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“Your Highness, qie has just arrived to the estate.

Everything is still very unfamiliar to qie.

How about to let cefei continue to take charge of the affairs in the estate Qie will gradually take over duties.”

“No need.

If the name is not correct, the words will not ring true1.

Whatever you don’t understand, ask Tian Fu Shan.

“Yes.” He Lian Min Min hung low her eyes.

Her face carried a tiny smile.

Su Lin Rou in the Fang Hua Courtyard has scouted out the news that Zhong Zheng Lin took He Lian Min Min to the palace to thank for the grace.

“Consummation handkerchief has been already collected” It seemed that his Highness wasn’t like in the rumors, only gracing that woman from Danruo Courtyard”

“Come to attend to me.

If I can’t oppress He Lian Min Min, at least, I mustn’t lose to Mu shi.” Since lady He Lian has succeeded, it meant his Highness will sooner or later grace the inner yard.

If she left a good impression today, things will be more convenient to her.

“Mistress, it’s time to get up.

Hour of Si2 is approaching.” Mo Lan felt extremely helpless as she watched Mu Xi Yao dawdling in bed and not getting up.

“Mistress, if you don’t get up, how are you going to conduct a greeting rite when his Highness returns”

Mu Xi Yao was already sober when she listened to Mo Lan’s ceaseless chatter.

It’s just that she was lazy and didn’t feel like moving.

As soon as she heard Zhong Zheng Lin will return, she quickly sat up and called people to attend to her.

She couldn’t afford to lose her face by having Zhong Zheng Lin carrying her over on his shoulder.

“Sweetened honey water.”

“When his Highness left, he has instructed you can use only lukewarm water.” Hui Lan handed the cup to Mu Xi Yao, disregarding her face filled with dissatisfaction.

Without words, she changed her clothes and combed her hair.

“Mistress, his Highness sent a sedan chair to pick you.” When Zhao momo entered the house and saw Mu Xi Yao’s insipid attire, she inwardly sighed to herself.

Why did mistress place so little importance on this issue No matter what, the principal consort was the official mistress of the estate.

In Chanruo Courtyard, Zhong Zheng Lin sat highly on the head seat.

Next to him was He Lian Min Min surrounded by dignified and noble air.

Su Lin Rou along with the womenfolk she led successively sat down on their rightful places.

Everyone in the room quietly waited for the only woman who was absent.

“Mu cefei is pregnant.

It’s only natural for her to arrive a little bit slower.

Everyone take a seat, chat a bit and familiarize with each other.”

Wan Jing Wen watched He Lian Min Min with her principal wife front.

Her nails dug deeply into her flesh.

For the time being, she will let her act smugly.

Afterward, she will have lots of time to cry.

“Your Highness, when mother consort has mentioned about establishing the estate outside of the palace today, she said that the prince’s residence will be built at the latest next month.

The layout of little sisters courtyards should be according to the current one or any other arrangements should be made”

Zhong Zheng Lin has waited for Mu Xi Yao’s arrival for a long while.

Just as he was guessing that woman was dawdling in the bed to goof off, he heard He Lian Min Min mention the residence outside of the palace.

Hence, his attention was somewhat pulled back.

“What are your thoughts” Zhong Zheng Lin asked for He Lian Min Min’s opinion.

As He Lian Min Min was going to say she didn’t like the name of Chanruo Courtyard which sounded quite cold and cheerless and wanted to change it to a more cheerful name, she heard Su Lin Rou say, “Big sister probably doesn’t know.

The name tablet of Chanruo Courtyard was personally bestowed by his Highness.

Qie envies you greatly.” Su Lin Rou kneaded her silk handkerchief, looking as if she also wanted to plead for one.

His Highness seemed to somewhat care for the principal consort.

How come when it was her turn, there was not even a bit of gesture from him If it wasn’t for that day when she accidentally saw chief steward Tian order people to hang up the tablet, she wouldn’t have known her circumstances were so worrying.

She glanced at Zhong Zheng Lin begrudgingly only to see him also look over.

For a moment, those beautiful eyes of hers exuded with tender affections, full of bashfulness.

Watching Su Lin Rou seducing his sixth Highness before her eyes, He Lian Min Min pressed her lips together.

She mentioned no more about changing the name of the courtyard.

“Qie won’t change qie’s Danruo Courtyard for anything.” Mu Xi Yao strode inside in an alluring yet graceful manner.

The way she waved her circular fan carried a bit of a charming and sultry feel.

Everyone looked at cefei in the distance who was approaching them attired in a light muslin dress of a dark indigo color.

The corners of her lips were curled up into a beautiful smile, the pair of her eyes limpid.

He Lian Min Min’s expression tensed.

What a witch! No wonder his Highness was spellbound by her and favored her solely for two years.

Wan Jing Wen’s expression suddenly changed.

She hastily lowered her heed to cover up her discomposure.

Su Lin Rou clenched tightly both of her hands.

She was so infuriated she wished to tear to crumbles her doxy smile.

There were so many people in the house, yet she chose the skirt of the same color as her! She came to annoy her, didn’t she

One step, one sway, Mu Xi Yao arrived before them.

When she saw the warning in Zhong Zheng Lin’s eyes, she knew that the boss had been waiting for too long, he was already impatient.

“Qie pays respect to your Highness and the principal consort.” As she spoke, she was about to bend her knees to curtsy.

Just, her movements were so slow that it amused Zhong Zheng Lin.

This was little woman’s “acts of conceit out of master’s good graces” Promising girl!

“Mu shi is pregnant.

There’s no need for politesse.” The sixth Highness spoke before He Lian Min Min could react.

Mu Xi Yao’s raised abdomen already irritated He Lian Min Min greatly.

When she saw her also secretly flirt with Zhong Zheng Lin, she kept the cool eyes of a bystander.

Just as she intended to put Mu Xi Yao in her place and take time to tell her to rise, Zhong Zheng Lin’s protective feelings for the fairer sex interfered her plans.

Now, all of her good moods were gone.

“Qie thanks your Highness for showing solicitude.” Mu Xi Yao softly thanked him.

As soon as she raised her head, she cast Zhong Zheng Lin a coquettish protest.

Immediately after she entered inside, boss bestowed her favor.

At least, she doesn’t have to put on a play so exhaustingly.

Everyone saw that since Mu cefei came in, his highness’s gaze was firmly captured by her, not leaving her even for a moment.

What’s more, he looked after her a lot.

He specially changed a regular chair with a daybed3 for her to sit.

The two made sheep eyes at each other, being very intimate.

“If you don’t want to change, then keep it.” Zhong Zheng Lin nodded in assent.

The meaning behind the name of Danruo Courtyard was chosen after long contemplation.

It happens to complement well with little woman’s successive news of pregnancy.

Watching the two speak with each other and reach an agreement in no time while disregarding her the principal consort, He Lian Min Min became displeased inside.

On the surface, she smiled affectionately and complied, saying that the same applies to the whole inner yard, to avoid adding troubles.

“Elder cousin! I don’t want to stay in Shuhui Courtyard, that filthy place.

How can people habit that place Its name is ominous, too.” Zeng Yu has entered the estate only for two days.

However, how can she bear to live in Tang Yi Ru’s domain Previously, she tried to barge into Zhong Zheng Lin’s study twice.

Yet, both times she was stopped by Wei Zhen.

Since she has found an opportunity now, how was she willing to let it slip by

Zhong Zheng Lin watched Zeng Yu’s fuss with indifference.

He instructed He Lian Min Min, “Deeming her as Zeng shi will suffice.”

He Lian Min Min was a bit surprised.

Originally, she thought he would request her to take a bit of care of her.

In the end, this Zeng Yu was this much disliked by his Highness.

Elder cousin Humph! As long as she doesn’t have favor, no matter how she intimately calls him, it’s usualness.

“Since Zeng shi’s courtyard is personally appointed by his Highness then there’s no need to change it.” Originally, He Lian Min Min thought it was due to his Highness’s grace that a concubine could dwell in shufei’s courtyard.

Now it seems that Zeng Yu had violated a taboo.

Since He Lian Min Min rejected her request, Zeng Yu became so infuriated her complexion turned livid.

Blast, you lady He Lian.

She’s come only for a day and she already wanted to use her as her stepping stone to establish her prestige She secretly decided to enter the palace to complain tearfully on the next day and have her aunt stand up for her.

By looking at Zeng Yu’s expression Mu Xi Yao immediately knew what she planned.

She just felt amazed.

Did this woman have a brain How come up until now she still couldn’t see her clearly circumstances

Putting Zeng Yu aside, her proper business was more urgent.

Today she specially came to put on airs.

“Your Highness, qie came late.

Has tea been already served” While at the doorway, Mu Xi Yao heard He Lian Min Min mention the inscribed board.

Did she want to change it Even if she wanted, it depended on whether Zhong Zheng Lin was willing or not.

The sixth Highness’s “Chanruo4” word had deep meaning behind it.

It was just unknown whether He Lian Min Min could appreciate it or not.

“Not yet.

We’ve been just waiting for little sister.” He Lian Min Min interrupted her.

She couldn’t let her keep engaged in talks with his Highness like this.

Lady Mu was using this chance to show off, gloating her favor in front of the newcomers.

Since she the principal wife was here, there was no room for her to establish prestige.

Although she won’t directly confront her, she also won’t tolerate her impudence.

Once He Lian Min Min ordered people to bring tea, Su Lin Rou gracefully came to the front.

While serving Zhong Zheng Lin tea, she kept sending him endearing glances with her bewitching eyes that were full of coquetry.

He Lian Min Min’s heart was engulfed by deep resentfulness.

She hasn’t yet fixed lady Mu and here comes even more shameless Su Lin Rou.

Subsequently, she looked at lady Qi and Lady Kong underneath.

They’ve also gorgeously dressed themselves.

In this inner yard, apart from wooden and stiff lady Wu, no one seemed to be capable to bring her peace of mind.

After lady Wan served her tea and has attentively examined Mu Xi Yao from a close distance, she became even more certain.

This woman must be rid of!

The moment evil thoughts flooded her heart, the jade pendant on Mu Xi Yao’s chest abruptly began to give off warning signals.

Mu Xi Yao was taken by shock.

She secretly inspected her surroundings.

Yet, she only saw a few servant girls tiding up teacups and bringing over fruits.

The jade pendant also lied down the flag and still the drum5, having no more reactions.

Who was it That kind of scalding temperature was similar to the assassination of The Flying Guillotine she came across last time.

It was an intention to kill! Could it be that the pawn of the An Guo Duke House was involved

Mu Xi Yao began to pay attention, carefully taking note of everyone in the room.

After all the things were done, He Lian Min Min smiled and asked Zhong Zheng Lin whether he wished to have a meal in the main house.

“Danruo Courtyard has already prepared the meal.

Principal consort only needs to arrange dinner.” After Zhong Zheng Lin finished, he took leave first with Mu Xi Yao.

He Lian Min Min’s heart clenched with his mention of Danruo Courtyard.

However, when she heard he will come back to the main house for dinner, she relaxed.

It seems that lady Mu’s immense favor wasn’t easy to shake.

Fortunately, it was during the first three days.

At least, his Highness will take into consideration her face.

What will be circumstances afterward depended on each woman’s ability.

When Wan Jing Wen returned to her room, she calmed herself and began to contemplate.

He Lian Min Min’s foundation was already destroyed.

She wasn’t worth of worry.

That lady Mu….should she sound her out or not

Translation notes: 

[1] If the name is not correct, the words will not ring true is a Chinese idiom that means without righteous reason

[2] Hour of Si means 9-11 AM

[3] Daybed – open-frame platform (click here for more information)

[3] Chanruo consist of two Chinese characters 禪 “Chan” which means meditation and 若 “Ruo” – to seem/like

[4] Lay down the flag and still the drum is a Chinese idiom meaning to cease


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