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Chapter 79


“Didn’t I tell you to stay” A displeasure appeared on Zhong Zheng Ming’s face.

He cast her a glance with knitted brows and kept walking forward.

Mu Xi Yao watched that woman’s face fill with embarrassment.

She subsequently followed behind Zhong Zheng Ming’s back, currying favor with him.

In a coyly manner, she seemed to be whispering to him some words of explanation.

Their silhouette gradually got further and further away.

“Mistress, that one was his fifth Highness’s favored concubine.

She’s been recently elevated to shufei ranks.”

When Mu Xi Yao recalled the hatred inside that woman’s face, she gazed into the distance for a while.

“Chun Lan and Ruo Lan, you two tomorrow go to the fifth prince’s estate and ask to see third miss.

Tell them that I, the elder sister, quite miss her.”

“Yes, mistress.” The two quickly complied.

In a moment, they will have to look for Gui momo and consult with her about the gifts they will have to bring over.

When Zhong Zheng Lin returned to the estate on the afternoon, he saw Mu Xi Yao sleeping sweetly with Cheng Qing.

The little guy put his fists next to his mouth, having them curled into a ball.

His little head rested on Mu Xi Yao’s shoulder while saliva drooled down from his mouth.

Zhong Zheng Lin drew properly the blanket over the mother and son.

Afterward, he went to lie down and rest on the nearby bamboo couch.

As soon as Mu Xi Yao woke up, she heard Cheng Qing shout excitedly outside.

He pestered his dad to play with him with babbles.

Mu Xi Yao had a headache when she thought of the scene of the interaction between father and son.

Cheng Qing was only nine months old.

Although he learnt to sit and crawl a bit earlier than other children and his body grew to be sturdy, he was still less than one years old, after all.

He was being tossed to the sky like tossing a ball by his dad all day long.

Yet, he was so happy beside himself that whenever she wanted to take him over he became dissatisfied.

This stinky brat, being misbehaved since little.

Could it be that Zhong Zheng Lin was also this mischievous as a child

She looked at her swollen abdomen.

This time, Mu Xi Yao was extremely looking forward to the child being a daughter.

If it was another son, she felt that based on Zhong Zheng Lin’s way of education another savage would likely be raised up.

“Are you awake” Zhong Zheng Lin entered the house while holding Cheng Qing, his air of dignity still intact.

Mu Xi Yao’s heart softened as she looked at the two very similar handsome faces.

She let out a soft cough and praised him in an extraordinarily obsequious manner, “Your Highness was handsome beyond compare today.” Since she has taken the benefit, she quickly buttered up to him.

The mushier the better.

Starry-eyed, Mu Xi Yao swung her hips and plastered herself onto Zhong Zheng Lin, fawning on him.

Since the sixth Highness had a beauty throwing herself at him, he couldn’t care less about baby Cheng Qing.

He put his son into a small bed and then drew Mu Xi Yao toward himself, planting a passionate kiss on her lips.

“On the wedding day, are you willing to attend the event” Zhong Zheng Lin reckoned, according to Mu Xi Yao’s temper, she certainly won’t be willing to attend the ceremony.

Zhong Zheng Lin doesn’t believe she can have not a bit of temper while watching another woman grandly enter the estate and openly putting pressure on her.

“Don’t want to.” Mu Xi Yao shook her head in disdain.

She had to go and ask for trouble on her own accord Not a chance!

“Then obediently stay in Danruo Courtyard.

Bear in mind to not run around all over the place.

There’ll be many guests tomorrow.

Take into consideration your body.”

Mu Xi Yao rubbed against Zhong Zheng Lin’s chest.

She naturally had to pay attention to it.

She still has to rely on her belly to act conceited, didn’t she

On the next day, as soon as Chu Lan received news from outside the palace, she immediately came to inform her about it.

“Xi Ting is pregnant” Mu Xi Yao was surprised.

Didn’t Mu Xi Ting know to send news about her pregnancy Instead, she had to dispatch people to ask her.

“Mistress, third miss said it’s still too early.

She planned to give you a message once her pregnancy passed the third month.”

Mu Xi Yao’s brows creased when she recalled Zhong Zheng Min’s inner yard.

The fifth princess consort was an honest person.

Yet, she had no capability whatsoever.

Cefei Mo Qing Wan thought highly of herself, she won’t lower herself to embarrass a shufei.

As for other people, especially the newly arrived cefei and that favored consort, Mu Xi Yao turned her nose at them.

“Did you deliver the message”

“Replying to master, this servant has said things to third miss according to your wishes.

It seems that third miss had taken it into the heart.

Mistress can be at ease.”

Mu Xi Yao nodded and had her retreat.

It’ll be for the best if things were how she believed.

Otherwise, something shady was most likely going on behind that estate.

The thirteenth year of Zhanghe, the eleventh day of the sixth month.

The grand wedding.

The sixth Highness Zhong Zheng Lin takes lady of noble family Min Min of He Lian clan as princess consort.

This time, Zhong Zheng Lin strictly followed the wedding ceremony practice of Great Wei’s imperial princes.

He dutifully went to the palace and performed the ceremony of three kneelings and nine kowtows before Empress Dowager, Yuancheng Emperor, and consort Shu.

Afterward, he personally led the estate’s guards to He Lian House and took the first miss of He Lian House for wife with a sedan chair carried by eight carriers.

Following, he hosted a banquet of sixty tables in his prince residence in the palace where he also received the guests.

It was not until the hour of Hai that everyone escorted him into the bridal room.

After all the fuss was over, Zhong Zheng Lin saw that there was only him and bride in the wedding chamber.

He moved his hands to take off the outer robe, about to call people to attend to him.

“Your Highness, may qie attend to you” He Lian Min Min did her best to maintain a calm appearance.

However, a blush rose to her cheeks.

She stepped forward and took over the crimson wedding gown from Zhong Zheng Lin’s hands.

She subsequnetly helped him tidy up the wedding dress that was the same bright red color as hers and placed them on the same spot.

Zhong Zheng Lin’s eyes flashed as he watched her movements.

Sensing that she was slightly nervous, he pondered for a moment and then instructed her mildly, “Tell people to prepare water for a bath.” Afterward, he leaned against the wooden chair and closed his eyes to refresh his spirit.

Those brothers of his took good care of him.

Each of them took a turn in pouring alcohol into him.

At the moment, he felt a little unwell.

After the two took a bath, Zhong Zheng Lin changed himself into a moon-white everyday court dress.

His front lapels were wide open. He sat quietly on the bedside, lightly massaging the space between his eyebrows.

Seeing him wearing nonchalantly the clothes, his sturdy upper body practically bare to eyes, He Lian Min Min was so abashed her ears turned deep red.

With gentle lotus steps, she moved to stand beside the bedside.

Stretching her hands, she pushed aside his haphazardly massaging fingers.

She slowly pressed acupuncture points on both sides of his temple to help him relieve his fatigue.

Zhong Zheng Lin’s eyebrows slightly raised.

Suddenly, he recalled that a similar scene has happened in the study.

However, that woman made him disgusted.

Since his unpleasant memories were evoked, Zhong Zheng Lin lifted his hand to wave away her service.

Subsequently, he picked the scroll beside the pillow to browse through.

It was He Lian Min Min’s first time sharing a room with a man.

Yet, the sixth Highness treated her coldly and alienated her.

Since there was no exchange of words between them nor was there any instructions, she could only figure it by herself. She sat on the edge of the bed and took off her embroidered shoes, quietly climbing over Zhong Zheng Lin and getting into the inner part of the bed where she lay down and closed her eyes.

According to what momo said, she only had to cooperate with what will follow in a moment.

She can be at ease and leave the rest to his Highness.

A little endurance and everything will pass.

After He Lian Min Min lied down, Zhong Zheng Lin shifted his sight and swept two glances at the unfamiliar woman next to him.

She wasn’t as bright and beautiful as Mu Xi Yao.

Her appearance could be counted only as ordinary.

She lied there flatly in a dutiful manner, not at all like little woman who slept disorderly like a fried dough twist.

Zhong Zheng Lin didn’t know what other princes felt on the grand wedding.

He only felt that his previous thoughts and personal experience were completely different.

After having Mu Xi Yao, he spurned other women.

He didn’t touch them because it wasn’t necessary.

Now that he has married a princess consort, circumstances were different.

They should naturally engage in husband and wife intimacies and treat each other with the respect due to guest1.

Toward the official wife, Zhong Zheng Lin didn’t feel such aversion that he had for other women.

Even if he wasn’t emotionally engaged, according to the century-old customs of Great Wei, he ought to give her the esteem of a principal wife.

Now that it was time to settle, Zhong Zheng Lin couldn’t make himself to make a move.

The woman next to him was like a decoration, incapable of rousing any interest inside him.

Looking at the bright red matrimonial bed sheets, what flashed through his mind was, instead, Mu Xi Yao’s snow-white body and her sultry allure.

As soon as he thought of that woman, Zhong Zheng Lin’s body immediately responded.

Compared to his mind, it has much more truthfully conveyed his desire for Mu Xi Yao.

He looked again at the completely unfamiliar face of He Lian Min Min. Zhong Zheng Lin was utterly disappointed.

If the little woman was here at the moment, how delightful must be the bedroom intimacies then

He Lian Min Min’s body was stiff.

She didn’t know what to do.

His Highness didn’t undress her as momo said.

He also didn’t have any other moves.

Moreover, he didn’t turn even a page of the book in his hand.

Obviously, his mind wasn’t on it.

Sitting alone silently on the wedding night, lost in thoughts He Lian Min Min’s mind turned.

She immediately called to mind the woman in Danruo Courtyard whose grace was at its heyday.

According to the rumors in the estate, only she could cause the sixth Highness not be his usual self.

Her breathing stagnated.

She quietly clenched the hands on both sides of her body into a tight fist.

No matter what, she must keep the person here tonight.

Otherwise, she will become the whole Shengjing’s laughing stock tomorrow.

The hundred years old prestige of He Lian clan cannot be tainted by such scandal.

Watching the perfect curve of Zhong Zheng Lin’s jaw, He Lian Min Min made up her mind and fought back shyness.

She turned over to gently hug his waist, resting her head on the man’s legs.

The woman’s sudden intimacy took Zhong Zheng Lin by surprise.

The vigilance from years of martial arts practice almost made him struck her away with his palm.

Fortunately, he has responded in time and was able to stop the action.

Frowning, he looked down at the suddenly initiative woman.

He Lian Min Min had no idea that she had made a round outside of the gates of hell.

Her eyes that looked into his reflected a resolution.

This man was a person of high status and influence, with a handsome appearance.

He was her husband.

How can she hand him over to other people on the silver platter

“Your Highness, it’s late at night.

Let’s settle.”

Translation notes: 

[1] Treat each other with the respect due to guest is a Chinese idiom describing a high-quality marriage which shows Chinese philosophy that equality and respect are crucial in building a good intimate relationship


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