’s humorous speech, he also let out a peal of unrestrained laughter.

After the two finished laughing, they finally started to discuss seriously big things that will follow afterward.

“Does your Highness wish to command the army and join the battlefront”


“Right now, duke of An Guo hopes that your Highness will offer yourself for an assignment and go to the battle.”

“He is not the only one who wishes bendian to be buried in a horse hide2.” Zhong Zheng Lin sneered.

“It’s still unknown to whom the deer will fall3..

Sometimes, even if one stayed steadily in Shengjing, one might still lose life.” Di Wu Yi Zhao spoke in ample confidence.


The sixth Highness’s has been absent for several days.

As soon as he returned to the residence, he stayed in the study with Di Wu Yi Zhao.

It was not until the third quarter of the hour of Hai4 that he finally set foot in the inner yard.

When He Lian Min Min saw that the food she had sent being delivered back untouched, she knew that his Highness was certainly disappointed that she had failed to live up to her principal consort title.

She, too, felt regret and sorrow inside the heart.

Yet, she didn’t know whom should she pour her grievances.

She always thought highly of herself.

She didn’t feel to be inferior to anyone.

Only when she had encountered a big matter this time did she finally understand that there were people beyond people5.

When she received the letter from her father, she finally understood that her lack of foresight almost caused a disaster.

If it wasn’t for Mu’shi hinders, what she received from his Highness right now won’t be a cold treatment but a fury instead.

Father’s every word of appraisal in the letter was like a sharp blade, each word gouged her heart.

If father learnt that the one he praised highly of for “not letting him down” was not her but other clan’s daughter, she wondered how disappointed he would have been.

“Mistress, his Highness just headed to Danruo Courtyard.” The chief maidservant Liu Qing reported timidly.

“I know.” He Lian Min Min let down her hair, step by step walking toward the bed.

Lying down on the extraordinarily spacious bed, she was unable to fall asleep.

That woman gave her too much of a pressure, forcing her to suffer one defeat after another.

How could the confident He Lian Min Min from before know she would encounter such Mu Xi Yao!

She cannot wait anymore.

This woman was too dangerous.

His Highness will only value her more and more and disregard all the other people.

However, based on Mu Xi Yao’s cleverness, who in the inner yard will be able to pull her off the horse6

In Chanruo Courtyard, He Lian Min Min tossed and turned restlessly in bed, unable to sleep sound at night.


Mu Xi Yao looked at the unshaven man in front of her and disdainfully pushed away his handsome face.

“Your Highness, ugly.”

Zhong Zheng Lin stopped for a second.

Presumptuous! She actually dared to disdain his unkempt appearance.

He fiercely cast a glare at Mu Xi Yao and then took a clean robe, going to Shuangyan pool to take a bath.

When he came out again, he was again that bright and handsome sixth Highness Zhong Zheng Lin.

As Mu Xi Yao watched the man’s neat and tidy face, she threw herself at him while laughing.

Her little mouth pecked two kisses on his cheek with a moo-waah sound, smiling smugly.

Translation notes: 

[1] In this context it’s meant the title of wang 王 (“prince”) which is reserved for the sons of the Emperor

[2] To be buried in a horsehide is a Chinese idiom meaning to give one’s life on the battlefield

[3] To whom the deer falls is a Chinese idiom meaning the one to emerge a victor

[4] Hour of Hai is 9-11 pm

[5] There are people beyond person is a Chinese idiom deriving from There are people beyond (this) person, and skies beyond (this) sky which means no matter how good you think you are, there is always someone out there that is better

[6] Pull off the horse is a Chinese phrase meaning to unseat


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